Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Home baked goodie: Rainbow cuppie cakes!

Rainbow cuppie cake goodness! Oh how I am obsessed with anything rainbow! I only wish to make a rainbow cake next to satisfy my rainbow looking cake fetish! Hehehe

I decided one night two months back to make rainbow cupcakes after buying silicone cupcake holders from the Diaso 2 dollar store with my boyfriend! 

Continue below for the making of these yummies!  
How to make...rainbow cupcakes!
Ingredients: (cheating with cake mix!) Betty Crocker cake mix, silicone cup cake holders, measuring spoons, color icing gel, icing sugar (for frosting)
Four colors of gel, just dip of the tip of a toothpick is enough for a pastel shade

Everything laid out on the table
Different bowls for different colors!

Top the rainbow layers off with the uncolored batter!
Adding color layer by layer...

Frosting! However I made too much and it was too sweet!
When they were finished and out of the oven for cooling!
Plain purple and pink!
Fun yellow, turquoise and pink!
A cute cuppie cake for my beautiful boyfriend. It was a few months after his actual birthday but I didn't get to celebrate with any cake for him so this was my mini birthday cake.

Are you also fascinated by rainbow baked treats? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. oh I have never tried rainbow cake before!! yours look sweet and yummy.. I am such a sweet tooth ;)
    oh and happy belated birthday to your bf!


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