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Review: Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Ultra comb mascara!

Express mascara anyone? Hey all! Been busy all this week with school and am actually feeling real tired! However we have an enrichment presentation to attend on Saturday! Grr...on well. Maybelline from my experience has made some awesome mascaras that are actually very asian lash friendly when used with certain techniques.

I'm a huge fan of their 'the magnum volum express' mascara with the curved wand which gives me very volumized and thick waterproof lashes if I'm going for a quick, thick lash look. (Check out my review here!)

Continue below for the review and photos!
Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Ultracomb waterproof mascara in black

This mascara has a plastic comb which builds length without clumps! The shape really does help with natural defined lashes!
Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Ultracomb waterproof mascara in black
Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Ultracomb waterproof mascara in black


Packaged exactly like the regular 'theMagnum volum express' mascaras, I do love the medium sized tube with the contrast of the print against the yellow tube.

I'm a fan of simple slender tubes which are practical and not the ones which are of odd and impractically big shapes.

Convex shape plastic comb wand with small ridges that catch all the fine lashes!


Right off the back I was wondering if this mascara would work anything like its predecesor the Magnum Volum' Express which I did a review on. (Check out my review here!) The original had a different applicator which gave thick full lashes quickly, I knew this would be different due to the plastic comb but was also looking for a more natural finish.

To be quite honest, this does do a great job for quick, even and defined lashes. Don't be expecting a lot of added length or volume. This formulation in combination with the comb applicator makes it difficult to layer and thicken product so one or at most two coats looks best and nothing more.

If your eyelids are smaller, or you have shorter fine lashes, this would be a good start as it will make your natural lashes seem darker, fuller and a bit longer. The applicator is better in comparison to normal wands for small eyelids as the design allows for less smudging during application and easier access to inner and outer corners of the eyes. 

However do keep in mind, this formula does not help to create curl or hold one very well although it is waterproof. In my photos my lashes seem curled but mind you, I don't even own a lash curler and am just fortunate to have curly lashes.

Before and After!

My bare lashes, naturally curled but so skinny and short.
After with the Magnum Volum' Express Express Ultra...fairly defined and very natural looking.
Wearing Maybelline's the Magnum Volum' Express Ultra in waterproof black! For very defined natural lashes!

Paid: $18.90 SGD or $15.50 USD

Recommend: Yes, this would work well for ladies with fine lashes or those who want to avoid big brushes or smudges on the lids. This brush is great for maneuvering around small lids but don't expect huge volume or curling power.

Repurchase: Yup, I would. This is great for quick application. It coats on very quickly, evenly and keeps my lashes defined and doesn't smudge until the very end of the day where I might find a bit under the corners of my lash line.

Bottom line: Quite durable and long lasting, this mascara is good for a quick, even coating of mascara for defined and fairly natural looking lashes. Good for those with small lids and thin lashes, not for those looking for lots of volume or length.

Are you a user or fan of Maybelline's mascaras?
 Brush or comb applicator?
 let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks for coming by!


  1. I really like the looks of the applicator wand - seems like it would be great for separating the lashes. I also agree that it would be great for those with fine lashes (me! hehe). However, I look at curling abilities and volumising mascara so I might give this one a miss. Thanks for the review!! xx

  2. I love love maybelline mascara, i think the first mascara i ever used is from maybelline's ;)

  3. The mascara looks and sounds great! Very clean and defined indeed. :)

  4. great review!
    maybelline mascaras tend to smudge on me but i'll consider buying this one :D

  5. Beautiful! I love the brush so much! :D

  6. I really like the look of the brush on this mascara :) thanks for the review!

  7. like the effect it gives l mask is subtle in my opinion but I do not think I'd pay $ 15 for a Maybelline mascara that does not give such a large effect. Just thanks for the review.

  8. oh this reminds me a bit of majolica majorca mascara! I believe this mascara isn't available here in Germany, since Maybelline has different products marketed in different countries..
    btw, I've ordered the MUA and Barry M stuffs! ^^hopefully they'll arrive soon ;)

  9. Wow the mascara comb looks so unique! We don't have the Magnum mascara here in Australia so what a shame I can't try it :( Your natural lashes are so curled, super jealous- mine just stick out straight :( This mascara really defines them!

  10. Gah why doesn't India ever get these things. X( That brush looks like something out of a sci fi movie! Lol! The mascara of the future...
    We just got Falsies Flared here, can't wait to try it. :)

  11. You have such lovely lashes, you're lucky they're naturally curled :) This mascara seems ideal for definition/separation and a natural look, though it could do more in terms of volume. Still, Maybelline make some excellent mascaras and I wouldn't mind giving this one a try :)

  12. I liked its wand a lot.
    Maybelline mascaras are the best for the price!

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  14. Why haven't I seen this yet?!?! I absolutely LOVE Maybelline mascara but haven't spotted this in the US yet. Thanks for the heads up!

    XoXo Chris

  15. I've never used a comb applicator before, but I can see this one works well on your lashes.

  16. I really should try a mascara with a comb wand! Great review, however I would have to layer this with another mascara because I need to have volume & length, too!

  17. I just wanted to say good on you for trying out a new recipe each week this year! The seafood pasta sounds delicious.

  18. This mascara looks very nice!! I love how it define the lashes in such a natural way. Too bad it doesn't hold curl well.





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