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Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain! (Precious, Rendevous, Lovesick)

Kissable...or so they say! I have actually exchanged some kisses with my other half wearing this and it does not transfer when dried! Yay for that!

Everyone in the beauty blogsphere has seem to have tried several or all of the shades from Revlons latest lippie product. However these arrived sometime in November last year which is much later than my western counterparts!

At a 20% sale, I grabbed one for myself, then ended up getting my mother to get me another and one for herself as well! I also helped a friend picked one when I was with her on the same day I discovered they were selling!

Continue below for the review!
The display at Guardian Pharmacy, we have 8 shades of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain!

Retailing UP at $18.90 SGD
Swatching in store!

My purchase of Lovesick, a dark fuchsia and my friend getting Honey!
A heavy swatch of Lovesick, its a very glossy fuchsia!
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain! (Precious, Rendevous, Lovesick)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain! (Precious, Rendevous, Lovesick)

Packaging & Product!

Firstly, the resemblance to giant crayons that clumsy children with a low and developing IQ would hold really grabs me. I think of myself holding these in a caveman grip while putting them on!

Clinique chubby sticks actually is what these seem to be like, or Tarte Lip surgence which I used to want so badly! However now I'd rather get a chubby stick to compare the quality.

Packaging is a plus, cute, sensible maybe and easy to tell apart in terms of shades, the only downside is how little product you're getting in this chunky pencil!

The product itself has its pros and cons. The color can be built up with several layers, both lighter and darker shades, however it works better with the red, pink and orange shades, the pale pinks and nude don't build up nicely and look messy on the lips.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain! (Precious, Rendevous, Lovesick)

In terms of texture, these are definitely slightly balmy even after they dry on the lips which is great since my lips dry very easily. I find that Lovesick still looks good and does not wear off in bits and pieces which is my main concern with stains.

My experience however with Precious, the nude shade hasn't been so great. First applied, it looks pretty good but after barely half and hour, the product has gathered in bits and my lips which peel in bits all the time become visible, even after exfoliation and my skin on my lips are smooth. The crevices of my lips are pronounced because of the pale shade.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain! (Precious, Rendevous, Lovesick)

Wearing the shade Precious 050

Looking fine at first but over time the layers feel funny and the paleness of the shade makes skin bits on the lips very obvious!

Looking very natural and even with an initial layer or two.
Your lips will not be as nude as the product itself since its not opaque!

Simple outfit worn on the day I wore Precious. Rhinestone studded black top from Forever 21, High waist-ed bird print shorts from New Look, Sandals from Charles & Keith
Having fun with a jade green magnetic polish from nails inc!
New chunky gold embellished leather sandals! Combined with my hot pink toes!

Using Lovesick 020 here! And I can confirm transfer does not occur after the product has dried!

Paid: UP $18.90 SGD or about $15.40 USD (I got mine when they were at 20% off)

Recommend: I'd definitely say try the darker pinks and red shades! They look great and last quite a while without fading off in patches!

Repurchase: No more for me! I take a while to finish lip products but I would like to try a Clinique Chubby Stick for comparison!

Bottom line: Varying in performance due to color, these are a slightly more affordable version of Cliniques Chubby sticks. I think the pinks and reds are great but the pale shades aren't too asian complexion friendly!

So....has your experience been love at first stain with these balms?  
Any shades you prefer? Own? 
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. I think you pull of the pale shade pretty well :)

  2. Rendezvous always dries me out which kind of makes me sad since it advertises to still be a balm. :( It works alright when paired with another balm underneath though!
    You and your boyfriend are so cute! :)

  3. I've been meaning to get Crush and Romantic (red and a dark vamp) for the longest time. Needa get on those stat! Keep seeing these everywhere. Glad you like Lovesick, it's a lovely color. :)

  4. It really does stay on the lips! Great review :)

  5. Lovely colours! But I think I like Precious most of all. :)

  6. haha love the last pic! Hoping these come to my country soon. They look so interesting to look! :D

  7. Great review & swatches! I only have lovesick & I really like it, I want the bright pink one next time!! But like you I have so many other things I want to use up so I probably shouldn't :)

  8. Beautiful shades <3 Would love to get one if it's available here!

  9. wow these are expensive on your side of the country! I'm surprised you were able to swatch these in store. Over here they rarely have testers for us to try, particularly drugstore products. I love these balm stains.

  10. What a great idea to swatch them for your readers in the store. The Charles and Keith sandals looks very pretty! :) Out of the balm stains I think I'd go for something like Lovesick!

  11. I have quite a few of these because I love them! Favourites so far have been Sweetheart and Honey. Smitten is a nice shade too. :) I haven't tried Precious though... It looks gorgeous against your skin tone, but what a pity that it gathers! xx

  12. I loved all of them and your sandals a lot.:)
    I wish they get launched here soon !

  13. Cute pictures, I have the rendevous shade, xoxo.

  14. I have this one in Lovesick and I must say I don't like the formula :/ the mint stinging scent makes it uncomfortable for me and I prefer clinique chubby stick to this one.. if you like balm-y lippie then you should try clinique chubby stick! ;))

  15. hahaha, you and you bf look like dorks! oops, what I mean is ADORABLY cuties!! lolz~ ^_~ the magnetic polish look so interesting! ^_~

  16. I do like that they're genuinely transfer-proof. Also, the shade Sweetheart is insanely long-lasting, to the point of not coming off even when I want it to :p I really like the look of the coral one but unfortunately it wasn't released in Australia for some bizarre reason :(

  17. I'm SO glad that I found your blog - it's great! (:
    I am a new follower!
    These lipstains look so great...hard to get them here in Germany though ):


  18. Nice choice of shades you purchased there hun! I agree with Sleepandwater - I would have loved if the Rendesvous was released here!
    Precious looks lovely on you!

  19. haha, cute pic at the end...lol..adorable two..
    i dont know why, i dont really like that kissable balm..they left some weird stain afterwards..i got mine in precious, but then it left orangey stains on my lips..hate that! haha..
    good review! the precious ones is fit for you..love it on your lips!

  20. I'm really looking for something with just a hint of color to replace my Babylips- this is great!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such awesome feedback- hope to see you back soon sweets!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  21. Love that last picture of you and your bf...very cute!

  22. the pink is so vibrant, I love that color!! I like the 050 on you, it does look natural with that shine that I love

  23. i have rendezvous and lovesick beautiful colors! i wanna try more darks of it ever since Ive been sick i have been wearing lovesick everyday so i wouldn't look washed out w/o makeup and i love the easy application and how longlasting it is as well!

  24. I bought 2 to try a couple weeks back but I've yet to open them lol. I think precious looks really pretty close up, though too bad it doesn't wear well. That last pic is so adorable! :)

  25. looveee the color payoff and the longevity of these!
    great review, follow back?

  26. i like Revlon lipstick though its kinda expensive. it's worth the money!

    It’s a GIRL Thing




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