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Review: L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum (photos, tips!)

I'm not so sure when but there has been a flood of lash growth serums in recent years...From the famous Latisse and Lilash, the names and companies are endless! All claiming that their products, if applied consistently will give you longer, fuller lashes! Something most ladies fancy? I do at least!

Then again, I'd read of the 'side effects' some of these products have been reported to have such as...discoloration on the lid, lashes rapidly 'returning' to the original state after stopping treatment, hair growing in unwanted areas on the face...all the not so appealing things I'd say.

Last year in March I spotted an article in 'Simply Her' magazine here in Singapore, it was a 'Tried & Tested' article on 5 different lash growth serums...

The two most affordable and rated as second and third best out of the five were DHC's Eyelash Tonic and L'oreal's Renewal Lash Serum...I went out and bought both!

They can be purchased at most Watsons...I purchased L'oreal at $28.90 but the price of DHC's is now $27.90...what happened to $18.90 from a year ago?

Continue below to see the article, review, application and photos!

All the five featured... in Simply Her magazine...

The full page, sorry, blurry from being resized from a smaller size...

page 252, March issue of 2010...
Experience on the 'Christian Breton Eyelash Builder' and 'Talika Lipocils Eyelash conditioning gel with Liposomes'...

Experience on 'DHC's Eyelash Tonic', 'Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner' and 'L'oreal paris Renewal Lash Serum'...

Comes in a shiny navy blue and gold box...what's up with the droplet of golden stuff, an attempt to make the product seem more 'scientific'?

Fits in the hand...

Slightly larger than life size image of the the tube you get inside....

7.5ml...not bad...made in china...err, as long as I don't go blind!


I'd say the product is packaged doesn't look very expensive but definitely makes me feel as if it's something a bit more special, especially since a lot of  cosmetic/skin care products at the pharmacy don't come boxed...

The shiny navy and gold color theme some how makes me think this product is reputable and 'mature' in some sense...besides that there's all the normal things, ingredients list, place of production, full name and description and application tips.

The tube itself is also good in many ways. I like how you're able to see the serum in the see through tube (although most serums are light/milky colored). The handle/cap is also a nice length and width, very comfortable and easy to control for application. It screws on and clicks shut ensuring the serum won't dry up if not closed properly. 

The wand is interesting, unique in comparison to mascara wand types and little brushes the applicator is actually a very soft and fine, almost slightly fuzzy texture. However when coated with serum (which is all the time) the applicator acts like a spatula, twisting the handle helps to scoop and coat the serum onto the applicator. 

It may take some time to get use to the shape but do try using the applicator in different ways than what is shown on the box, if I want to get a thicker and faster coat I use the concave side. To lightly coat the lower lashes I use the tip but also on the concave side...these are things not mentioned in the instructions! 
Shiny blue and gold screw on cap and a sleek looking tube with the name in multiple languages, doesn't seem too bad...

Applicator wand from the a spoon...or Maybelline's "the Magnum" mascara...

From the top...the pointed tip is very useful...the line down the center is like a drain where the serum catches in...

A bottom's hollow...more like a drain shape...(heheh, drain), this side is concave and can be used to apply serum more heavily...

An earbud pushed through the center to show the running 'hole' down the wand...part of the design not a flaw...

Tube and cap...the shorter length of the wand's 'stick' makes application very controlled...


In the past I've used the serum for 3 months, every night, religiously! I did not take 'before' photos then so I can't show the progress I believe I've made. Overall, with this serum and proper mascara removal there are definitely less lashes dropping when I remove eye make up. There's obvious curling of my lashes on the edges of my eyes. My lashes are naturally curled but fine and short.

The serum has a medium thickness, there is no smell or specific sensation when you apply this, it mostly feels cooling when it gets on the lid.
Go slow when applying because although this serum does not usually cause any stinging in the eye, if a lot gets onto your waterline or eye it will sting a bit. If serum leaks onto your waterline, just use an ear bud or tissue and dab lightly to remove it.

I usually apply this before I go to bed and on a night when I sleep early or normal...(I tend to tear a lot when I'm sleeping late or am extra tired, and there goes the serum!) I also may apply this in the morning of a day when I'm not going to be sweaty or out.

Many hours later or when you wake up the serum will dry to a tacky, thin glue like consistency....if you rub you lash line gently, it will flake and be more transparent than milky...wash your face or just eyes and it's gone!

