Monday, 9 February 2015

Review: Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural!

Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder! For those who have followed my blog and especially my FOTDs you'd know that I always...ALWAYS set my base/foundation with a pressed powder or foundation powder. Some months ago I came across this very finely milled light feeling pressed powder from Canmake and decided on a whim to pick it up!

As someone who has always used heavy duty foundation powders to set my base as my skin is slightly oilier and I love a matte finish this seemed like a good lighter coverage pressed powder to try. I'm now so glad I picked this up as it performed so much better than I expected!

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Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural!
Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural!
Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural! Love the shiney pink gunmetal finish!

This powder comes in a super simple but pretty clam shell circular compact. It's a pretty gunmetal pink tone and there's a simple print on the compact which I think reflects the feminine, princess like designs of Canmake's products. You get 10 grams of powder product, a thin power puff and there's a round mirror on the inside of the cover.

At first this might look a bit cheap but if you feel the compact although it's nowhere as heavy as compact from Burberry there is a weight to it and it's definitely not flimsy at all. The mirror is totally useful for checking up on your face make up and I had no issues at all with the product while I was using it.

Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural!
Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural! This shade is pale flesh tone beige that's transparent when applied onto your face. There's a slight fine shimmer through the powder but it doesn't show up on the face.
My base naturally slightly dewy and not set with any powder yet.
Wearing my base set with Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural!


Initially I thought this product was a totally transparent light weight setting powder but after having used up the entire pan there's so much more about this powder! The color of this powder is a light beige tone, it leans a bit more pink in color but the color in the pan does not translate to the face. It is a brightening color that's almost transparent. 

The texture of this powder is super fine and siky. It applies like a dream, you don't need to use much to set your entire face and I love how this feels under the eyes and on the cheeks. I particularly loved using this on my cheeks as I used to suffer from some dryness around my mouth and my cheeks don't need a heavy powder with coverage in order for the foundation/blush to last.

On me, this powder does not change the color of my base below at all. Take note that there is a slight visible shimmer in the pan but on the face the slight shimmer is almost not visible at all. I would totally recommend this for those with fair to light-medium skintones and for those with slightly combination skin, normal or those who want a setting powder but have dry skin. This would last the whole day even though I was sweating and keeps my skin matte but not cakey or too heavy!

Wearing Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural!
Canmake Marshmallow Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Natural!
Paid: $20 SGD or about $14.80 USD (Purchased at Watsons)

Recommend: YES. This product performed amazingly on my slightly combination skin. I never thought that it would not only keep my skin matte but feel so comfortable, look so natural and last so long! Totally check this powder out!

Repurchase: Yes, I'd totally love to try more powders from Canmake. I'm keen on trying our their Marshmallow foundation powder next!

Bottom line: A very high quality translucent silky fine powder that sets your make up extremely well and looks fantastic the entire day. If you like a matte finish and need it to last through a hot day this powder is something you totally need to try!

What powder do you reach for when you set your face?
Have you tried face products from Canmake?
Let me know!

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  1. Oh wow! It looks so great! I don't use a lot of powders except for my Tarte Amazonian Clay Smooth Operator one, but this one looks pretty promising. I've gotten oilier lately because of weather changes :(

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  2. Ooo, I'd get this just for the packaging, haha. It's so cute! I've never used a powder though, so I wouldn't know what to do with this product x)

  3. The packaging is cute! It might be too pinky for some people but it is perfect for me xDD
    I also always set my base make up with powder because otherwise it will surely turn into oily mess in short time..
    Canmake is one brand I'd love to get to know more.. I have only tried their cream blushes until now and I love them ^^

  4. I was thinking of purchasing that for retouching. I like heavier coverage when it comes to my foundations but I always carry around a transparent powder for touch ups when my face gets shiny. It looks like a lovely product and this review convinced me to get one sometime soon. :D

  5. Hi Sharlynn,

    This product looks really great!!! It looks very light and natural on you. Great recommendation!


  6. What a cute name and lovely packaging! Your skin is flawless

  7. Love that canmake products are so affordable in Japan, will definitely look into this one! I like your description of gunmetal pink, it sounds so cool ^^. I tend to steer away from translucent powders as I like to have a bit of extra coverage, but you make this one sound so appealing :D

  8. super cute packaging and reasonably priced! Definitely going to have to hunt this product down!

  9. wow, you've hit pan! I love love LOVE Canmake products, haven't tried their compact powder yet, but I do have one of those cream foundation which comes in a similar packaging as this, lurrrve it ;) I have been, forever searching, for a powder that doesn't make me look cakey, last all through 8 hours of humid / air cond environment, do you think this would be the one? hahah I think I am at a stage where I need a break from finding out the perfect product for my skin and just try whatever that I can get my hands on hehe

  10. Oh my god that packaging is so PRETTY. Ok seriously, I need to go on the Canmake site and check out all the products they offer just to have a look at their other packaging!
    I know you said this powder doesn't affect the colour of your base, and it might be my screen or the lighting in the two shots, but I do see the overall skintone becoming lighter when the powder is applied. I've never tried a non-translucent powder before, but if Canmake is cruelty-free, I definitely need to check this powder out!

  11. Ooh I saw this awhile back on Canmake's official website and wanted to try it out, but I was a bit iffy about it having never tried Canmake's products before. It looks great on your skin though! I'll definitely put this into consideration once I finish using up my current pressed powder, which I really like! I've been using the Peripera Oil Capture Pact lately (I just reviewed it, actually!) and it works really well at keeping your skin matte for the day :D

  12. I love the pink metal packaging!
    The powder looks almost invisible on you which I guess is the idea! In humid weather like Asia I definitely see the need to set foundation with powder!

  13. I've been wanting to try Canmake's products because the packaging is so cute and it's a pretty affordable brand :) The powder here looks awesome! I might have to check it out :) Thanks for the review!

    Pastel Boulevard l Extravaganza K-Cosmetics Giveaway

  14. I need to go on the Canmake site and check out all the products they have. This powder looks almost invisible on your skin and I need a powder like this. Great review honey Kisses <3

  15. Canmake! <3
    The Marshmallow pact is amazing. I always carry it with me in my purse. Plus these compacts are gorgeous. I almost bought this one first, but maybe I will try it next!




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