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Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner! (photos!)

There has been raves going on about 'Tea Tree' products, especially since the active ingredient is plant derived and not chemical. I've been using tea tree products (gels, oils) for the last 5 years from different brands. I used to religiously use the old 'tea tree and witch hazel' line from Guardian pharmacy, surprising it was mild but strong enough to keep my oily t zone in check. However after it was discontinued about a year ago, The body shop's tea tree range caught my eye and the first thing I bought from them was the toner. At $21.90 SGD...I was a little hesitant!

(The price has gone up! It's now $22.90 when I got back ups last week!)

A review on..."The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner!"

Green and in semi-opaque bottle, you get 250ml, so it's a generous amount!

Tea Tree

For those new to 'tea tree', it's not an edible type of tea at all! It's from the leaves of a type of tree native to australia. The leaves are often used to make oil and hence, tea tree 'oil' which typically has a clear to pale yellow/green color. Tea tree products are for acne/oily prone skin as the natural properties of tea tree are antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungi and hence it helps to dry up and kill bacteria forming pimples!

This is NOT and ALCOHOL FREE product! Alcohol removes excess oil from the skin but you must compensate with moisturizer! 

There's not too much to be said. I like the green/black/white color scheme...body shop products always look polished to me, very professional and convincing! The name of the product/ingredients/instructions are in at least 2 or 3 languages, no animal testing so thumbs up for them! You may find the bottle a bit big but I think it's a very good amount and size. The typical flip-up cap is very sturdy on this bottle, so don't fret over whether or not it will break off before you finish using it! 

Ingredients list continued...damn big sticker!

This is what the toner looks like 'unactivated'...the sediment at the bottom needs to be mixed before use...

Looks like sand, don't it?


There's quite a bit to say about this...firstly and importantly, if you have never smelled tea tree oil or any tea tree products I highly recommend you go to a shop and smell a tester. It has a naturally very strong, pungent slightly herbal scent that not everyone may like. However, it is natural and doesn't last after the product is applied. 

The toner has a sort of dual action thing going on...there's the green liquid and then the white sediment at the says on the bottle to "activate" the toner by shaking it and that mixes the two into a nice cloudy milk green type of color.

Giving the bottle a firm but light squeeze (the plastic is nice and tough) squeeze out a thumbnail size portion onto a cotton pad folded into half. Then apply in outward motions on the face concentrating on oily areas...avoid around the eyes and above the lips (these are very sensitive areas), the toner may be too strong for the thinner skin.

Be aware that for first time users and people with sensitive skin...this toner will sting. The first time I used it, I put too much and had to pat off the excess but it was too late and the skin above my lip was burning and my cheeks had a mild sting that was very irritating. The sensation went away after 5 mins but it was not pleasant at all. After several weeks and months of using it on a non-regular basis my skin got use to the product and there is no more stinging!

 I only use this when my skin gets very oily because it is very potent and I apply an oil-free moisturizer afterwards to keep my skin from drying up. If you only use an oil-stripping toner because you want to get rid of oiliness be aware that this can easily lead to dry patches and peeling. I had no idea this would happen until it did so even if your skin is very oily, use a moisturizer after cleansing and toning and beneath your make up!

I would not use this if your acne/pimples are extensive, this might cause pain let alone stinging...and if your skin surface is 'broken', (scratched pimple/skin)...I would go easy because it will hurt at first when it comes into contact with 'broken' skin.

After 'activation"...hehe

Lots of foaming and bubbles! This is not possible when it's new...there's no space for foam/bubbles to form then...

 Bold are things that matter to me most!

The Pros...
  • 'refreshing' strong smell (extremely subjective, it's very pungent)
  • Great for oily skin
  • Generous amount
  • Sturdy packaing
  • Helps reduce oiliness and pimples after a few weeks of use

 The Cons...
  • Pricey for a toner ($22.90/250ml)
  • Burning/stinging sensation (depending on your skin/area of application/amount used)
  • Naturally strong scent can be overwhelming
  • Second ingredient is "Denatured Alcohol" 

Paid: $21.90 SGD, now it's $22.90 ($19 USD)

Repurchased: Yes! (Got two more when there was a store discount, w/15% star loyalty card discount!)

Recommend: Definitely, if you have oily areas, oily skin in general, prone to pimples, using this once a day can help to reduce oiliness a lot.

Bottom Line: If you have oily skin, prone to pimples this can be great, it really helps heal the skin and it helps make up look great for longer. Personally I love the scent of tea tree oil but that might be a deal breaker for some.

I would not recommend this for a person with very severe acne/pimples, I believe it may cause you more pain than good. The high alcohol content also may cause trouble to people with sensitive or normal skin.

Use this once a day for noticeable results! Remember to moisturize or face dry, peeling, itchy skin!

Overall, I'd give this product a 4.5!

Cost: $$$ (out of 5)

Product quality/effectiveness: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5

Application: 5/5 (nothing special really)

Feel free to leave me comments and questions! 
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  1. Excellent review! I find that a lot of Body Shop products for skin is wonderful and I am sure this is no different. Have you tried any of their other lines? I know a lot of people like the Seaweed one. If you like tea tree, you can give Lush's tea tree toner a try!

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes

    Thanks! I've only tried a few other products from their skincare line actually, my favorite has to be their peppermint foot scrub with pumice bits. Use it with a stone and it does magic. I haven't tried anything from the seaweed line, may take a better look next time.=] I'm very into tea tree but there's no Lush in Singapore at the moment! I've heard great things about their soaps. thanks for dropping by!

  3. I bought it last Sunday .it does burning sensation.should I stop using it?😞

    1. It depends, if your skin has a lot of blemishes or has dry patches it's best you don't use this too much. It's normal to sting a bit but it shouldn't feel like 'burning', if it's quite intense and is always itchy feeling you shouldn't use it.




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