Thursday, 9 January 2014

Rave review: ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation in OC 10!

ZA Perfect Fit Foundation! This IS my perfect pressed foundation powder! Having used this for the last two years I think I've gone through at least 15 refills (I really should've just collected them all). Out of all the drugstore brand pressed powders, this has the best color match, coverage and long wearing non-transfer quality I've seen of all of a large amount of product!

The brand ZA is a sister company with Majolica Majorca, UV White and Aqua Label, both which are under Shiseido (NARS and Bare Escentuals are also under them) so they've made it so that the pressed powder size and compacts across all the brands are interchangeable.

Note: I am currently the shade OC 00!

Continue below for the review of my HG powder!
ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation in OC 10! (I use Majolica Majorca's compact for the powder)
After more than a year and a half this is my new case! I bought the same!

This is my old case, as you can see the brown powder stains, they are permanent!


ZA products have a very simple straightforward packaging. Everything is color coded in the make up and skincare lines based on if it's for oily skin or whitening. The powder products are all in pink, silver and white color scheme packaging, the actual compact from ZA for this refill is either a shiny pink or silver top case. However since this powder from ZA fits into Majolica Majorca and Shiseido compacts I got the pretty gold one from MM! As you saw above (my first photo) the style of MM cosmetics is very detailed and delicate and princess like!

ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation in OC 10! The shade I match best now is OC 00 (21) but before I used this shade OC10 (22.

The powder refill itself is very well labelled and see through, which I very much like because you can see the actual powder. ZA has relabelled the shade numbering system to OC is (Orchre) or a more yellow tone, BO (Beige Orchre) is more pink toned. Since the change both the old and new labelling is on the packaging to help customers know which shade they used to buy and what it is in the new packaging. There's lot of instruction and information about what the foundation contains on the back and so really there is nothing bad about the packaging for me!

ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation in OC 10! The powder refill is 9 grams, it comes with a sponge and sticks right into the case from ZA, Majolica Majorca or Shiseido!

ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation in OC 10!
There's just a small piece of tape on the back of each pan but it sticks very well and is easy to remove when finished!

This is one of the best powders I've ever used in the last 4 years. Keep in consideration that I don't own and haven't used any high end powders but I've used many types from L'oreal, Maybelline and lots of Asian brands but I've found that of all the popular brands here in singapore this has been the best performing for oilier Asian skin. I used to have much oilier skin and had lots of blemishes on my forehead and cheeks (I will be doing a post on this) but now my skin is almost always clear but still gets very oil throughout the day.

I'm paranoid about my face make up sliding or getting patchy, so I always set my foundation, BB cream or base with a type of powder, almost 90% of the time I use this ZA foundation powder with a fluffy face brush.

This powder has a good shade range of 10-14 shades (which is very large for an Asian brand), the darkest shades however are only about an NC42 and no where as dark as Revlon or L'oreals full lines overseas. The texture and coverage of this powder however is excellent in terms of being very fine, soft and medium to full coverage with just one layer using a slightly heavy hand.

This can be worn by itself as a foundation or like I do buffed over your based to extend the wear of your foundation by many more hours. For heavier coverage use a wet sponge or a dense brush, for lighter coverage or for a setting effect use a fluffier brush and lighter hand with a sponge.

My bare skin, a light yellow toned shade, I prefer using slightly more yellow based powders to match the rest of me.

ZA Perfect Fit 2 way foundation powder in looks flawless and matches the rest of me but is actually not the best match. Shade OC00 matches my face exactly, although it's more neutral.

About 90% of the time in all my FOTDs I'm wearing ZA OC10 (I just started using OC00) on top of my foundation, however it is not the best match as it's actually much more beige and yellow than my actual skintone now. Above in the photo, you can see there's a white highlight on my upper lip and that's where the powder and my actual skin color meet. Often my boyfriend notices that there's a white line above my eyebrows or on my upper lip because it's my actual skin color showing through where the powder didn't cover.

ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation in OC 10! My new case and new powder refill and puff all inside!
Paid:  $18.90 SGD or $15 USD (Powder refill)

(drugstore pressed powders are $18-25 SGD and usually 7-10 grams)

Recommend: Yes! For those who can find a match, if you want matte, natural looking skin that will stay oil free for many hours this is a great powder as a foundation or for setting bases. It's very affordable for the amount you get compared to other brands here and you don't need to use much to get enough coverage and a long lasting finish.

Repurchase: Yes! OMG, I've repurchased this at least 15 times now! The darkest shade I've been was a 23 (OC20) but now I'm a 21 (OC00).

Bottom line: A very long wearing, skin matching, matte finish powder that comes in a wider range than most Asian brand make up. A thin layer of this is enough to set any foundation and a heavier application will definitely not transfer or move and also look just as flawless. For those with oilier skin, this formulation is perfect for you.

What's your holy grail foundation powder?
Do you like a matte finish?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Your skin looks flawless, not cakey at all! I stopped using powder foundation because it gets stuck on the tiny little hairs on my face and I end up looking like a giant fur ball lol

  2. oooh, makes me want to try this too!! I just hope that I can find my suitable shade for this ^_~

  3. I've never tried pressed powder because I'm too lazy to find the shade that matches my skin lol. I tend to go with translucent loose powder :P Thanks for the review :D

  4. so gorgeous, now you gotta excuse me so I can google this one :)

  5. the compact is sooo cute (Ima a sucker for cute packaging)! Looks like a flaaawless powder :)

  6. I love the packaging. So pretty! It's a little too matte for me. Matte doesn't look that good on older women like myself.

  7. There's a Shishedo Sales right now till 23 Jan in Orchard Building. The last time I went (in 2014), they had your fav foundation at 3 for $15. You can check it out. :)




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