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Review: Majolica Majorca eyeshadow trio in BR355! (swatches + look)

Everyday shimmery browns! If you're familiar with Majolica Majorca's shadows, you know they are all shimmery! I love how they're trios and quads are well matched and pigmented. Very smooth and very shimmery!

The last time I went to watsons and hauled for my birthday month of August I picked this up. (Check out my haul here!) There was a smokier brown trio but I got this warmer bronzey trio. There was a beauty warm and smokey brown quad but that was limited and it was sold out!

Continue below for the review, swatches and look! 
Majolica Majorca 'Majolook' eyeshadow trio in BR355!
Majolica Majorca 'Majolook' eyeshadow trio in BR355!
Majolica Majorca 'Majolook' eyeshadow trio in BR355!
Absolutely adore the detail design on the cream base! So pretty!


Although packaged in plastic, the packaging is far from weak. It's very solid, sturdy and snaps shut very snuggly, I don't see this coming apart or accidently opening when knocked over. It comes with a very nicely designed clear cover which lets you see the shades inside.

Some may find the design a bit much but I think it fits the look of the brand. I also really like the applicator included, it can be very useful.

Swatches from Majolica Majorca 'Majolook' eyeshadow trio in BR355!


For the most part this product is fabulous. The consistency of all three shadows are equally smooth, pigmented and shimmery. I love shimmer and the warm golden sheen they have. Espescially in the mid tone and dark brown the golden shimmer through the browns add so much warmth and they look great on yellow toned skin.

All three shades are very pigmented and the highlight shade really does make a great under brow and inner corner touch although there are slightly larger bits of gold shimmer in the lightest shade.

These apply very well without a base on the eyelids but with some sort of base, these definitely come off as completely metallic and opaque. 

The only downside to this is the cream base. On the swatches it seems to be a white cream base but in actual person this white cream base has lots of gold flecks of shimmer that just get in the way on the lids. I don't want obvious gold flecks of glitter under my brow bone! Or in the inner corners of my eyes.

I don't know why it didn't show on camera but I can assure you that the gold flecks of shimmer in the base are too big for most peoples liking to be used all over the eye lid.

Swatches: The cream base, light champagne, bronze and chocolate brown

I used all parts of the product, the cream base, the lightest shade under the brow and inner corner, the medium bronze on the center of the lids and the darkest on the outer corner!
They are so much deeper, darker and vibrant in person! They look so washed out in these photos!
Great for a bright eyed glow, use one, two or all three shades!
Oh and I picked up another quad at the same time with a pretty pink scheme! Stay tuned for the review and look for that!

Paid: $24.90 SGD
($20.35 USD)

Recommend: If you're like me and love shimmery, smooth easy to wear shades. This is the way to go! These trios and quads are totally worth every cent with the exception of the base with I won't really touch.

Repurchase: In another color, of course! These aren't your barely there pigmented 'color' shadows like from Kate or some other asian brands.

Bottom line: Pigmented, shimmery and very wearable and portable, these make great for go to palettes first thing in the morning. I think these would be a great gift too for ladies who love cute looking make up.

Have you tried Majolica Majorca products? 
Fan of golden brown shadow? 
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. This quad looks so so pretty! I'm loving the neutral shades! :)

    1. It is , it really is! It's much darker and vibrant on the eyes in person!

  2. Wow really cute pallete sweetie that have wonderful color your makeup is really cute!


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

    1. Thanks! I like wearable things, although I love looking at crazy looks!

  3. I love majolica majorca!! one of my fave asian brand, even though I have to admit, mainly for the packaging! lol
    the quad looks wearable.. interesting how they put a cream base there.. too bad it doesn't work for you.. I also dont like big glitter flecks, they tend to crease a lot. >.<

    1. Great to hear! I love their stuff, I want to try their mascara sometime but I'm so in love with my HG. The cream base is a great idea but under the top layer, it's so full of chunky glitter!

  4. they look really pigmented!! love the gold!

    1. They really are! I just wish they showed up deeper on my eyes as they actual are!

  5. I like MM palettes. Love their creamy texture and the ease of blending. I agree that they are pretty shimmery!

    1. They do have a lovely texture, great to know you like their shimmer quality too! ^^

  6. wow,i love how it blend in to your eyes, nice post anyway!!

    new here to your blog,mind if you follow back?tnx.^_^

    just me,

  7. I love shimmery eyeshadows and these palette are really pretty! I would definitely try these out! thanks for sharing =)

    1. yay! Shimmer fans! Glad to know you love shimmer too! Do check them out!

  8. Oh the colours look really good on you, pretty lady!




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