Thursday, 8 September 2011

Overview: L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation! (3 shades, swatches!)

I've been a fan of pressed powders for the last two years but ever since my skin developed dry patches I've wandered into liquids!

Who says people with oily/combi skin can't use liquid! I've only tried a few and although L'oreal has been on the market for a long time....I've only just in the recent weeks tried it out! I love their True Match foundation! (also picked up extras during a sale at Watsons! Bargain!)

This is a quick review/overview of "L'oreal true match liquid foundation!"

Continue below for the review, swatches and photos!

L'oreal true match liquid foundation in R1 rose ivory, R2 apricot ivory and N4 nude beige!

The old true match liquid line...R1 the lightest shade available...
Rose Ivory! Yep...even though it has the 'warm' yellow indication on the front?
Matt silver sticker on the back (there are several difference between the old and new formula & packaging!)
The new packaging and formula! Puzzle piece...'hyaluronic acid' sticker...
 I'm R2, Apricot Ivory...
New packaging, the info sticker in the back is clear so the foundation can be seen...

For my mom! A more appropriate, Nude Beige...or Neutral 4 shade...

New shiny reflective bottle top....
Same old, same old, shaped bottle!


Firstly, I'd like to say that I appreciate the pump, it's easy to use and prevents mess. The glass bottle has its advantages, it's in a sort of rectangular shape so there's excess glass between the inside and the outside. I've dropped one of them before and a piece broke off, luckily the glass is thick enough that it didn't effect the foundation inside.

I find the labeling and organization of the bottle simple and informative. All the normal stuff, shade, SPF, qualities, ingredients and so forth. (although it's hard to read the ingredients, it's printed on a clear plastic wrap around the bottle).

Differences between the older formula (without hyaluronic acid) concerning packaging...the pump went from a matt gray to a reflective metal finish. The plastic caps (they look the same) are now shaped slightly different so you can't interchange caps

The front of the bottle has a puzzle piece on the new bottle and a label with ' hyaluronic acid' on it. The info sticker on the back is clear...a bit less easy to read. Packaging wise I think they look a bit more posh now but there's no vast changes.
Older true match foundation in R1...Newer true match in R2 and N4 (shade names in Asia)

Top to bottom: N4, R2, R1....Notice how the newer formula spreads out more? I put the same amount, I believe that's because of the hyaluronic acid.

Top to bottom: N4, R2, R1....All are relatively glossy looking at first. My face color is more of a slightly darker/neutral looks like a big gap in shades to me!
All three blended out...N4 is obvious too dark for my face...R1 too light and R2 is the closest  (as you can see my arm is darker than my face!)


I only have great things to say about this! I have slightly oily skin, combination as I can get dry patches. I usually apply with my fingers and blend with a sponge or brush and this formulation (newer) is pretty much fool proof. It blends like a dream, becomes silky to touch and matches my skin color very well. 

The added SPF 17 and hydrating acid is a plus for people with fine lines and pigmentation. There is no particular smell, no oxidation and definitely nothing bad in my opinion to say about this product! I've worn it for 12 hours with a coat of foundation powder or loose powder to set it. It can last really well if I haven't perspired much.  I've had no trouble with break out or being allergic to it when sweating, so this gets two thumbs up!

Bold things matter to me most.

The Pros...
  • smooth
  • amazingly blendable and buildable
  • non-irritating formula
  • SPF
  • very good color match 
  • great/convenient  packaging

The Cons....

  • Heavy glass bottle (very sturdy)
  • small color selection (Singaporeans are deeper than a medium tan!)

Paid: $30.90 SGD or about $24.20 USD

Repurchase: Yes! (already got a backup for R2)

Recommend: For anyone between fair and a medium tan, if you're looking for a easy to use liquid foundation, light-medium coverage, a natural finish and sun protection. Works well for daily use.

The Bottom line: For fair to light-medium asian skin tones, this should work like a dream. Using clean fingers first and then a sponge. I find this very affordable for its quality and would recommend it if your skin is dry to normal to slightly oily!

The N and G colors are suitable for people with slight redness and stronger yellow tones. I only wish there were darker shades than N7 in Singapore! It just isn't fair to our many darker skinned ladies!

Overall, I'd give these products a 4.5/ 5!

What's your regular foundation? Tried L'oreal true match? 
Do you think it's about time l'oreal expands their color selection in Asia?
 Let me know!

Feel free to leave me comments/questions! 


  1. I really do like this foundation. I had it in Golden Ivory (Which is REALLY yellow) and in rose ivory (Which is far too pale, and I'm practically white) I am now looking to get it in beige as my friend has it and says it does not look that dark on her.

    1. Haha...good to hear! Foundation can be a tricky thing! :)

  2. I've just started to shop for foundations (i'm 17 and just started wearing makeup) and never realised how pale I am, I actually have the shade G1 (lucky for me 'cause I'm pale and yellow) that I bought outside Singapore and its still too dark :( So now I'm saving up for those expensive white base things to mix since I actually love the true match.

  3. Hi I am using R2 too but recently I found out R2 is discontinued. May I know what colour tone you have changed to? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jacqueline! I've gone into the shops and only just actually repurchased from the new range recently. I find that F2 is the closest to R2. It's actually a touch lighter and a bit less rosy and more neutral but it should be your best match as the next shades darker being N3 and G3 are much too tan or deeper yellow in comparison so if R2 was a great match for you, you should go for F2.




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