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Review: Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover in Orchre 20! (swatches/comparison)

I decided to get this pressed foundation powder from Majolica Majorca back in late December after my second Maybelline mineral power case broke and i couldn't find the refill for my coloeur inc powder foundation! 

It's been going very well, this case is sturdy, looks great and can fit powders from ZA, Shiseido, Aqua Label and Majolica Majorca...they're all under Shiseido...that's why!

Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover foundation powder!
Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover foundation powder in Orchre 20! (pink toned)

The sponge included (left) is lovely thick and slightly furry but I keep those and cut my own sponges to fit. Remember to wash sponges every night!
You get 10 grams which is a good amount.
This is what it looks like after 2 months of use! I'd say bout 60% used up.
I have a back up of Aqua Label's powder in PO 10 (pink toned) and MM in BO 20 (yellow toned)
Note: I am reviewing/swatching OC 20 (pinked toned)
Aqua Label is also a sister brand of shiseido...this is from the whitening line, a single 12.5 gram refill is $28.50 SGD
The Majolica has an SPF of 18 PA+ which is quite high for a powder foundation (This is not the shade I swatched and am currently using! Review on the shade OC 20)

Packaging & Product!

The packaging for this powder is really something special. It's so pretty to look at, has lots of details and even has latin phrases on banners which I've yet to look up! There's definitely been effort to make the case look expensive and pretty, it's also really sturdy and the hinge connecting the two halves of the case is of good quality. 

After having broke two maybelline cases I'm happy to have found something that looks and feels much better. It's also survived a hard drop recently, no cracks or anything! Phew!

The powder is very smooth and finely milled just like maybelline's mineral powder. I had high expectations from MM as a sister brand to Shiseido on the higher end side of drugstore. The powder performs extremely well, it mattifies, creates even coverage, has medium coverage on its own and has been working well with my oily prone skin. 

I apply this lightly on top of concealer or light liquid foundation with a brush, patting it on top and buffing off excess. The shade I got is a actually a bit darker and more orangy than I'd like. It matched my neck pretty well in the shop but I didn't realize that if I apply it heavily on my face it really made me look a bit orange. 

Hence applying it lighting and only using it to touch up during the day. I've had no irritation or problems with the lasting power. It keeps skin matte for several hours after touch up and lasts well through sweating and running around.

The shade I got was OC 20 which is Orchre 20, it's the darkest pink toned shade avaliable. The shades are either Orchre (OC) or Beige Orchre (BO) 10 and 20. 

So four shades in total, see why I'm so frustrated with shade selection in asian brands? It's just ridiculous!

Swatch Comparison

Note: I swatch on the inner side of my arm which is the closest to my face. My neck is a bit tanner.

Left: Maybelline Mineral Power in OC2       Right: Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker in OC20
Both shades blended out...Maybelline's OC2 matches my face very well whereas Majolica's OC 20 tends to be a bit darker if applied heavily.

Case - $12.90                   ($10 USD)
Powder refill- $ 29.50     ($23.50 USD)

Recommend: Yes! Unfortunately there are only 4 shades so those who are very pale or darker than maybe an NC/NW 30 won't find a match.

Repurchase: Yep, already did but in the opposite shade.

Bottom Line: Fine, smooth and of high quality. The staying power is execellent and it has SPF of 18PA+ which is great. I absolutely hate how there are only four shades, we need an asian brand to create darker shades! 

I do appreciate how the yellow toned shades are really yellow. Love how it feels and looks luxe even though it cost the same as a revlon or l'oreal compact powder. If you can find a match, I'd say go for it!

Have you tried any Majolica Majorca products? 
Do you use powder foundation? 
Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments/questions! Thanks


  1. I've always wanted that casing but it seemed pretty pricey... =/

    1. Pricey but totally worth it! It's really great quality and I can buy powders from other shiseido brands to put in! :)

  2. OMG THIS CASE!! I've been wanting this case for AGES! but since germany is awful and it's not available here, I can do nothing :'///
    btw,do you live in singapore? I'm planning to go there in summer,because my hometown is indonesia,and singapore is only like an hour flight,hehe ;D

    1. Ooo Germany! I've been to the part of swizerland where they speak german! I also take german in school ^^

      Yes! I live in Singapore at the moment but am likely to be traveling at different times during the summer (june-aug) Indonesia? Ahh, I've got some friends from different cities in Indonesia, I've visited sumatra a while back, the rainforests are so beautiful!

  3. What a pretty compact. The packaging is really girlie and pretty. It is a bit expensive, but I'm glad it worked for u.

    1. Thanks, it is a bit more expensive than regular compacts but is really good quality :)

  4. The gorgeousness of that compact is just beyond me. I want it!!!





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