Monday, 5 November 2012

Haul for Fall! (collective of polishes, blushes, skin care, clothes!)

Happy November everyone! I just got back a few days ago from a short trip to the beach resort in Bintan Island Indonesia! It was fantastics! Photos coming soon!

This is a collective haul for the 'fall' time of this year. I picked up these goodies in the last 2 months. Besides these I've also been splurging a bit at la Senza, they carry the best basic to luxury bras and panties and all the sexy stuff!

I picked up somethings from Diaso and am finally showing some shoes I got a long time ago. Most of all I'm excited to show some Charles & Keith stuff I got with my mom. No more shopping for unnecessary things until New Years!

Continue below for the haul!
Watsons & Etude House: Biore face wash, Canmake blush, Bourjois blush in 'Santal', Essence polish, Baby lips balm, tweezers, Etude House nail polishes in pinks and a trio gradient nail set in turqoise. An ankle guard for my injured left ankle!

Haul from Diaso Japan $2 shop: Spiky false lashes for tutorias, a 12 pack of sponges for my compact that fit perfectly, brush cleaning liquid, silicone scrubber (has tiny rubber knobs), pack of jewels for eye looks!
Shoes from a Malaysian brand called 'DMK', I've gotten sandals from them a year ago and I still wear them! I love how their shoes are so simple and easy to wear. The nude shoes are a matte/glossy finish and the heeled booties are great but need to be worn with socks!
Boxers and the plaid shirt for my boyfriend (I love dressing him up), The striped chiffon shirt and dress are from Forever 21, they are so versatile and easy to wear, my first pair of really durable jean shorts from Aeropostale (love the design and wash)
New look: A long sleeved dress with studded cuffs for my mom, acid washed stretch jeans, flared mini skirt. The star wars shirt is from Forever 21.

An amazing pair of heeled wedge boots! So comfy and fun to wear, a taupe sling bag and my mom's new bag, a black shoulder with lots of pockets!
All three tops are from New look, my favorite place for clothes in the last 6 months, the white and black shirts fit so well, shows off my curves but yet hides tummy bumps, however I had to size up because of my chest and therefore need to roll the sleeves up once.

Returned from a 3 night, 4 day trip to Bintan island Indonesia with my mom and boyfriend. It was amazing, beautiful, the beach was wonderful to spend time on. 

I ate so much, we all got really burnt and it was so nice to have 4 entire days with my loved one. Will be posting photos from my trip sometime soon.

My ideal place for vacations or shorts breaks are shopping/eating trips in cities or beach/mountain type places. I don't think I'll be having too many vacations in the next year, much like last year but I hope to try to arrange trips when possible.

I'm back very tanned, still a bit burnt but very pleased. Who doesn't like a short trip away?

What have you picked up for the 'fall'? 
Missing the brights from summer collections?
What's your ideal week getaway? 

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow you always have great haul!! I am so jealous that you have the access to cute asian brands! T__T
    and also to yummy asian food!! lol

    1. Aww, thanks....but I gotta cut down, no more major clothes hauls or make up bits! Too much spending! Yes, asian foods ftw! :)

  2. great hauls! the daiso silicone scrubber is nice! I've tried them before and it feels so nice on skin =)

    1. I do like these type of scrubbers! But I wish the scrubber bits were longer! Great for face and arm exfoliation!

  3. These all seem *incredible!* Super jealous of your haul :D

    1. Great stuff, I agree! Just wish sometimes I could help others out with their shopping! ^^ Thanks for stopping by!




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