Monday, 15 August 2011

EOTD: Green w/blue liner (photos!)

Hey there! School's back but I'm going to try to post a little something now and again. Here are a couple photos from a look I did a while ago with a shimmery foresty green color and a bourjois waterproof eyeliner.

  • Forest green eyeshadow from my 24 shimmer eyeshadow palette from "Rhomlon"
  • Teal waterproof eyeliner from Bourjois "45 blue remix"

The forest green I used, it's actually 3-4 shades darker (look below)...they are all shimmery colors!

2nd row from the top the dark green, the palette of 24 colors, all shimmery and wearable of a nice amount (all slightly smaller than a 50 cent coin)

Rhomlon is brand locally found in SINMA in Singapore, I've heard great reviews about its liquid eyeliners...

Just the green applied with a small flat brush, w/o coat of Maybelline's Volum' Express Magnum mascara...

Barely I added a bit more...
Packed on more shadow and added some into the inner corner...bourjois teal colored liner on the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line and on the waterline.

The completed eye look!

Feel free to leave me comments and questions!


  1. Hi,may i know where u got these?how much izzit?coz currently im gg tru these crazy obsession of collecting e/s palette regardless the brand:)

  2. @PinkPurplexed

    Hi, hope you check back! I actually bought this palette for less than $10 USD when I lived in cambodia at a mall called Sovanna. It's made in Singapore (where I live) but I haven't seen this exact palette by Rhomlon in Singapore. Have fun collecting!

  3. Helo,thanks for the info!im actually sporean too!lol!maybe i shld just take a look somewhere in Mustafa's :)Im really new to this beauty blogging,sorry for askin too many questions,im juz curious.Have a nice day!


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