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Review: Catrice Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation in shade 010 Sand Beige!

Photo Finish Foundation! Being one of the many products I grabbed during my first huge Catrice haul I had swatched this in store and it was amazing. The shade seemed right and the coverage and texture felt and looked really good. With extremely high hopes I've since worn this a few times and it has been pretty great!

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 Catrice Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation in shade 010 Sand Beige
 Catrice Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation in shade 010 Sand Beige
I picked up 010 Sand Beige, I think the second lightest, it's a very neutral light beige shade!

Off the top when I first saw this product in store I knew I wanted to have it and own it and try it! Yes, packaging can be a huge deal but besides the quality of this foundation the packaging is just awesome for the affordable drugstore price you're paying!

A standard 30ml of liquid product, the bottle is a cylindrical frosted glass, it feels a bit heavy and has a nice sound when you tap it with your finger nails! I get a kick out of good packaging, it makes the product seem so much more worth it. I love the pump, good control and together I think you're getting a very well designed product with this foundation!

Before: Bare face with nothing! Skin's been very good the last few months! I'm happy!
A small bit of Catrice Photo Finish foundation on my cheek, ready for blending!

Let's get straight to it! I had no previous ideas of how this product was going to be, I'd never read reviews or heard from anyone about this foundation before I bought it. My eyes were drawn to it because I wanted to try a variety and since I want to be able to have a range of foundations to choose from depending on what I'm doing or where I'm going. After swatching this had to go into my basket!

Color wise the shade I picked up matches me very well, or at least my face and neck. It's a light neutral beige shade and it has a creamy smooth, medium thickness and it isn't heavy on the face. I love how easily it blends out and when set with a powder it doesn't change in color at all over time.

There are only 4 shades unfortunately, all fair-light with different undertones, I really think this is a slightly less long wearing and beige version of my highly reviewed The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream! (my review here)

I've worn this a few times now and really do like how it wears. I touch up with powder very often so almost all the foundations I own last till the end of the day. This is my first European drugstore foundation and I love it!

Close up of Catrice Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation in shade 010 Sand Beige
Wearing one layer of Catrice Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation in shade 010 Sand Beige
Just the foundation, blended down a bit onto my neck, see how well it matches?
Set with a powder!
Comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix 52, Catrice Photo Finish in 010 Sand Beige, L'oreal Lucent Magique in N2
Comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (my review here), Catrice Photo Finish in 010 Sand Beige, L'oreal Lucent Magique in N2 (my review here)
Paid: $12.90 SGD or about $10.40 USD

Recommend: Yes! For those ladies who prefer medium-full coverage foundation this is amazing! They don't have more than 4 shades, all are suited for fair to light skintone which is a bit disappointing but if you can find a match try it out!

Repurchase: Yes! In terms of quality I would buy this again if I ran out but I probably won't be for a long time!

Bottom line: Very pigmented, creamy, smooth, easy to blend out and very natural looking this foundation wears very well even when you get sweaty! I compare the consistency to Peripera's I Love BB cream (my review here) although more fleshed toned. If you match one of their four shades do check this out!

For those of you who have seen my Bangkok holiday post, my haul is coming up soon! I just didn't want too many photo heavy post together! For those of you who haven't seen my holiday post please (check it out here!)

Have you tried this foundation before?
Do you prefer plastic or glass bottles?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. my sister loves this foundation as well! I bought one for her last year and she loves it :-D
    I myself prefer the all matte foundation from catrice, haven't tried this one though so I don't know how it performs. your skin is flawless to begin with so I guess the foundation doesn't have a lot to do!
    glad to know that catrice is not overly expensive there. I think the price is pretty much the same like it is in €..

    1. Oh that's great to hear! I haven't tried or swatched the matte one before but I'm also expecting so much! Yes, I'm soo happy that catrice is very affordable!

  2. Really good review...I am loving your blog and am a new follower....check out my blog and enter the giveaway...

    1. Thank you for following, hope you enjoy my content! I will check out your blog!

  3. Your skin is so good without foundation, wow! o:
    But also with this foundation it's great, more even but still super natural!

    1. It's been quite good the last 6 months, regular skin care, birthcontrol and enough water have made the world of a difference!

  4. looks great, good coverage but still looks like skin :)

    1. Yes! It has medium coverage but yet it looks so natural its so nice like that!




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