Monday, 29 August 2011

Quickie Post: Curled hair?! (opinions!)

I've been one of those people who eagerly watch youtube videos on hair curling and wish so much to be able to try them out...well...I did!

Finally after getting a new flat iron (one that was very expensive! but technically free due to matters I will not disclose on here) I sat for more than 30 mins, watching different videos on how to curl hair with a flat iron!

Finally after watching the thumb on a girl's video and where  and how it changed position, I finally got it! I was so happy I rushed around the house, showing everyone my newly curled hair! It was late at night so I slept in it and woke up with straight hair! wahahah!

Here are some photos I took that night, mind you, they aren't very clear but you get the picture, I've cut my hair shorter now in the back but the front is pretty much the same length!

Uneven and lots of straight bits on the left side! But the curls are so prettyy!

With flash, my bare skin being all shiney! This was when my hair was freshly curled! Looking very black and shiny!

The curls loosening...before turning in...a more accurate color of my hair...not true black but dark brown.

Thoughts? Does waved/curled hair suit me?
Any other style that might?

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  1. You look very cute with curled hair! Have you ever tried getting bangs? I think you would look ADORABLE with it!

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes

    Thanks for thinking so! I used to have bangs as a child but they were part of the 'not so fond' memories...I've considered recently but when I sweat I don't stop for a long time and it's really bothersome! So probably not for now!


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