Friday, 27 July 2012

FOTD & outfit for the beach!

Summer & the beach! What a romance made with perfection! 

Here are photos of my OOTD, FOTD and food with a recent trip to the beach! Do enjoy!

I'm a huge seafood foodie, I can eat any form of sea dwelling creatures anytime of the day and any season of the year,

Continue below of the fotd, ootd and more photos!

3 coral lippies for summer~!

Hey! Thank you and welcome to any new followers!

I've been busy with part time work the last two weeks so therefore the lack of posts! Here's a trio of coral lipsticks for the summer months!

It's really getting roasting hot in Singapore the last two weeks, no rain and plenty of perfect sun for serious tanning! I've gotten a serious tan from one day at the beach so I'll be staying out of the sun for the next few weeks!

Continue below for swatches!

inouvi, revlon and maybelline coral lipsticks!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Overview: BB Cream comparison w/l'oreal foundation!

BB comparison! Here's three BB cream products I've reviewed and will be comparing to l'oreal true match foundation!

The true match foundation in R2 (cool shade 2) is a shade or two, too light for me at the moment but use it as reference to the bb creams! 

Continue below for swatches and the comparison of products!

BB comparions! 'I love' BB Cream by Peripera, Aera Mineral BB cream by Vichy, UV Expert BB Base by lancome and true match by l'oreal in R2!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rave Review: Peripera 'I love' BB Cream!

I'm not a BB cream fan, never have been, haven't tried too many either. This BB cream from the korean cosmetics brand Peripera however has done nothing but impress me. It's full coverage, heavy duty, beige-flesh toned BB cream that is more like a thick concealer/foundation.

Those looking for heavy duty coverage must look into this affordable BB cream by Peripera, not to mention their liquid pen eyeliner is phenomenal (and I've yet to review!) I picked up the eyeliner in my haul here!

Do take a look at my review of two other BB cream products! (Vichy here & lancome BB base here!)

Continue below for the review, swatches and FOTD!
Peripera 'I love' BB Cream!

Skincare review: Vichy Normaderm imperfection prone skin lotion (toner)!

Something I picked up a while ago together which a promotional set of their moisturizers for oily/acne prone skin from Vichy. (check out my review here!)

This toner is alcohol free (which I'm surprised their other products in this line are NOT) and is suitable for sensitive skin!

Continue below for the review!

Vichy Normaderm Imperfection prone skin lotion (toner)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Catch-up post: 5 Eyeshadow looks, 4 Outfits of the Days & 3 steps to winged gel liner!

This post is titled 'catch-up'... as my slow blogging the last many weeks has left me with a lot to catch up on. I decided to throw a bunch of similar make up looks and some outfit photos I took together for this very first 'catch up' post!

I've included a three step method on getting a precise gel liner winged look! (with photos!)

Continue below to see the FOTDs and OOTDs!

Some easy brown eyeshadow looks and summer outfits from the last two months!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Skincare review: Neutrogena moisturizer! (oil-free and spf 15)

Happy summer days my dear followers!

Here's a quick review on an affordable, easy to find light textured moisturizer I've been using for months now!

Continue below for the quick review!

Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer/ moisturizer with spf 15!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things to trash for May 2012 & beach OOTD!

Yet another late post for things I finished for the month of June! Not too many things but it does feel great to be using up things I've got including a bottle of dog shampoo! 

Continue below for mini reviews and a beach OOTD!

Pantene all the things! love their shampoo and conditioner and herbal essence will always have a place in my shower. Brilliantly scented and great to getting out all the grease, these two brands work well with thick hair.
One of the best buys from Diaso (japanese $2 shop), it cleans make up brushes and especially gel eyeliner very well.     

Summer holiday haul: (Bourjois, Bioderma, more!)

A very late haul post of things I picked up in Cambodia when I visited my best friend for her graduation!

I took my chance to pick up bourjois foundations and got to choose a bunch of freebies! (some things are missing from this haul) Finally got to try, use and am loving their foundation.

There's a pharmacy in phnom penh (capital of cambodia) which imports all their medication/skin care, quite a bit from France and a grabbed a couple toners, one from Bioderma for oilier skin!

Everything's been lovely so far! I can't wait to review them!

The make up and skin care products I hauled! Got lots of freebies at Bourjois and picked up lots of skin care from the french pharmacy in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Also couldn't resist grabbing some conditioners that I can't even find in Singapore yet from pantene!

A photo with the very friendly bourjois sales girls outside Bayon supermarket! (I was very tan and bronzey during my visit!)
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