Friday, 9 November 2012

Things to Trash: October empties...and a few pick ups!

Finished finally! That's what I think when I finish products after so long! I actually have been going through shampoos and conditioners way too fast because my hairs long right now. 

Besides finishing a bunch of things and repurchasing those that have worked well, I had to pick up a bunch of small toilettery items for my short trip to Bintan beach resort which was last week!

Continue below for a look at my empties and last minute pick ups!

Empties for the month of October: Diaso brush cleaner, vichy toner (review here!), Johnson baby milk wash, Tresemme anti breakage shampoo, Dove straight &silky shampoo, l'oreal perfect clean scrub
The Tresemme shampoo was not good for my thick dry ended hair...too drying overall. I ended up using it to wash brushes. Dove never fails to please however I'm a Pantene addict at the moment!
The scrubs great for long lasting foundation, the baby milk was to clean make up brushes!
Vichy normaderm toner (nothing but just another alcohol free toner) Diaso brush detergent, amazing at getting rid of all bits of foundation/make up in brushes!
This huge tube lasted me more than 5 months. Great at zapping oil bumps and zits, so much better than using a useless 3 or 5 step routine.
Vaseline aloe moisturizer, it's very light and smells lovely. Pantene total damage conditioner, smells amazing for hours!
Polishes that have dried up/used up. My favorite peachy shimmer nude from Sally Hansen! Oh, I'm soo sad!
My holy grail eye make up remover, if only it came in a bigger size. The deo I've been using for months now, smells like super sweet flowers!
A dark brown liquid eyeliner I got free with purchases from the Bourjois counter in Cambodia! I find the formula too thin although the color is solid. I can't stand the applicator either!

Toiletry bits!

Picked up a bunch of goodies to bring for my beach trip to Bintan! Empty containers, lipbalms, hairbands and had the chance to get some gel liner pencils from Clio!
Gelpresso eye pencils by Clio in shades 8 and 4, a shimmery navy blue and rich brown! I love these, so pigmented and long lasting, they are amazing! Review to come!
Empty squeezey bottles and cream tubes for skincare for holiday!

I love finishing up products, that and picking up the ones that I find worth repurchasing. I can't wait to review those eyeliners because they are pretty amazing.

Do you put products into smaller bottles for trips? 
What are you essential travel products?
 I must have my shampoo and make up remover!

Stay tuned for more reviews and photos from my short holiday!


  1. hey Sharlynn, nice post i ma also using the same Vichy toner!!

    1. Haha, great! It's okay I think but didn't too anything special for me! it's expensive! Hope it works for you!

  2. You sure use a lot of stuff for brush cleaners!!:p That's good you used up so many products!
    I know what you mean about the eye makeup remover... i like that too. Wish it came in a bigger size!

    1. Absolutely love cleaning brushes for some reason, and it's great for using up product!

  3. i have heard so many great reviews on the clio gel liners! I am so going to get some of those too! I wanted to try the daiso detergent but sadly this was not available in our daiso here T___T~

    1. That's funny, I haven't actually! Although I'm very happy I've got them! They are pretty fantastic! Oh no, much search! or get someone to send you some!

  4. I love to finish products too. I used to have heaps of those 'Rainbow' nail polish!!! So cheap and so good.

    1. That's great, I haven't gotten around to picking up more of them! They have a huge range of colors but I don't think I'll finish the amounts in those bottles so quickly!

  5. Nice haul!

    Talking about empties, I want to finish my current shampoo so I can find something better. My ends are really horrible :(

    1. Thanks, that's the thing with long hair! Dry dry tips!




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