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Review: The Body Shop lip & cheek stain and lovegloss (swatches, application!)

Sorry, I haven't had time or the energy to post recently! But anyways....

Here are a couple things I got back in june with a redemption with my member's stamp card! I've always liked the Body Shop glosses but the clear ones tended to smell really funky after a while. Having bought lovegloss 16 before i decided to go for that and two lipstains which aren't the best but work well for layering. Here are my thoughts and photos on the lovegloss and lipstain!

Continue below to see swatches and application!

The Body Shop Lipstain in 01 and Lovegloss in 16...

The stain only comes in one color, lovegloss 16 is a lovely pink.


The tubes are nothing too special, clear plastic tubes with twist off wands...over time there tends to be build up of product around the mouth but more particularly with the gloss as the gel-textured stain dries when exposed. I, am, of course a sucker for the 'oh so well organized' looking packaging, the branding and clear naming is what makes bodyshop products alluring sometimes!

Overall, it's the lovegloss wand which is the best part of these two products, the pointed tip and rounder base makes it perfect for applying lipgloss onto both lips with too much effort! Especially since I consider my lips to be far from skinny! I also like clear packaging...especially for lip products, it lets us see whether or not the product is effect or bad and being able to see the color helps too.

Long, slender, furry applicator for the stain!

Teardropped with a center hole for the gloss! Perfect shape for applying with precision!

Swatch of lovegloss 16 and lip and cheek stain in 01...
Swatches and blended...quite uneven and light, I wouldn't use this as a blush.

I have no problems with the lovegloss, except that bodyshop lipglosses tend to turn bad quickly...developing a plasticky smell. It's a nice medium opaque fushcia that would show up nicely on fair and darker skin tones. It has fine shimmer, nothing too blinding or chunky and works well layered over a stain or lipstick. I have more things to say about the stain!

It smell likes any typical stain, almost like the smell of a glass of very cold water...I know, sounds strange but it's almost scent-less. It has a liquid-gel texture, that can be spread out very thinly and so you need to have a quick and precise hand when applying this. DO NOT think about simply applying it your lower lip and smacking them together for color...that will not work with a stain!

There's a need to be precise and I like to suck in air with my lips open after application, it helps the stain dry quickly. I find the color very buildable as featured with my photos (below!), however the major downside is that the stain is uneven and secondly it doesn't last very long by itself.

The sizing is generous enough but for the price of ($21.90 for the stain) and ($19.90) for the gloss, these are not things I would repurchase on a regular basis. That's just really pricey for a lipgloss that goes bad quickly most times. I can turn a blind eye for the stain as it seems to be able to last forever.

Application photos and layering the lipstain!

Staining after being goes away quickly.
Bare lips! I believe I can say they are quite pigmented!
I apply the gel like liquid to my upper lip with 'up and down' movements. I find this gives me the most even application.

1 layer of stain...looks natural and even...things get bad with more layers on the upper lip!

2 layers! A much heavier 2nd layer...the uneveness isn't apparent in the photo but more stain colors the bottom of my upper lip, hence the need to go easy and apply horizontally!

3 layers! Looking very opaque and lovely! The upper lip however is not as nice in real life.

A clear coat of gloss helps make any patchiness go away!

After a nice meal! There are traces of stain on the lower lip and bottom of the upper lip...not very pretty at all!

2 even coats of the lipstain! No gloss! Excuse the skin! It was a 'no make up' day at home!

Bold things are the ones that matter to me most!

The pros...
  •  lovegloss and stain have great color
  • ability to layer
  • convenient tube
  • easy application

The cons...

  • gloss smell funny quite quickly
  • stain can be difficult to work with (at first)
  • stain alone has little staying power
  • expensive!



$19.90 SGD for lipgloss            ($24 USD)
$21.90 SGD for stain                 ($26.40 USD)

Repurchase: Not likely! (i've found an much better lipstain!)

Recommend: Yes, the lipstain for beginners, it's not bad. The lipgloss is lovely, only if you don't mind the price!

Overall, I'd give these products 3.5/5!

Have you tried any lipstains? What do you like/dislike about lipstains? Let me know!

Feel free to leave me comments and questions!


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