Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Canmake Powder Cheeks Blush in PW25 Sugar Orange!

Blush baby! Throw them at me, one by one and please be gentle! I've been rocking blush quite often this summer and with more variations than I used to. I only used to love rosy shades but now after using a few peachy blushes I've noticed that they can look just as amazing on my skin!

Comparable to lancome subtil blushes, I've picked up some other shades from the Japanese brand Canmake before and these are pigmented, soft, silky and such great to wear blushes!

Continue below for the review and swatches!
Canmake Powder Cheeks blush in shade PW25 "Sugar Orange", a soft shimmery peach

Canmake powder cheeks blush in PW25
Canmake powder cheeks blush in PW25, soft shimmery peach
Swatch of Canmake powder cheeks blush in PW25, a soft shimmery peach (swatch and blended out)
Swatch of Canmake Powder Cheeks in PW25 and the product packaging


There's really not much to say about this blush, it's fabulous all around. The shade is called "Sugar Orange" and is a pinkish orange that I think would work on all skin tones. 

The consistency of these blushes are soft, silky and they blend so easily and smoothly on the skin. The pigmentation is of a medium to high and the finish of these blushes range from a satin to a shimmer. I don't think any of these blushes are matte but yet they look so natural and warm up the complexion so nicely.

The only down side at all to these blushes are the packaging, I love how you can see what's inside and the top snaps on and off easily so if it does come off it's not broken. However it is a bit filmsy and that make be an issue for some people.

These are all the shades available for the single blushes from Canmake, they come in either lame or pearl finish which is a shimmery or satin finish!

Comparison of my Canmake blushes!
Canmake powder cheeks blushes in shades PW25, PW18, PW24 and duo blush in 01

My review and swatches for the powder cheek blushes in PW18 and PW24 here!

My review for Canmake cheek & cheek blush in 01 here!

Paid: $14.90 SGD ($12 USD)

Recommend: These blushes are of high quality, I'd compare them to lancome subtil powder blushes, pigmented, soft and a fine shimmery finish. Great for those with oily skin if you want sometime very natural looking and glowy.

Repurchase: Yes, I have given my PW18 'apricot pink' away before and bought a new one. I just love the shades they have, wearable and a nice variety.

Bottom line: Highly pigmented, smooth and affordable, I would continue picking these up just because they work so well. Definitely something worth picking up from Canmake to try!

Have you tried Canmake blush? 
Shimmery or matte blushes? 
 I love fine shimmer in my blushes!

 let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. Canmake blushes look so pretty!! I wanna try too! Which one do you prefer, Majolica Majorca or Canmake products?

    1. Haha, difficult choice! In terms of eyeshadows Majo Majo for sure! They make awesome quads and small palettes, I'll be reviewing my first two real soon! In terms of blush and face bases Canmake makes a great variety of blushes and cream and powder bases which I think are better than the range at MM! :)

  2. I just came back from a holiday in hong kong and Canmake was definitely a brand that caught my eye. I agree that the colour selection of their blushes are amazing and most of the colours are so pretty that i was spoilt for choice. In the end i think i just picked up their shading and highlighting powder which are of great quality~ I will be reviewing them on my blog soon :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions on them xxx

    1. Yes! I have one of their shading powders, very natural and so soft and great to blend, they're stuff is eye catching! You're welcomed! :)

  3. Oooh I have similar canmake blushes to you! In fact I think I have this colour as well. REally easy to wear and super cheap! :D

    1. Yep, agreed, cheap, great and so easy to wear!

  4. I have a pink canmake cream blush. I love peachy blushes, I am yet to find my perfect one, the ones I have are quite dark :(

    1. Yet to try their cream blushes but I hope to pick one or two up...aww, this shade can be worn very sheer and I do know they've another orange that is lighter so do take another look!

  5. woww all of these look great <3 Love the shades!!

  6. I love this brand ^^ Lovely!!


  7. Canmake is pretty good for it's price but damn I can't make their blush work.. too powdery o_O

    1. Aww, that's too bad, they are so soft, so I guess they can be too powdery! I find a firm brush helps!




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