Friday, 10 January 2014

Review: Catrice Defining Blush single in 050 Apricot!

Apricot flush! Out of all the shades my eyes have come across when I was younger, I never ever thought that I'd buy orange or coral shade blushes in the future. As a child I really liked watching my mother putting on her coral, red or pink lipstick and realized that she only wore coral blush as she's a bit tan and it suited her! I just thought that coral and orange shades wouldn't work one me but years later and some gorgeous peaches's an awesome affordable blush!

For my rave reviews on some of their other shades Rose Royce (my review here) and Rosewood Forest (my review here)!

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Catrice Defining Blush single in 050 Apricot

Swatch of Catrice Defining Blush single in 050 Apricot
Packaging & Product!

Much like I've said in my other reviews the packaging is very simple. Quite thick plastic and well labelled which I like, however the hinges of the shadows and blushes from Catrice are very delicate and once a bit breaks off the top can easily break off. I really love being able to see the shade through the lid and the amount you get in the packaging is a very decent 5g!

The blush itself is pigmented and oh so silky smooth! A light firm touch of a dense blush brush and they blush will apply and blend perfectly without almost any effort. There's something about the softness of the texture and so with the pigmentation together this makes for the most natural glowing flushed cheeks! This product does last a long time on my cheeks and there's almost nothing I don't like about the product itself! 

Apricot is a soft coral with the tiniest bit of gold shimmer, however there's no shimmer on the cheeks and it just looks like a glisten on the cheeks. Definitely a great shade for those who haven't tried corals before on the cheeks!

Wearing Catrice Defining Blush single in 050 Apricot (Check out my full look here)
Swatch of Catrice Defining Blush single in 050 Apricot
Paid: $6.90 SGD or about $5.40 USD ( This is unreal!! All drugstore blushes from Maybelline, revlon, l'oreal are betweeen $18-22 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! If you're just trying out make up, or have never worn a peachy toned blush, this one from Catrice is a great one to start with! A soft glowy peach cheek never fails to warm up any complexion! The texture and pigmentation of this blush almost makes it hard for bad application!

Repurchase:YES! I now own a total of four Catrice blushes! There's still one more I haven't reviewed yet! These are so cheap in the context of Singapore prices so the quality and payoff is totally worth it!

Bottom line: Super smooth texture, pigmented, soft and so easy to apply perfectly! The range of only 8 shades makes me sad as I would love more shades to buy! I already own 4 and love them all! If you've never tried this blush do pick up a shade!

What's your favorite coral/peach shade?
Do you own any Catrice blushes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. haha, that's a brand we both know...I like Catrice

    Thanks your comment on my blog and I want to say that your skin looks perfect: you are still young so don't spend too much on anti-ageing/lightening/special ingredients yet: "don't fix something that ain't broken yet"

  2. I didn't know Catrice blushes were available in Singapore! I've been wanting to try out a Catrice blush but couldn't find any shades besides a very bright orange one when I spotted a Catrice stand in Europe. They must be very popular. x

  3. Such a gorgeous shade, looking very pretty on your face. I want to buy this blush but I don't think it's available in India.

  4. Hi gorgeous! You look so nice with this blush. It's so fitting, so natural on you. You are such a pretty girl!!! ^_^ I love your eyeliner!

  5. Wow - that pigmentation is insane for such a cheap blush!!! I need to hunt down a shop which sells these online xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. oh this is another beautiful Catrice blush :-)
    Catrice really has great blushes for such affordable price ^^
    your bare lips are so pigmented, Sharlynn! you almost don't need any lipstick :)

  7. That's a goooorgeous color for you! I wish we had Catrice in the states!

  8. I've never heard of this blush but it looks so glowy and natural! Suits your complexion so well.

  9. I love the colour! Sounds like quality and great value ^_^

  10. This is a very nice shade for you!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  11. Sooo pretty!! If I had access to Catrice, all the shades would probably be mine by now! (+the packaging is rectangular, aka EASY STORAGE) Everything about this blush sounds perfect! c:

  12. This apricot color is truly gorgeous and very natural on you.
    I've heard so many good things about Catrice brand. I'm now even more curious! :)

  13. This blush looks so pretty and it looks wonderful on you!!! You pretty girl!!! :)

  14. So pretty and the color is just perfect!




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