Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Food: May #2 (Snack foods from last month!)

Just one more quick food post before I sleep! I can't help it! I've got so many posts to catch up on and so little time! These are goodies I've had in the last month or even before!

Giant sushi platter from NTUC supermarket for only $20.80 SGD!

1A curry puffs! Flaky and crispy!

Crispy and chewy bread with left over pasta sauce!

Two thick slices of bread with sweet and yummy blueberry jam!
Almost looks black here! eek!
Fish roe sushi!
Crabstick and mayo sushi!
Two roasted chickens from the supermarket!
Oh dear me! Speared with the steak knife!
Mangoes from Thailand! So damn sweet!
Delicious stuff!
Salmon sushi plate for my brother!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I just ate dinner and now I'm drooling! Thanks! XD

  2. Hello Sharlynn! Thank you for visiting my blog and yours is fab. Love the posts on the delicious food and make-up products. Just followed back and look forward to see you soon.

    1. Most welcomed! Thanks for dropping in! :)


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