Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fuschia Lips!

I was just fooling around with lipstick pretty much! I got a bunch in my NYX Haul...mostly for mom because she's a lipstick queen and can finish a tube in a matter of weeks! I been loving hot pink lip colors and ended up getting 2 lipsticks and backups that are pretty much dupes of each other....Eucalyptus and Chloe from NYX's round lipstick line!

I don't know which this one is but it sure is great! I read that a 'warm pink' lipstick draws attention away from blemishes...hah! I like that but I haven't worn lipstick like this out yet!

Oh...the loveliness!!

It's a nice balance between a cool/warm hot pink!
Still looking at my forehead?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That color is utterly beautiful! It really really suits u. I never knew warm pink lippies draw attention away from blemishes! :)


  2. @Cynthia Z

    Thanks! I really like the color at the moment and it seems to work (drawing attention away). I'd look more at the center of my face than cheeks or forehead!


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