Monday, 12 November 2012

Fancy Chinese lunch with the family at Taste Paradise (FOTD)

There was nothing left! The food I mean! Grandma offered to take us out to lunch at a higher end chinese restaurant called "Taste Paradise", they have outlets in several countries in Asia. We went to the outlet in Ion Orchard. The prices for dim sum were a few more dollars than regular at $5-7 Sgd a portion.

Note: I previous published this post with the name "Din tai fung", that was the wrong restaurant.
  Continue below for the delicious food and my FOTD!

Delicious chinese dim sum from Din Tai Fung restaurant!

Sweet spicy chilli made with fresh and dried chilli
The very fancy looking golden and rich cloth interior of the restaurant, it's very cozy and rich in feeling.
Water chestnut drink
Shark's fin soup in a hot stone pot
Eaten very rarely, I have no qualms eating sharks fin on occasion. I do enjoy it when the stock is rich and thick.
Fried raddish cake, amazingly well done. The chunky bits are the raddish cake, crispy on the outside, soft and chewy, the seasoning for the entire dish was extremely well done. Not too greasy.
Cheong fan or rice rolls with shrimp inside and light soya sauce. So yum, one of my favorites.
Shrimp balls coated in almond flakes with fish roe mayo on top. I love the creative touch and combination of ingredients. They look great and tasted so good!

My favorite Xiao long bao dumplings with pork filling. These had amazing skin but I prefer the sweeter meat filling at Crystal Jade restaurant instead.
Har kao (don't think the ping ying is right) It's shrimp dumplings with transparent skin. The shrimp was so bouncy and yummy.
Steamed chicken feet or "pheonix claws" in black bean sauce.
Pan fried on the bottom "Shanghai dumplings", they have a bun like outside with a yummy pork filling.
Char siu bao, steamed pork buns! These were soft, fluffy and very tasty. Especially since I don't really enjoy the bun part I ate all of it!
Crispy pork belly. The cut of meat was magical. So evenly crisp and the meat just melted in the mouth. I'd love a much bigger size though!
Fried crispy fish skin with spring onions, garlic and chilli! It was so yummy!
Dinner at Men ichi ramen restaurant with my mom!
Sweet pickled vegetable, so yummy!
I had a curry ramen with pork slices.
Mom had a spicy chilli oil ramen!
And a plate of sashimi my mom loves!
My easy but beautifully glowing look for lunch out! I love being polished when going out!
Peachy pink champagne shadow on my lids with a mid-brown on the outer corners
My holy grail eyeliner and mascara...eyeliner from Peripera (my review here!) and the mascara (my review here!)
I used the blush, the bottom shade and second from top (dark brown).
This is an old travel palette from lancome, they've included this last shadow (peach pink) and the same blush in this palette and the newer one which I've reviewed (check out here!) I really want to get both of them.
The blush is called "Rose Sable" 02 from lancome. It's a dusty rose shade with the finest shimmer! Applies like a dream and looks so good!

I love chinese food, especially dim sum and other small pastries. We have such a wide variety, I will never tire of asian delights!

Are you a fan of dim sum? 
Any favorites? 
let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. everything looks sooo yum <3 Love your FOTD too :)

  2. We have one in Seattle too. Actually, it's in Bellevue, a posh neighborhood outside of Seattle. It's super high end. I think the food is actually so-so.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  3. Oh you are torturing me now! T__T
    I LOVE din tai fung so bad!! and dimsum is my alltime fave food, esp grilled pork belly, I can eat that the rest of my life. lol
    Your FOTD is so beautiful! I love the blush!

    1. Dim sum will always be high on my list! It's not din tai fung actually, I realized it was at 'Taste paradise'! Aw, thanks, I love blush nowadays! :)




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