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Rave Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!

Super waterproof perfection! It shouldn't come as a surprise to most people that the majority of asian girls have thin, short lashes...they aren't even visible when you stand close to us and for the most of us with our variable eyelids, it's very difficult to find a mascara formula that makes our nothing lashes look good and stay looking good! I've got my holy grail in my waterproof fiber Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl mascara...and then this Super waterproof formula released and I had to try it!

Check out my review of (my holy grail mascara here) and keep in mind I didn't curl my lashes. This new 'super' waterproof formula does not have fibers and I curled my lashes for this review.

Continue below for the full rave review!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!

I really don't have too much to say about packaging when it comes to Japanese products. This is typical packaging for Japanese eyeliners and mascaras, it's quite bulky but super cutesy and I do love the new color scheme on the cardboard and how there's really good description on the back with all english over the all Japanese text. 

The actual mascara tube is quite a simple but eye catching thing. I love the super shiney slightly pink toned gunmetal cap and matching text. It's a lot sleeker than the regular waterproof line. It's good that they differientiated it with the packaging instead of just a label on the tube!

Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof! Comparison to the regular waterproof formula!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!
The brush of the Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Long & Curl waterproof mascara! My current holy grail mascara (my review here!)

Basically Kiss Me Heroine has two types of mascara from this line which is the Long & curl and the Volume & curl, the difference is the brush. Above is the Long version and below is the one I'm reviewing is the Volume. I personally have used both versions of the regular waterproof and they work the same although I prefer the curved wand.
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof! The brush is exactly the same shape as the regular waterproof formula!

Let's be honest...this mascara is FANTASTIC! This is meant to be the volumizing one and it really does EXACTLY what it promises to. The conical tapered wand shape plus the formula of the mascara equals to an evenly coated thickened super waterproof, curl holding and lengthened finish! The formula is the new "super waterproof" but to be honest I don't find it any different from the regular waterproof version. There is a big difference though on the regular waterpoof and super waterproof which is how the mascara performs when only less than a month old.

The regular waterproof formula looks amazing and performs great for me, but when it's a brand new tube up to a month old...I have to wipe off extra mascara from the wand onto the lip of the tube because the formula is very wet when it's new. This super waterproof formula although also very wet, works so well and doesn't clump up as much as the regular would. I still prefer wiping some mascara back onto the tube but I don't have to and that's the big difference.

Below is a photo of my lashes curled and then with one coat of the mascara...come one, it's just freaking amazing. For what I have to begin with, this to me is realistic and easy to accomplish. I don't want to wear false lashes everyday, or coat on fibers, or even wear a primer...I just need a great buildable waterproof mascara.

Wearing Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!
My bare lashes (uncurled) They are naturally curled but I will curl them at the base for more lash exposure! As you can see, they are so thin and pretty much invisible without mascara!
Wearing Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!
Wearing Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof!

The super waterproof volume & curl is more volumizing overall whereas the long & curl tends to be volumizing at the bottom half of my lashes and then the tips are much more defined and fluttery which I love.

To be honest, I cannot pick between the two. They are both super waterproof and I love both the effects and how amazing they look on my lashes. 

Wearing Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Long & Curl (normal waterproof) ! ( My review here!)

Let's be straight up here...I freaking love both the Long and Volume version from their normal waterproof line but I'm also in love with this new super waterproof fiber-less formula. I know that although I have 'asian lashes', not all of us will have my type of results. Your original lashes, shape and hood of your eyelid and also your mascara application technique all effect your results. 

Don't be frustrated if you don't have the same result, just keep on trying different ways of application and keep on searching for your holy grail!

Wearing Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof! Simply wearing some powder, blush and the mascara!
 Paid: $21.90 SGD or about $17 USD  (purchased at Sasa, also found at John Little)

(This is only $2-3 SGD more than maybelline/l'oreal mascaras here so I much rather buy Japanese mascaras)

Recommend: YES! If you have thin asian lashes like mine, this might be your answer! This formula like it's predecessor is quite wet when brand new, so removing extra mascara to the tube lip helps in application a lot!

Repurchase: YES, I have already bought the Long & curl of this super waterproof version! I hope it's just as good or better!

Bottom line:  My new and amazing super voluminous and waterproof mascara! I often try not to apply too thick of an eyeliner especially on the outer V so that my mascara work can be more visible but to be honest, a good coat of this on bare eyes or a simple wash of eyeshadow is the best way to show off your mascara-ed lashes! I highly recommend this new release!

Have you ever tried Kiss Me Heroine's mascaras?
Do you need a super waterproof formula?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wow the effect is great, but you have way better lashes than I do to begin with :-D
    I am still on the look for the perfect mascara, but I think I will have eyelash extension soon as I just can't be bother to apply mascara every single day for no result at all T.T

  2. i tried a version of this and it super lengthened my lashes for sure. they made them a little crunchy though so i don't know...

    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Woah, love the effect they have on your lashes! You are more blessed then me in the lash department, so I'm not sure how the results will fare for me... but it looks STUNNING on you! Great review, thanks for letting us know your thoughts!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  4. Ohh I like curvy style brushes for Mascara's too! ^ ^

  5. I can definitely see the difference :D I love long curl holding mascaras!
    Can we follow each other? xx

  6. It makes such a huge difference. I use the pen liquid Eyeliner from KMHM and I love it, too. It's time to try the mascara next :D

  7. I've tried them before and really like them, but I find I can't use them for too many days in a row. Waterproof formulas kill my lashes. Ahaha.

  8. Wowie what a difference :o no wonder you find it

  9. Oh I feel like this would be pretty similar to fairy drop mascara, I can't live without a waterproof formulation!

  10. I have monolid eyes. Which one do you prefer between Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Volume & Curl Super Waterproof and Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Long & Curl Super Waterproof for monolid eyes? Thank you :D

    1. Hi there! Both would be totally suitable. It's a matter of the shape of the brush and which you prefer as both formulas are the same. The formula of both tend to be more wet when you first purchase so you'd need to run off the excess product from the wand onto the rim of the tube before applying in light coats and letting them dry for a few seconds. This is best done with your head tilted back so the mascara won't get smudged onto your lid! I think the long & curl brush (c-shaped) would be best as it really gets all the lashes!

    2. Thank you so much for your advice ����

  11. If you ever go to Japan, stock up. It's 1000 yen so that's only 12 dollars NZ, and I'm assuming around 11ish dollars Singaporean.




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