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Review: Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks in 7 shades!

Sensational lipsticks? The Maybelline line of Sensational color lipsticks have really been quite a great wider range of shades here in Singapore where we only get maybe about less than 50% of the full range of permanent items compared to the US or UK. 

Being someone who really really wants to love wearing lip colors, lipsticks seemed like the way to go since I'm not scared of any colors but more weary of finishes that might make my drier lips look and feel bad.I did not pick these all up at once but more of like two or three at a time when there were promotions! Not the biggest fan of lip products in general but I've found some colors and formulas that I love in this line.

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Maybelline color Sensational lipsticks in 065 Hooked on Pink, 105 Pink Wink, 355 Tinted Taupe, 215 Totally Toffee, 235 Warm me Up, 625 Are you Red-dy?, 615 Summer Sunset

Translucent colored gems and squared off sleek tubes! I love the packaging right off the top when looking at these, I like how the colors have caps that are coordinated to the category of shades that they are put into. For example nude browns, pinks and peaches have a toffee colored cap, the pinks and pinky reds have purple pink caps and the shades of red have ruby red caps!

Besides the exterior I love the bottoms of the bullet. The label with the shade name and number are cleared labelled with a sticker matching the color of the lipstick inside! I really like it when lipsticks are like this as a labelled cap can get lost or changed with other lipsticks from the line!

I've had no issues of the packaging, the cap snaps on very securely and the size is just nice and easy to carry around without any trouble.

Maybelline color Sensational lipsticks in 065 Hooked on Pink, 105 Pink Wink, 355 Tinted Taupe, 215 Totally Toffee, 235 Warm me Up, 625 Are you Red-dy?, 615 Summer Sunset
The Pinks: 065 Hooked on Pink and 105 Pink Wink!
065 Hooked on Pink (Mid tone warm rose pink) and 105 Pink Wink (shimmery cool tone pink)

Of these two shades I prefer Hooked on Pink, it's quite an intense mid tone warm pink that warms up the complexion and is probably is very versatile shade that would work with a lot of complexions.

Pink Wink has a sheen, a slight shimmer that isn't gritter or chunky at all however it might look a bit frosty and may not work on everyone's skin. I haven't worn this very much but will likely layer it on something else to make it less shimmery.

355 Tinted Taupe, 215 Totally Toffee, 235 Warm me Up
355 Tinted Taupe (A warm rosy nude), 215 Totally Toffee (Warm light brown), 235 Warm me Up (light pink tone nude)

Tinted Taupe although a beautiful color, I see this being a great warm nude on tanned complexions and a dark natural shade on pale skin it looks exactly like my natural lip color but a bit darker. I love 'nude' shades that aren't dead looking but this shade is too much like my lip shade so I don't like this.

Totally toffee is the first nude shade that I found that I love and will actually wear when I think "I want a nude!" This is completely a light brown shade but it has a good warm undertone that goes well on paler skin tones. It doesn't look like skin so you don't look dead.

Warm me up on my warm light complexion is the perfect pink nude. I've used this shade the most and love that it goes with everything!

625 Are you Red-dy, 615 Summer Sunset
Are you Red-dy is a cherry red, quite neutral not very warm tone but slightly orange. This should work on everyone!

Summer Sunset is a more unique and interesting shade of pinky red. In the swatch photo it looks very red but it's more accurate in the photo below with all the swatches. It's a coral pink light red shade, a bit mauvey.   

625 Are you Red-dy (bright cherry red), 615 Summer Sunset (pinkish orange red with a smooth shimmery finish)

 Overall the textures of all these lipsticks that I have from this sensational line are similar. These go on smoothly but not very creamy, they have a dry-smooth type texture like the moisturize of a glue stick, not creamy to the touch but once you start applying it smooths on but isn't very creamy or slippery.

