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Rave review: l'oreal inffallible single eyeshadows! (purple, brown, pink)

These lovely single eyeshadows from l'oreal came in as 'limited edition' last year and sold out! When I saw these were back, only in 8 colors and not the same as before I had to grab 3 while the offer was going on!

They are incredible to work with, pigmented and just drool worthy, I've only picked up one other color since and really wish l'oreal would bring in more!

Continue below for swatches and the review!

l'oreal infallible single eyeshadows in 005 (purple obsession), 012 (Endless chocolat) & 004 (Forever pink)

l'oreal infallible single eyeshadows in 005 (purple obsession), 012 (Endless chocolat) & 004 (Forever pink)


These shadows are packaged real nicely. They look expensive and solid, not thin and easily broken. I've never had screw on/jar type shadows but these are sturdy and the plastic stoppers are excellent for keeping the bouncy textured shadows in place!

I'd give a thumbs up for these tubs, great labeling, I like being able to see the shadows through the top as well! 
l'oreal infallible single eyeshadows with plastic stoppers to hold the mousse textured shadows pressed!
l'oreal infallible single eyeshadows in 005 (purple obsession), 012 (Endless chocolat) & 004 (Forever pink) 

Swatches of l'oreal infallible eyeshadows in 004 Forever pink, 012 Endless chocolat, 005 purple obsession 
The purple is a medium blue based shade, the brown a golden rich brown, the pink a gold duo chrome metallic shade. All finishes are iridescent/shimmer! I love it!

I heard so much about these more than a year ago when they released and watched ladies haul them buy the dozens! I have to say they completely live up to the hype and more! 

Smooth, pigmented, iridescent, easy to blend, amazing for quick smokey looks...these versatile wearable shades from l'oreal are so commendable! There's not much to say but to use them and to show how easy they blend and how great they look alone or with another shadow for highlights on the eye area. 

In Singapore we currently have only 8 shades (brown, purple, pink, light gold, silver, navy blue, khaki green, black)

I might pick up the black and green too...I've already picked up the navy! It's such a deep rich shade I couldn't resist.

These are so easily applied all over the lid and blended up for a quick smokey look with nearly no effort. I love them, rave their quality and if more came in stock I would snatch them up! 

These have been swatched without a base, they are so pigmented and smooth!

They look like mousse/gel type shadows but apply like a cream/powder with great pigmentation and adherence to the skin!

Paid: $14.90 SGD each ($11.70 USD) I got them on a buy 2 items the 3rd is free!

Recommend: Completely! For those just starting, interested in smokey eyes without using lots of shadows and placement techniques and those collecting make up! 

Repurchase: Yes! Already done so! And waiting for more shades...?

Bottom line: These are great for anyone. They make a look seem complex, elegant, as if you spent lots of time doing it. The finish of these shadows give so much depth to the shade and look so polished and rich. I love the shades, finish and application, they last forever even on oily lids. Amazing product from l'oreal!

Smokey brown eye using 012 Endless Chocolat and Thebalm's Mary-lou manizer highlight powder
Smokey brown eye using 012 Endless Chocolat and Thebalm's Mary-lou manizer highlight powder

Just see how rich and dimensional the brown looks! Just with a highlighting shade on the inner corners and under the brow and it looks so well done!

An easy look I did using 005 purple obsession, just blended the shadow all over the lid for a rich smokey look! (see look here!)

Check our swatches and my review for Thebalm Mary-lou manizer highlighting powder here!

What do you think of the infallible shadows? 
What shades do you have?
 Tour first gel-mousse textured shadow?
 let me know!

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I def love these eye shadows! I have 3 of them, in bronze, pink and green ;) all of them are really pigmented, have buttery textures and easy to apply ;D

    1. Yes! I remember your post and I was lusting after the pink you used!! Heheh "Buttery" That's the word I was missing! :)

  2. Endless Chocolate reminds me of Dark Horse from Urban Decay, very prettY! Actually I was sent a few of the newer collections of the Infalliable a few weeks ago.. cannot wait to give the pink a go! I think you mentioned that Endless chocolate has a similar name to Continuous Cacao but the number is 891 and the tone is so much darker (equally as pretty though ^^)

    1. Ahh, the pink is very mettalic, so pretty, gives a baby pink a punch I say!

  3. They are amazing eyeshadows, the pigmentation and the shimmer/metallic finish is pretty incredible. Really thinking of getting the pink shade, but not sure how it'd look with my skin tone as I haven't had much luck with pink eyeshadows. I wouldn't have thought to use Endless Chocolat with the theBalm highlighter, the two work really well together :)

    1. The finishes are spectacular really! It could be amazing with a brown base as a concentration in the center of your lid! theBalm's highlighter is an amazing brow bone highlight, been using it for a while now! :)

  4. I love L'oreal Infallible shadows, they SOO pigmented and easy to work with. Purple obsession looks amazing, looking forward to see how you wear it! :)




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