Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Special: Christmas Beauty Swap with Jade in the Palace!

Christmas Beauty Blogger Swap! Happy new year everybody! I spent my new year's eve having a mexican make-it-yourself wrap dinner at my beautiful boyfriends! He spent the afternoon cooking, making frozen blend magaritas and I had a morning shift at work so I made it for dinner and also got my belated christmas present!

After doing a swap with Pam from Jade in the Palace Beauty blog earlier this year (check out our swap here), I proposed to do another swap for christmas! As of now even though I sent my package a weeek earlier, Pam's package has been held up most likely by the post office in Germany!

Continue below for the beauty swap!
Special: Christmas Beauty Swap with Jade in the Palace!
The lovely box my package came in, I really liked the bright colorful stripes!
Nothing prettier than a box full of make up and beauty bits for you! Yet again Pam packed some of the make up in a lovely pink and brown fabric toiletry bag! I love it!
The last time Pam surprised me by packing the Kiko make up products in the orange and brown version of this bag! She sent me a pink one this time and I love it! I will be using them both!
Pam told me due to heavy shipping charges she had to remove some heavy candy but she left some yummy german chocolates! I like chocolates much more anyway! Thank you for the goodies! Why can't more manufacturers put apple sauce and biscuits in chocolate!? This is awesome!
A skin plumping product for fine lines, Roberto Cavalli and Calvin Klein perfumed moisturizer, Biotherm moisturizer!
Awesome lip products! Tinted lipbalms (Nivea in Europe) Catrice tint, lip cream, lip pencils and a lovely warm lip gloss!
P2 Sheer glam and pure color lipsticks! A matte one too! (I'm scared to try it but I don't have any matte lip product and will give it a go! Pam loves reds so she got me a bright red shade!

Some super glossy finish polishes! I don't wear much polish anymore because of my work but I do keep my toes manicured!
Foundation! Rival de Loop, Catrice Matt plus and Manhattan powder! (I really can't wait to try the two liquid foundations, also I don't own any matte foundations and I asked for it since Catrice here doesn't carry it)
The giant star of the package! Pam was so generous to buy me an Urban Decay Deluxe shadow palette! She dropped me a hint saying that she got me a 'colorful palette from urban decay'!
Since 2 years ago I've really wanted this but decided not to order it because there was heavy shipping and I never get around to buying anything in Sephora here in Singapore. I swear I will use all the colors! Thank you so much Pam!
This palette I asked for! I've seen Pam's review and other ladies swatches and just love the mix of shades! I can't wait to use this too!
BLUSHES! Pam knows my rosey berry taste for blushes and she got me a lovely rose tone one from Manhattan and I asked for the Limited Edition Catrice one which she helped me hunt down for since it's almost out of stock!
It Cosmetics mascara! OMG I'm so happy to have something to try from them, I've heard and seen so much about their products! The eyeshadow is exciting as I don't have almost any baked shadows and the teal gel liner is just beautiful! I love teal so much on the eyes!
She also included a super cute festive German christmas card! I unfortunately am not a card person at all and didn't include one but I did leave lots of small personalized notes this time to spruce up my presentation!
Overall a super full and awesome beauty swap yet again! Thank you for all the extra lovely bits and the Urban Decay palette! I will get through using everything eventually and I can't wait to review of the lip products as I'm trying to get back into using some lip products!

I'm so grateful for having such a lovely beauty blogger pal like Pam! We even managed to meet up earlier in 2013 when she stopped by in Singapore with her mother and sister and we met up for an afternoon! 

Happy New Year! Have a happy, healthy and awesome year ahead!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. yay!! I'm glad you like the package! I am still waiting for mine but I hope it will arrive soon after new year and busy period is over.. :-)
    I hope you will love everything and get a lot of use out of them :-D

  2. She got you such great things! That MUA palette looks so pretty! :)

  3. Wow such an amazing swap! LOVE the UD palette!!

  4. What great products that you can try from another country, she's so generous with the Urban Decay palette :D
    It's so cool you guys met up too!

  5. OoooOooOooOOo!!!! Dribbling at the UD palette!!! Great swap ^_^

    happy new year!!

  6. awww Pam is so kind and generous ^_~ the products included are all so nice and interesting!! =)

  7. I love reading about your guys' beauty swaps! It's an excellent way to try out cosmetics and skincare products that aren't available in your own countries. I can't wait to see the things you got for Pam, too!

    Happy New Year, Sharlynn!

  8. WOW!! i love seeing what people get during swaps, its exciting to try out new products right? i know your gonna have ots of fun playing with your new toys :)

  9. HOLY CRAP I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU. I MEAN LOOK AT ALL THAT MAKEUP AND ITS GLORY! I'm sure you're gunna come up with awesome looks with these makeups! :)

  10. wow that was a generous swap! I'm mostly interested in that chocolate to be honest haha!
    Hope you enjoy that UD eyeshadow palette! I own one and they have some super fun shades :). Though, my favorite shade of all time is Underground (Like I seriously love it more than any other shadow I own and I don't know why!)
    Happy New Year!

  11. Awesome swap!! Looking forward to seeing your reviews and looks using these products! ;)

    I've never tried anything from it cosmetics either, and omg, I really like the packaging + shade of the teal liner!
    (This post is making me want to do a bblogger swap this year, haha)

  13. That's an awesome idea!
    Sharlynn and all, do check out our online beauty store at , offering a range of makeup and beauty products. Would be glad if you could do a review, do let me know. xx




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