Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Rave Review: Maybelline The False Lash Volum' Express!

Give me False Lashes! Oh hello Maybelline! I don't know about you ladies but as an Asian gal with thin, short flimsy lashes it can be very difficult to find a mascara that really gives me thicker, longer and curler lashes that hold and are resistant to my oily skin and smudging onto my tiny folds in my lids!

Maybelline has always been a brand that some how worked for me and seemingly so many other Asian ladies. There's just something about their formulation and the brushes (although they're quite large) that just works like magic!

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Maybelline The False Lash Volum' Express mascara!
Purchased in Bangkok International Airport's Duty Free "King Power", I paid only 380 Baht!
Maybelline The False Lash Volum' Express mascara!


This mascara comes in such a gorgeous purple tube with teal print labeling! I've been absolutely admiring how Maybelline has all their mascaras in such fun colored tubes and after reading a post recently by another fellow blogger (Vanessa from Citron and Guavaberry) who did a comparison of her collection of their mascaras side by side I realized how colorful their packaging is! (Check out her blog post here)

This version was made in Japan or China if I'm not wrong and sold in Singapore and Overseas is known as "The Falsies". This 'Asian' produced version, the False Lash is pretty much exactly the same in terms of tube size and brush design as the "Magnum Volum Express" mascara by Maybelline which I categorize as near holy grail status if my current HG mascara is not available.

There's nothing but love for the packaging, nothing funny or strange, I've never had issues with this type of tube as it's standard to me.

The brush from the bottom, bristle long on both sides and short on the top and bottom! There's an indent on the wand's body (look on left side) that apparently lets the wand bend more easily)
Side view, the slight curve to the wand, I always use the curved in short bristled side to apply and then turn to the longer sides to finish off the tips of my lashes!
Maybelline The False Lash Volum' Express mascara!
The formula is quite wet and it easily smudges when applying and blinking...so tilt your head back slight when doing so, it lessens smudging greatly. (Here I have not removed the smudges to show about how much occurs)

Yet another amazing product from Maybelline! I've always only had a love relationship with Maybelline mascaras! My first love from them was their double ended XXL mascara with the white primer and a normal mascara on the other side...I remember buying that and layering so much that although my lashes got huge they were very clumped! Looking back Maybelline usually always gives you lots of volume and that's a big one for Asian lashes.

Much like the predecessor "The Magnum", I really love how the wet formula allows for easy coating and also for layering up for volume and length. Plus this formula is super smudge proof once dried. I experience always zero flaking from their mascaras even if I wear it for 12 hours.

I had no idea this was NOT a waterproof formula. I 99% of the time only buy waterproof formulas as they don't flake or smudge or move or anything on oiler and tiny asian lids however this and a Lancome mascara were an exception. This one accidentally and I found out one day while in the shower and after some soft rubbing the mascara came off. I was so happy that it has lasted so well and was only smudgeproof and not waterproof so no need for oil based remover!

My bare uncurled lashes (Yes, believe it my lashes are naturally curly) I do own a lash curler now but use it only on special occasions!
One full coat of Maybelline The False Lash Volum' Express mascara!
My bare lashes
As seen, this formula with only one good thick coat is very volumizing and holds curl extremely well throughout a long day or day out. It's a very black color which I love and if I had an eyeliner on any tiny bits of smudging from application wouldn't be visible.

Being a mascara lover who wears it every time I do my eye make up, I've got no issues with application. I find too many asian ladies have trouble when applying mascara. They blame their mediocre results on the size of the wand or a wet formula or their small lids...rubbish! 

You just need to be more nimble with your technique, tilt your head back, be careful, layer your mascara, get a very water proof formula and almost any mascara which is volumizing on bigger eyes and longer lashes will work on you too!

One full coat of Maybelline The False Lash Volum' Express mascara!
Paid: 380 Thai Baht or $14.50 SGD or $11.40 USD

(In Singapore ALL Maybelline mascaras are $18-20 SGD)

Recommend: YES! To those ladies with bare there lashes, with careful application this mascara will be your volumizer and lash booster! I highly recommend it!

Repurchase: YES! If this runs out I will be buying this again, I love how easy it is to use on the go. I will never buy products again that give me lesser results than this!

Bottom line: A totally all rounder mascara, super black, decent lengthening, it's super volumizng, curl holding and very water resistant. You need to use it for a few weeks until it's not as wet so it's easier to apply but until then it's still a great formula and looks amazing on my tiny lashes! Do give it a go if you haven't!

Do you own and love any of Maybelline's mascaras?
Would you try this one?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. I really like the effect it gives that mascara, unfortunately Mayvellines mascaras irritated my eyes (or at least most of them) thanks for your review sweetie!

  2. Wow, really impressive, I really loved the effect it gives to your lashes, I have won this mascara from a giveaway but haven't used it. Now I'm excited for using it soon <3

  3. Looks good! I tried fiber mascara before and find that they work better on me, especially with my short thin lashes but I just dislike mascara in general. I prefer to just skip it or go straight to false lashes.

  4. This is like my hands down HG mascara. I love this to death! I've bought this mascara more times than I can count! Now I'm not even interested in trying out any new mascaras because I know this has been working the best for me lol. However, I am quite surprised that this is the non-waterproof version and how well it lasts and works on your lashes! Like you, I always buy waterproof no matter what. I'm so jealous of your naturally curled lashes, it would save me a ton of time in the morning or whenever I do my makeup since it's the most time consuming step in my makeup routine! You lucky girl!! hahaha <3

  5. It does give great effect and one of my Avon mascara also has those tiny fibers.

  6. i ran out of this already and bought a new one with a backup! thats how i like this mascara ;)

  7. I didn't really like this one at first, the formula weighed down my lashes too much, but after letting it dry out a little, it works a lot better for me - so definitely a fan now! Really want to try the rocket mascara too!

  8. Girl, you must love some balms! I'm actually really impressed with the pigmentation in those bottom 3! I'm currently loving the Burts Bees pomegranate but I love a good Baby Lips too!

  9. aw damn.....I just realized I totally left a comment for your lip balm post on this post....I'M NOT CRAZY I SWEAR ;p hahaha

  10. (-cackles in the background- Thanks for the shoutout!)
    Whoah, this is totally different from the Falsies that we have in the Americas! Ours doesn't have the fibres in the formula, so this Asian formula is pretty cool! + it makes your lashes look amazing!
    I know what you mean about rejoicing in formulas that don't smudge but wash off easily. It's amazing and such a time saver!




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