Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Rave Review: Sleek Suede Effect Pressed Powder in 01!

Suede Effect Powder! Having seen so much about their i-divine palettes from everybody when ordering on their site I noticed how all their face products such as their liquid foundations and powders are all so affordable! Very few people have reviews on their powders but i decided to go ahead and get a matte pressed powder.

This is the lightest shade in their range, it has SPF and I was just looking for something to set my foundation with!

Continue below for the review!

Sleek Suede Effect pressed Powder SPF 15 in shade 01!

The packaging looks cheaper than most of their other line...the square compact however is incredibly sturdy and I have no issues with how it looks!
Sleek Suede Effect pressed Powder SPF 15 in shade 01!
Packaging & Product!

Simple and sturdy, I do really appreciate and did get lots of use of the full size mirror in this compact. Although it's one of the cheaper looking pieces from Sleek, there are no faults on the packaging. You get a nice 10.5 g of product as well!

This shade was a complete risk as I found only two or three ladies who have bought and swatched or had photos of this on their face. I only knew that the lightest shade would probably be the closest match and I'm so lucky that this shade worked so well for me! It's not a shade that would work for anyone lighter than a Mac NC or NW 20, this would work for anyone from a Bourjois 52-54. This powder has a lovely neutral beige shade, it's quite a bit pinker in the pan compared to my other powders but the match is great when applied.

The coverage is light when applied straight or can be medium when worn over a foundation or a base. It's a lovely matte finish and stays that way for a while however this comes off quite easily once you start getting sweaty! So in terms of lasting power no where as good as my favorite ZA powder.

Applied completely all over my freshly moisturized face.
A good formula, this mattifying powder does not cake up around the mouth or make the under eye area feel too dry.
This is what I'd wear on a day of work, I want a matte clean face as I will need a good touch up by lunch time!
Sleek Suede Effect in 01, Bourjois Healthy balance powder in 53 (my review here), ZA 2 way powder in OC10 (shade 22) In the pan it looks more pink than the other two but it matches me just as well.
Paid: $8.99 USD or about $11.50 SGD

Recommended: Yes, for those who just need a mostly light coverage powder for adding a matte finish onto bare skin or to set a foundation this will do! However this is not good on its own if you need to cover up scars or blemishes!

Repurchase: Nope, I've thought of it but if only it had long lasting or higher coverage I don't think I'll be re-ordering this. I'm such a fast user of powder I'm not trying out new ones on the side!

Bottom line: A good match for light skin, it provides an even matte finish although the coverage is only light and it doesn't last on the skin for long. This works best as a finishing powder and I won't be buying this again although I used it all up!

Are you like me and NEED a powder to set your foundation?
Tried any powders from Sleek?
Let me know!

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  1. Great review Sharlynn!

  2. Thanks for the review! I was thinking of trying it for the past couple of days!

  3. It's for me, I always love a very light powder for summers/monsoon. I hate heavy powder applying on my face! You look cute with it because your skin is lovely <3




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