These are long lasting because of the texture, I wouldn't say drying but they dry after application and are not slippery or sticky. My lips tend to be dry and tend to flake a lot! So for someone who has lips like this these lip sticks still are able to look pretty good after exfoliating my lips completely. The nude shades work the best anytime but the rest I would only use when my lips feel good and aren't having a 'drier' day.

Some of these do have a smell, a waxy smell but nothing very strong. I also should mention that I don't have a habit of wearing a lip primer or balm underneath and I don't line my lips (I should start though for easier application!) So I wear these straight from the bullet and they can last very well if I don't touch or rub at bits of skin on my lips. They can also last through eating which is quite great but touching up is definitely required after!

My bare lips. Mine are very pigmented!
Maybelline color Sensational lipsticks in 065 Hooked on Pink, 105 Pink Wink, 355 Tinted Taupe, 215 Totally Toffee, 235 Warm me Up, 625 Are you Red-dy?, 615 Summer Sunset
Paid: $18.90 SGD each or about $15 USD (I bought some of these at 15% off,
                                                                       this is normal  drugstore price here)

Recommend: Yes! If you have normal lips, not too dry these will be long lasting and are highly pigmented. They have a great range with warm and cool toned shades in reds, pinks, nudes and some purples! You can just these lightly by blotting over or using one layer or wear it very opaque.

Repurchase: Yes! But only in the shades Totally Toffee and Warm Me Up. I will use the others but will likely not repurchase because I need a more moisturizing formula.

Bottom line: A good wide range of shades, they are very pigmented and long lasting, not moisturizing or many finishes but overall for everyday wear these would find a place in your needs! I have drier lips so I'm looking for more moist formulas.

What lipsticks do you have from the Sensational line?
What colors do you like?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Ohhh you have a lot of this range!! I love maybelline lippies, my favorite is the color sensational water shine lippies that I only find in Indonesia. it is the best range lipstick, so moisturizing and glossy but not overly shiny..
    btw, your bare lips are so pigmented they look like you're wearing something!

    1. I do but I've given a couple away to my mom! I remember those watershine! My mom has a few, very very moist like a wet balm but they're so soft I remember them breaking easily too!

  2. The swatches of the colors look really pretty, but I would prefer more moisturizing formula too.
    Thanks for the review~

  3. I like Totally Toffee! I may go hunt for that shade. Thanks for the swatches!

    1. You're welcomed! That's my favorite...its more on the brown side but definitely not dead!

  4. They look very pretty :)
    Red <3

  5. You do have pigmented lips but they're awesome! That is kinda high price but I understand... I like tinted taupe :)

  6. Pretty shades! The Pink Wink looks nice :)

  7. Summer sunset look so good! i am trying it!

  8. very pretty shades....lovely collection..

    my recent one :

  9. I have warm me up and do love it, particularly for fall. it's quite 90s reminiscent as well.

  10. Nice collection of colours!! I reaally like Warm me up, I can picture it looking amazing on you!! I have Are You Red-dy and don't wear it enough but it's a gorgeous bright red! I also have Peony Pink (I think thats the name but my mum stole it :P) and it's a really pretty light peachy pink with a little bit of frost, but if you can find it I think you would like it. [actually.. it looks very similar to warm me up. maybe they changed it's name like they do haha] xx

  11. Awesome collection here! I only have Very Cherry and I love it! :D

  12. Hi Sharlynn, Nice collection of colours honey!! I really like Are you ready and yes, your lips are really pigmented! Lucky girl <3

  13. Hey girl! Thanks so much for joining my followers some time ago. :) I've been busy at work so didn't notice until now. I love your cute lifestyle & beauty blog, so followed back straight away.
    These Maybelline's are all really lovely shades. I bought some Isadora -lip colours the other day - must feature them on my blog asap. (We haven't had proper daylight lately, so I haven't been able to photograph the shades yet :D )

    I hope you visit some day again xx Have a lovely end of the week sweetie! :)

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  14. You picked lovely colors. I love the packaging of these lippies but man I can't stand the smell of them though.




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