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Haul/Reviews from Cherry Culture Spree: NYX products! (Photos, swatches!)

Several weeks back I participated in a CC or cherrry culture (website) spree through another blogger on blogspot. Her blog is called 'under-twenty20' and sells full sized authentic make up items that are not easily found in Singapore, most items are under $20 SGD (singapore dollars).

I think I have found a better site (faster/cheaper shipping) to order NYX to singapore! (although things look more expensive)

Ever since I began researching more types of drugstore make up brands besides those found here, I was very eager to try out NYX products. They are labelled as inexpensive, good quality and have a wide variety. Through a spree I got myself a bunch to things to try out and here they are! The items were also on offer with an additional 20% discount on top, so I saved a bomb!

Continue below for, swatches and short reviews!

Note: Please remember this takes time, energy and money to do, so please DO NOT use my photos/review as your own!

What I got/ Things featured:

  • 16 round lipsticks
  • 4 mega shine lip glosses
  • 2 trio eyeshadow palettes
  • 2 blush powders
  • 2 loose powders
Ahh! It wouldn't fit nicely into my basket!

Don't it just look fab? I've tested a bit of everything so far and all's well!

NYX Loose Face Powder

(UP $14 usd/15g)

Oil Free: No                                        SPF: Yes (SPF10) 
Fragrance: Yes (light sweet smell)     Drugstore: Yes                                   
Coverage: Sheer/light
Finish: Matte

Avalibility: Not easily in Singapore, entire line can be found at 'Smoochiezz' showroom @jurong east (Found at Ulta in US, through NYX cosmetics site,, (best for those in asia-pacific)

Here are the two side by side, the pink and yellow colors very obvious although they both give a very natural finish.

SPF is on the cover, it comes with a furry puff and the sifter is sealed.

Japanese on the back surprisingly, turns out NYX is now being made in S.Korea and Taiwan. So how come Singapore no have, ah? You catch my drift fellow s'poreans?
How I use it:

I bought two shades for myself in soft beige (pink undertone) and light beige (yellow undertone). I had no swatches to look at when I chose them but they look a lot like the color shown on Soft beige has a pink cast and light beige a yellow. My skin is cool and I've used them depending on how I want my skin to look.

Pink=glowing bright look (clearer skin)     Yellow=coverage due to redness (blemished skin)

I'm very sure fair/lighter skin tones can get away with most of their light-medium powders as it seems they have sheer coverage. It's a good setting powder, I use it over my BB creams and sun blocks.

Bottom line: Finely milled, nicely packaged, SPF, Sheer/light coverage I like this quite a bit as it hasn't broke me out and I can transfer the powder to smaller sifter jars to bring around.

Downsides: However it's main ingredient is talc, I would have prefer mica as a 'better' mineral ingredient.

Repurchase: No, I'm trying to use less talc products on my face and want to try mineral foundations from

Product: 4/5          Packaging: 4/5

NYX Powder Blush

I'd seen so much about their blushes, I'd originally wanted to get 6 different ones but changed my mind! I picked out Mocha and Taupe for blushing (hehe) and contouring! Visit 'Karla Sugar' for very good swatches to see all the powdered blushes!

(UP $6 usd/6.4g)

Oil Free: No                          SPF: no
Fragrance: no                       Drugstore: Yes                        
Finish: both are matte 

Avalibility: Not easily in Singapore, entire line can be found at 'Smoochiezz' showroom @jurong east (Found at Ulta in US, through NYX cosmetics site,, (best for those in asia-pacific)

Oo la pretty...simple black packaging like everything else!

The switch over from manufacturer is obvious...made in Taiwan now, I believe Taupe was made in China.

Interesting raised pyramid like shapes...

These are just light swatches of both colors, they are sooo pigmented...I just love Mocha to death...
How I use it:

I use the blush like any other blush, using my angled contouring brush I apply this onto the tops of my cheeks and blend up to the hairline. Using the same brush I apply contour below my cheek bone and blend out to get the 'slimmer' face look. Taupe would also work as a nose contouring shade I believe, I would also considering using Mocha as an eyeshadow for a pop or flirty color.

Bottom Line: Richly pigmented, small convenient size this blush is a 'go to' product, I'd recommend everyone of any skin shade to try out NYX powder blushes, they have so many colors to suit fairer and much darker colors than I am. 
Downsides: There is no mirror so you'd need a compact or small mirror to apply this when you go out.

Repurchase: Yes! Eyeing the pinks!

