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Rave Review: Kate Gel Eyeliner in 3 shades! (easy EOTD w/liner)

Finally! This has been put off for far too long! I've been using these for about 3 months now and loving every bit of these glorious pots of gel liner!

After trying a bunch of waterproof eyeliners and nothing really being 'waterproof' I picked up the Kate gel eyeliner in BK-1 (black) on a whim...only to discover it was one of the best make up moves I've made!

Local beauty blogger at Bun Bun Make up tips also raves and love the affordability and quality of these as much as I do! Check out her review and comparison with MAC's gel eyeliner!

 Continue below for the review and a FOTD with the eyeliners!

Kate gel eyeliner in BK-1, BU-1 & BR-1
Kate gel eyeliner in BK-1, BU-1 & BR-1 (Black, dark blue, brown)

Kate gel eyeliner comes in a plastic box...
Kate gel eyeliner, everything's in Japanese but the shade and amount are easily spoted!
Size comparison between Essence and Kate gel eyeliner....
Kate is much smaller and lighter....

The gel liners come in small frosted glass pots like any other cream/gel eye product. I like how it's a small sized pot compared to MAC or Essence gel liners. They are in clear plastic boxes at the store with the amount and shade color labelled clearly.

There's nothing special, except how tiny and relatively light they are which I love. You get a fair amount of product and I wouldn't want too much as gels dry up over time anyway.

Kate gel eyeliner in BU-1 (dark shimmery blue)
Kate gel eyeliner in BR-1 (Dark shimmery brown)
Kate gel eyeliner in BK-1 (matte black)

First off, this was the first gel eyeliner I ever used and from the get-go I loved it. The first shade I bought was BK-1  (black), it was wet, creamy, smooth and is incredibly easy to work with. It dries to a matte/ slightly shiny finish and stays waterproof and budge proof all day.

The staying power is extremely true for liner on the eyelids were I'd rarely touch during the day. On the lower water line it manages to last for up to 6 hours on days where I don't have watery eyes or touch my eyes. Otherwise it'd last only an hour or two below I get slight smudging due to my touching of my lower lash line.

On the upper lash line when I tightline, this stays all days, no budge, no nothing, you just have to be careful of applying it so it doesn't clump lashes!

The colors are true to what you see on application and the consistency is the same for the brown and black being so creamy and smooth. Unfortunately the blue shade BU-1 was a bit dried when I got it but it's still workable just not as creamy.

I've never had any trouble with irritation except a few times in the past when I tightlined or lined my waterline and wasn't careful, getting some gel liner onto my contact lens which then irritated my eyes badly.

If this happens, simply use a clean finger and immediately tap the lens to remove the eyeliner, otherwise if it dries, you have to remove the lens and rub it off or throw it away if it won't come off.

To remove the gel liner on my eyelid I use L'oreal's make up remover for waterproof eye make up or any remover for waterproof eye make up will do. Just make sure to shake the bottle, apply onto a cotton and let it sit on your eyelid for a few seconds to soften up the eyeliner before wiping away.

Quick tip: If you're out and need to clean up smudged eyeliner on the lower lash/ below your eye...just apply some plain lipbalm or vaseline and wipe with tissue!

Even the most waterproof pencil eyeliner will come right off! I swear!

Brushes to use with gel eyeliner!

Brushes I use to apply gel eyeliner with...

Front view (BB, TFS, SF)
Side view (Bobbi brown, The Face Shop, Skin food )

Bobbi brown eyeliner brush (included in the Basic Brush Collection)

Most used, favorite brush, the rounded edge, medium size and tip edge makes it great for applying near the inner corners of eyes. The thin edge makes it easy to get a sharp line without the use of tape for winged eye liner.

The Face Shop flat eyeliner brush (approx. $10 SGD)

Small, short and angled this brush is good for creating a sharp edge without the use of tape, it's great for applying eyeliner to the lower waterline. The shape makes it difficult to apply eyeliner starting from the inner corners of the eyelid as it tends to smudge next to the bridge of my nose because of my small eyelids.

Skin Food eyeliner brush ($14- $16 SGD)

Very small, dense and with a rounded edge, this is good for tightlining and the lower water/lash line. It's okay for applying eyeliner on the upper lid, it's better for thin lines but will not give you a sharp line/wing.

 Kate gel eyeliner in BU-1

FOTD simply with light eyeshadow and Kate gel eyeliner in BR-1 and BK-1
Lower waterline lined with Kate gel eyeliner in BK-1 (black)
Winged eyeliner lined with Kate gel eyeliner in BR-1 (shimmery brown)

Paid: 2.5g for $20.90 SGD each/ $16.70 USD

(The second cheapest drugstore gel eyeliner until essence came along! Still a lot cheaper than MAC)

Recommend: Completely! Yes! To anyone interested in trying a gel eyeliner of good quality, tired of smudging waterproof pencils and tugging your rims everyday! Get a brush and this is good to go! If you don't have a brush I'd recommend Maybelline's gel eyeliner or look in the Japanese section in Watsons, their gel liners come with brushes!

Repurchase: Yes! Although, when I run out of black I'm going to try another brand!

Bottom Line: Great product, great price (pick up now with the 20% off at Watsons), great quality, it's really budge and waterproof and takes just a short time to master application! For us asian girls who love lining our small eyelids this is a great alternative to pencils that smudge, this goes no where until you want it off!

I'd give this product a 5/5!

Have you tried any Kate products? Pencil or gel eyeliner? What's your go-to eyeliner? 
Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. Gel liners are my favorite! I use the one from MAC because all the ones I've tried smudge (Maybelline). I still have plans to get the Kate one though :D

    1. Do get it! It's been nothing but fabulous!

  2. This sounds so nice! I'm really surprised by the size of the product. I agree with you though. It takes me a pretty long time to use up liners so it'd probably dry before I know it. <3 Thanks for the review!

    1. Hehe, they are lovely little pots. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I've never heard of this brand before. The gel liners looks great!

    1. I think it's only selling in Asia and online that's why. They are lovely! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. i hv always wanted to try it but wanted to wait till my MAC fluidline runs out. it looks great on u!!

    1. Haha...yes I've gotta this black one before I try another one...!

  5. I don't use gel liners as much as liquid ones anymore, but I have heard great things about the Kate ones. Bu-1 looks lovely on you!

    1. They can be a hassle with brush cleaning! BU-1 is beautiful! Took that photo in my school's bathroom! Wish I had a better pic! Thanks for visiting! :p

  6. Great review hun. I am only on the hunt for the next best gel eyeliner.
    Great blog by the way.
    My Blog:

  7. Great !! It looks like a nice product.

  8. Great review!!! Loved this post! I have Mac & maybelline gel liners and they are pretty good :)
    Do check out my blog!

  9. Love the thorough review, and made my decision to get it online!

    can't wait to try it :)

  10. thank you so much for the details on this eyeliner really helped with trying it out!




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