Sunday, 8 January 2012

Review: Canmake Check & Cheek blush duo in 01 (swatches!)

 Here's a little something I picked up for some photography I did for art a while back, I used it in this photoshoot here for a unit I did on stereotypes and the concept of Asian beauty.

I would not have typically picked this duo as I'm not a fan of baby pink or oranges but I've got to say that these blushes are really great quality and I've come to appreciate the colors very much!

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Canmake cheek & cheek blush duo in 01 Candy Flower!
In 01 Candy Flower! There is no indication of how much product there is...although it seems to be quite a bit...
You may call it cheap but I like the packaging, simple, easy and sorta cute.
Sweet baby pink and light orangey apricot color...

Packaging & Product!

Firstly I actually like the see through plastic packaging, I can clearly see what's inside, the plastic has a patterned edge to it and is pretty secure. The only down side is that there is no indication of the amount of product you're getting, however from the side of the pan I'm guessing that there's a good 4 grams or more of product. There is what seems to be instructions and illustrations on the back but it's all in Japanese so good luck!

The brush included with the blush is really nice, super soft and totally non-shedding, it's made of nylon. It's only a bit too small and not dense enough to use properly. I'd use my own brush.

The blush itself is extremely smooth and fine like silk. No chalky or powdery texture, just pure smooth color. It seems to be pretty much a matte formula with bits of fine shimmer throughout. I used to hate both colors but now I can see myself using them sparingly as I find that I look best with berry and rose type colors on my cheeks.

I'd see these colors working on very fair to tan skin tones, they are quite pigmented but these shades in particulary seem to be more of a young and cute kawaii type of colors. They'd definitely suit asian skin tones well and the blended color seems sort of universal to me.

Canmake cheek & cheek in 01 Candy Flower...swatched separately and mixed together!

Paid: $S14.90 ( $11.50 USD)

(this is one of the cheaper drugstore blushes and it's totally worth it, you're getting two colors!)

Recommend: Yes, it's of a great quality and the matte/satin finish is definitely universally flattering! There are another 3 duos,  so do check out!

Repurchase: Not likely, I've got plenty for now but if I did, I'd definitely get either 02 Rose Tiara (dark pink/light pink)

Bottom Line: These are of really great quality, they are easy to bring around and you are getting two colors in one. For beginners in blushes these would be easy to use without the worry of over doing blush. It's a lovely buy from canmake, their powder products seem to give great natural looks.

Have you tried Canmake products? Their blushes? Would you wear this duo?

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. If it was readily available in the US, i will definitely hoard these things with without hesitating :) I own a few Canmake lip glosses..they're a great brand :)

  2. haven't tried canmake products but have been curious about them for months bec i keep on seeing their circle ones? :D

  3. @Kumiko Mae

    The other blushes from them in circular packaging are the loose blush powder and cream blushes. I know the cream ones are pretty great, pigmented with a powder finish. Check them out if you get the chance :)

  4. @Rainy Days and Lattes

    Hah, yes, I will totally say the same thing about nyx, milani, prestige and tons of other products maybelline does not sell here! I would hoard too. I'm getting a friend to get me stuff from the states. So let the hoarding commence!:)

  5. @Girlie Blogger

    Yes, they are incredibly soft but could be bigger for better application! I thought I'd followed earlier on but apparently not! Just followed! :)

  6. I usually don't use brushes that comes in blush sets (unless it's high-end) but I'm really curious about this now! I'm not too sure about the baby pink but it looks so pretty mixed with the apricot shade!

  7. @Stacey

    Me neither, it's soft but too tiny in person! Hehe, yes I'd normally never chose a baby pink but it's lovely mixed!

  8. That canmake blush is so lovely!

  9. I also love simple and clear plastic packaging. It looks so classy :)




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