I haven't and would not use this as a base as it causes lashes to stick together and dry together...the formula is runny and so I don't think it would act as a good base.

 Comparison to DHC Eyelash Tonic!

In comparison to DHC's Eyelash Tonic (which I have since throw away!)...DHC's has a slight smell and has a transparent yellow color unlike the milky white of L'oreal.

DHC's applicator uses a mascara brush which I found more difficult to apply with precision and I tended to get more tonic on my lashes than I needed...(I have seen a newer version with a curved wand, have not tried it!)

DHC's tonic also made my eyes hurt a lot when it got onto my waterline which I clearly remember! So I definitely prefer L'oreal's wand more.

I don't remember if I had any progress with the lash tonic but only after using about half of the tube, there somehow was a lot of greyish bits inside the transparent tonic and I decided to throw it away. I have no idea what could have gotten inside, or whether it was bacteria growing, either way I dumped it and have yet to buy another!

Application tips/photos!

Note: These are things I recommend through experience, it may not suit you but do experiment with the applicator! 

(oily looking cheeks due to tea tree gel for pimples! had little oil bumps coming up!)
As shown in the instructions, you may need several coats this way to cover lashes evenly...

Using the applicator backwards like this applies more product, can sometimes put a bit much so go slowly...

Lashes will clump together when you put on a thicker amount of serum, you can leave it or separate them with the tip.

Coat the top of your lashes too! Do this with the eye partially or completely shut prevents the serum from going into your eye! ( i don't know why my eye is open here!)

Remember to get the little ones! I usually do this with the applicator concave side (opposite of what is show here!)...but most of the time serum from the upper lashes get onto the bottom so there's no need for this step!

Lashes coated! Go to sleep now! Don't get sweaty or active wearing this! It will dry up to a flaky milky film in the morning, just wash your face or your eyes and they will dissolve away!

NOTE: My eyes are monolids naturally but they often "become" double when I wear mascara...(no tape, no glue) can take a day or two before they "become" single lids again...

Below, one eye has gone back to a monolid, the other is still a bit double...

Left eye: Eyelashes extending past monolid, curling up and out...(I do not curl lashes regularly, very rarely)

Left eye closed...

Right eye: Still a double lid from wearing mascara, more lashes visible curling on the edge...
Right eye closed...lashes have even thickness..

Overall I can't tell for sure if the serum has made a big difference because of a lack of "before" photos and measurements but my lashes do look more curly and longer on the outer half. They also have a nice even spread across my lash line...

Without mascara my eyes really look as if they don't have lashes at all! Like most chinese girls, our lashes are typically shorter and finer than other types of lashes and I've seen many girls with very straight or pointing downwards lashes...a lash curler would come in handy with that type of lash.

Monolid or not I love having monolids over a double lid because our lids are more could make them double, there's no space to apply color, our lids are like a smooth canvas stretching all the way up without any deep dips.

Sure we'll never be able to see that skinny line of eye liner but who care!

Bold and things that matter most to me!

 The pros...
    • Great applicator
    • Affordable/good amount ($28.90 SGD/7.5ml)
    • Fancy-ish packaging
    • Feels comfortable
    • doesn't irritate eyes
    • no smell/chunky bits

    The cons...
    • Can easily over apply
    • clumps lashes together
    • feels like eye wax in the morning
    • can sting if too much gets onto the waterline

    Paid: $28.90 SGD or $24 USD/ 7.5ml (bought my spare on sale for about $19!)

    Repurchase: Yes! I already have a back up!

    Recommend: Yes! (remember, don't put on too much! And never apply with lenses on!)

    Bottom line: It seems like an affordable eyelash serum for those wanting to try out something to enhance your lashes! I know most asian and chinese ladies like myself love falsies and lengthening mascara and hopefully this product can help our little asian lashes and eyes!

    Apply an even amount, don't go overboard and use it regularly every night or other night for a few months! It's worked for me and I hope it will for others!

    Overall I'd give this product a 4/5! 

    Feel free to leave me comments and questions!


    1. May i know which watsons outlet u bought the loreal eyelash serum? Cause I couldn't find it..

      1. Hi, I'm sorry to say but as of some years ago this product was discontinued in Singapore! It may still be selling elsewhere in asia, like malaysia? But I'm not sure, if you have the chance definitely take a look because many things that I can't find here anymore are still selling there!




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