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Rave Review: Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in 101 Crystal Rose! (Limited Edition)

Bronzing Blush! This was gifted to me in a beauty swap I did with Pam from Jade in the Palace beauty blog a few months ago! I did not ask for this particular item (nor neither for all the goodies and samples she included) but I believe due to Pam knowing my taste in blush shades and asking for products from Kiko she picked up this beautiful Limited Edition blush!

Check out the beauty swap I did most recently with (Pam here)! Link to her blog here!

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Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in 101 Crystal Rose (Limited Edition)


Received in a firm plastic and cardboard blend box, its a pink color with texture and embossing of a  flower like pattern. The product comes in a slightly bulky clam shell packaging but it's soo beautiful! it's plastic but has a matching pattern to the box front. The color is a frosted rose gold bronze. The back of the blush is extremely well labelled  and you get a very generous 8.5g of product! There's a nice mirror on the inside of the lid and overall there's no downside to the packaging except for it being a tad bit big.

Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in 101 Crystal Rose (Limited Edition)

Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in 101 Crystal Rose (Limited Edition)
I don't know where to start because I love this blush so much! When I first opened it I immediately thought, "Oh my god, these are three perfect shades of rose that I always wear!". If the blush was just the mid-tone rose shade out of the three, I also would've been blown away but add the warm terracotta and the lighter pink and you've got something I call my holy grail.

Zooming into the product itself, the blush is baked but yet is super fine in texture, all three shades have a satin finish. Not matte but not shimmer, just a smooth sheen! They are pigmented and very complementary to each other and also can be worn by themselves very nicely.

Swatches of Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in 101 Crystal Rose (Limited Edition)
I am a huge fan of rosy shades, anything that resembles a dusty, rosy color I will like and will want to buy...even though, almost ALL of my blushes are of a similar color I just can't get enough and won't stop being attracted to rosy blush shades. When I first opened this and loved it and used it and then showed it to my boyfriend and asked him what he thought he said, "It looks like another shade of what you already have." That's exactly the case but I love it anyway. This is a perfect trio and I can customize the color anytime for my use!

I would usually mix the mid tone rose and the warm terracotta together for my cheeks and then brush onto the light pink separately and dust it along my cheekbones for a highlight!

These shades blend so easily and so well on the cheeks, blush always turns out perfect looking with this trio! Lastly, this blush is exactly what the name says, "Sun Bronzing", the warmth in these shades really give your skin that bronzed kissed flushed look which is great on anyone! You look blushed, contoured and healthy at the same time!

 Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in 101 Crystal Rose! All three shades mixed together, give you a beautiful rose toned warm natural brown shade.

Wearing Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in 101 Crystal Rose (Limited Edition)
 Check out my full make up look here!
Paid: This was gifted to me in a swap! (retail price £13.90 or about $22.70 USD or $28.40 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! If you are a fan of rosey tones, baked blushes, wearable customizable shades, something special this would be a beautiful and so easy to wear piece in your collection! However it was limited edition as part of their Summer Collection so it might be hard to find now!

Repurchase: Yes! In terms of quality, this was limited edition so I likely won't ever buy this again but it doesn't make me sad because this is going to last a while!

Bottom line: Fantastic product, silky smooth, blendable, pigmented, customizable, my favorite type of blush shade and very well done packaging! I find nothing bad about this product and hope those who have picked it up love and use it as much as I will!

Have you got anything from Kiko that you love?
Like the shades in this blush?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. the packaging is so pretty!! plus the shades are simply gorgeous too!! loving them ^_~

  2. the color is so pretty ! i love it :) and it looks so cute on you !! would you like to follow each other doll :) xx

  3. wow the packaging is gorgeous! I love how it looks when you mixed the colors together. I would totally buy if it was available here.

  4. oooh it looks sooooo good on you!! I knew you'd like it when I first saw it because the color is just so you :-)
    Kiko has amazing products, they are so good, pigmented and affordable ^^

  5. This product looks amazing on your cheeks!!! *_* Why is your skin is flawless?

  6. Glad you are happy with this blush c: And
    extra nice that you received it as a gift! Xx

  7. Looks flipping amazing on you!! I'm like rosey! Idk how you get your eyeliner like that but it's gorgeous!

  8. beautiful color on you! kiko is another european brand i'd love to put my hands on, but it's not quite easy to acquire them. love the packaging, too. :)

  9. Amazing bronzer <3 Love that shade <3

  10. OMG! That looks SO nice on your skin colour! xx :)

  11. (LOLL men always think all blushes look the same though)
    I really like the middle shade + how the shades look when blended together! Looks gorgeous on you! c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things




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