Product: 5/5!              Packaging: 4/5

NYX Trio Eyeshadow  Palette
(UP $ 8usd/4.6g)

Oil Free: No                                    SPF: no 
Fragrance: no                                 Drugstore: Yes                                           
Finish: shimmer/metallic/satin

Avalibility: Not easily in Singapore, entire line can be found at 'Smoochiezz' showroom @jurong east (Found at Ulta in US, through NYX cosmetics site,, (best for those in asia-pacific)

I was very tempted to get more but unfortunately did not! I got Hippie Chic (white/turquoise blue/lilac) and Golden/Rust/Walnut bronze I've tried a few simple looks with these are the eyeshadows are fab! I will never again buy from l'oreal/maybelline/revlon at $20+ a palette! The finishes are lovely and the pigmentation rich.

NYX eyeshadow trio in: Golden / Walnut Bronze / Rust & Hippie Chich

Comes with a double-ended sponge application and has a nice mirror on the top... Hippie chic on left, Golden/Rust/walnut bronze on the right!

In natural light/sans stronger yellow cast...

In natural light...avec strong yellow cast...

Hippie Chic in natural light...the white is very pigmented, even more so than the light lilac color.

An angle to see the's frosty icing sort of color, very pleasant...

How I use it:

I use both make up brushes and sponge tip applicators as both work very well. I mostly use 1-3 colors at a time, for simple eye looks. The colors have been coordinated very well, so I do recommend using colors from the same palette together. I wouldn't use these shadows anywhere else...unless you want to highlight the cupid's bow with a hint of color.

I did come across a default on these palettes or at least...the ones made in China! Take a look!

I noticed one of the palettes refused to close properly...or stay closed and this is what I found...

The one made in Korea has a nice rectangular stopper that 'clicks' the lid into place and holds it close tightly...

The one made in china is like a triangular prism that barely holds the lid shut and cannot keep the lid from opening if I shake the palette with some force...NOT GOOD! -__-

Bottom Line: Rich, smooth color, the shadows coordinate very well, slim compact for carrying around and storing, I will definitely be getting more when I can!

Downside: Trios made in China cannot stay shut properly! Check it out before buying in person if you can!

Repurchase: Yes! But not the china made compacts!

Product: 5/5           Packaging: 5/5!

NYX Megashine Lipgloss

(UP $ 5.50usd/15ml)

Oil Free: No                                              SPF: no
Fragrance/flavor: yes (peppermin           Drugstore: Yes                                       
Finish: super glossy/non-sticky/non-shimmer/shimmer

Avalibility: Not easily in Singapore, entire line can be found at 'Smoochiezz' showroom @jurong east (Found at Ulta in US, through NYX cosmetics site,, (best for those in asia-pacific)

Another things I was dying to try! I really wish I'd gotten more of these! They are so wearable! Love the slight peppermint smell/taste even though I don't like peppermint (freaky eh?) I didn't get any of the shimmers but the colors are true to what they claim to be...Smokey Look is a pink-brown nude w/shimmer, Juicy red a sheer scarlet and clear...well it's clear!

Smokey Look, Clear, Juicy Red...

Lovely bent wand for easy and precise application...puts on just the right amount!

It says 11ml, but I converted the oz to about 15ml...

Top to bottom: clear, juicy red, smokey look...these are single swipes...aren't they just so pigmented? And Glossy!!

Very cute packaging...almost didn't see the little ribbon!

Bottom Line: Pigmented, smooth and very glossy/shiney color! I'd definitely be bringing these around on a normal day as my secret weapon!

Downside: None for this product, except for the flavoring/scent...the peppermint smell is mild, not intoxicating but you can feel a bit of a tingle on the lips at first.

Repurchase: Yes! Show me the colors!

Product: 5/5           Packaging: 5/5!

 The NYX round lipsticks will be reviewed separately! I also will be doing looks with the products! Thanks for stopping by!

"Will I purchase more items from

Yes! She promptly answers questions and handles transactions very well. I will be going after the Sleek palettes on her page next!"

Feel free to leave me comments or questions!


  1. OMG! I love smoochiezz!! Her warehouse is very near my office actually so sometimes I'll bring my colleagues along for a lunchtime cosmetics spreeeeee! wheee!
    That's a HUGE HAUL you've got there. I love NYX lipglosses. I have Smokey Look too, but my favorite is Beige. It's a lovely pink. You should try it some day! =)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    Omg, lucky lucky! I live near ang mo not so close not but so far...I've yet to visit her showroom! But I know I'll go crazy there!

    I wouldn't call it 'HUGE' hehe, big...most of the lippies are for my mom...she's 'lipstick woman'. I will check out beige when I go! I have to, the lipglosses are amazing! thanks for stopping by!

  4. ME love NYX too!! After my first pearl mania loose shadow I got hooked! Last year I involved in their bundle sale and my bf got me the 51 round lipsticks! I dont think I'll be needing any lipsticks soon :P I am trying my first blush and mega shine lipgloss soon. Can't wait!


  5. @a!k0

    Whoa! That's a lot of lipstick! Oh well...hehe, yep NYX is addictive, great quality, price, can't ask for more. The blushes and glosses are amazing, go for it!




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