Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rave Review: MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!

Bring me that Love Joy! When I was younger I was under the impression that in order to say that you had "good make up" you had to have make up from MAC cosmetics! I'm not saying now that they're not good but I still don't own anything much from them just because buying MAC here isn't very convenient and is quite costly. I used to own a few single shadows but that was a long time ago and since then I've been wanting to try their bases however this mineralize blush and another in the shade 'gentle' (my review here) were purchases I made last year at the Singapore Airport!

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MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!
MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!

MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!
MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!
MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!
Close up of MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!
Packaging & Product!

Exactly as we've known for years, this blush is packaged no different from the rest of their signature black plastic casing. Although I've never owned any blushes or mineralized blushes before from MAC and am aware that this is the new packaging where the compact seems slightly smaller and is also concave instead of a flat base. The top of the compact has a clear window much like their traditional blush packaging which I really like as you can see the product inside. All the regular details such as shade name, amount of product and place of manufacturing are behind on a sticker. I do like how these new compacts have what seems to be a more durable closure in the front.

Right, jumping straight into the blush itself which is truly the  reason why I purchased this, it's fabulous! I remember swatching one more shade that was similar but deeper, more reddish but this one stood out and I knew that I NEEDED IT. Love Joy put simply is a terracotta brown with a bronze tone that had a gilding of gold. This shade basically is my go to warm, golden shade that I use when I want neutral but with a kick. I can see this shade working for all skintones with exception of the darkest tones. 

I've never own any other blushes from MAC but my experience of this mineralize blush has been amazing. It's so silky, smooth and pigment transfers from the blush to the fingers or brush very easily. Despite being a baked product like I mentioned the blush feels like a typical soft buttery blush. I love how blendable the product is and also how this shade looks gorgeous worn sheerly or built up. Much like other baked products I absolutely love how this blush looks absolutely flawless on the cheeks, it's literally impossible for it not to look perfectly blended.

Swatches of MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!
Wearing MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!

Above I've worn this blush lightly with one good tap. I love how it warms up my complexion and this is a favorite choice when I do a darker eye look or when I'm going for a bronzed look! Below I've used it very heavily, almost too heavily as I prefer this blush with neutral/nude lips otherwise it looks more reddish.

Wearing MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy heavily!
MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Joy and Gentle! My first two and only MAC blushes! It's LOVE!
Paid: Purchased at Duty free $34. 50 SGD (regular price is $37 SGD or $28 USD)

Recommend: YES! These are flawless, they are so smooth, so fine, can be worn sheer or full on pigmented and apply and blend out like a dream! This shade would be best for those of light to medium complexion or as a great natural shade on a deep skin tone.

Repurchase: No, some months ago I was slightly tempted looking at the others but having swatched all the ones that were in store I'm happy with the two I have and don't need more.

Bottom line: This blush has an amazingly smooth, fine, silky texture! The color payoff is amazing and gives you the most gorgeous bronzed, warmed up complexion. This shade is definitely for those who love sculpted cheeks! Definitely check out the mineralize blushes from MAC if you haven't before!
What MAC blushes do you own?
Have any mineralize ones?
Let me know!

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  1. I have not tried the MAC mineral blushes, but have tried some of their regular powder blushes. Despite of my love hate relationship with MAC, I do think the blushes are excellent. This particular one you show is so beautiful! The color looks natural on the cheeks, so pretty!

  2. Looks beautiful! and really suit you! x

  3. haven't really tried the msf blush before but this looks great on you!

  4. I love how intense the swatches look, but not as craze in your FOTD! Buying MAC for us isn't that convenient too, either too expensive or too far away, but nowadays I buy all directly from the MAC US website and use a mail forwarding service to get them here ^-^ I haven't tried their mineralize blushes yet, would love to get my hands on Power Petal, online swatches shows it's a beautiful shade! Maybe you will like too ;)

  5. It really is perfection! I love it on you :D I have a few of these blushes myself and they're just perfect.

    Rainy Days & Lattes

  6. The blush looks nice. The shade suits you well.

  7. Such a gorgeous blush! Looks lovely on you! I'd love it for Fall.


  8. I love MAC's mineralize blushes! I think they're quite underrated, actually, in the blogging community - they're really great! I have three.

  9. Aah you are so darn beautiful :)
    I do not own any MAC blushes.. only eyeshadows and lipsticks ;)
    I love the look of these two.. the name Love Joy makes me think of comet Lovejoy that was visible last year :)




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