Monday, 12 November 2012

7 Bright eyes looks and shimmery pink cheeks!

It's not very me to have dark lips and eyes which has been the fall trend! That and I haven't gotten around to experimenting much with make up which makes me a bit sad. Oh well, I will get around to it sometime!

Here are a bunch of bright, wide eyed looks, mostly neutrals with shimmery pink pops of blush on my cheeks. To get my signature pink cheek, I use rosey shades by Bourjois or Canmake. Both blushes are very pigmented and have a very fine texture!

Continue below to see my array of looks!

A bunch of bright wide eyed looks with pink shimmery cheeks

Bright eyes look 1~!

A light and medium brown with lots of highlight~!

Easy on the eyes and with any outfit!

Bright eyes look 2~!

The easiest of all, a sweep of highlight all over the lid and a slick of eyeliner and some mascara!
The minimalistic use of eye make up allow the lashes to be the focal point on the eyes!

Bright eyes look 3~!

A thick line of bright cobalt blue liner on top of my normal black liner!

Bright eyes look 4~!

A light shimmery brown eye and a pink juicy lip!

Revlon lip butter in berry smoothie!

Bright eyes look 5~!

Bronzey pink and brown eye with a pink lip and cheek!

Bright eyes look 6~!

Using my Kate gradient quad palette with taupe brown shades!
A nice taupe grayish brown eye which with highlighting can really add depth to the eyes!

Bright eyes look 7~!

A pink peach eye!

Paired together with a beautiful blush from Bourjois in 'Rose de Japse'
Just love the glow the blush gives to my cheeks!
Products used: Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 53, Za powder in shade 22, theBalm shadow in lucious lani, eyeshadow duo by sheene, Bourjois blush in rose de jaspe, kiss me heroine mascara and peripera eyeliner!
Two of the things I wear a lot, my new pink swatch watch and my custom silver chain bracelet I got in cambodia.
A quick bronzey eye using theBalm shadow and a nice bunch of blush on my cheeks! My neck and chest area have been tanned from my beach trip!
My hair at the moment is very long, this is it twist up using one large hair clip on my head.
My outfit when going out with my boyfriend's family for lunch. The sheer top was from topshop I picked up on clearance last year, the shorts are from New look!

I really want to do some looks with strong lips as I do have a bunch of darker lippies! Almost doing more layered smokey eye looks would be something I must get around on!

Hope you've enjoyed my looks and my outfit! 

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. you look very pretty girl like a lovely doll. Hugs and kisses.

    1. Hehe, thanks Rakhshanda! You also look amazing with your dramatic eye make up! ^^

  2. the 3rd look with blue eye liner is my fave!! I wish I could pull off colorful eye liner too..
    I think you'd look lovely on red or vampy lips,Jia Lin!

    1. I loved the blue on my eyes too! It's so fun and easy, I know I'll like bright pink lips but I haven't the chance to do so! I don't want lipstick all over my boyfriends face either! :)

  3. im loving all the looks, very pretty ^_~

    1. Thanks, I like going 'pretty' and 'polished' looks! :)

  4. i love #3! the blue liner gives a pop of color to your eyes and nice outfit too :D

    1. Aw, thanks, I'll be doing more slicks of color, it's easy and wearable! Thanks! ^^

  5. Oooh, I love the blush you're wearing in the third and second last pics. Your skin looks flawless as well :) My favs are the blue eyeliner (such a gorgeous colour) and the brown shadow with the juicy pink pout! :)

    1. Haha, thanks, I love blush, I never thought I'd love blush as much as I do. It's canmake and bourjois I'm going between! Thanks, skins been doing well. Just not too much foundation and some powder! :)

  6. Beautiful look! Love Revlon's Berry Smoothie and your lashes look amazing :)

    1. Aw, thanks! I love the shade on the lips, so fresh! Thanks, it's my holy grail mascara! I don't even have to curl them!

  7. wow !!!! Beautifull make up !!!amazing lines and a beautiful blush :) Thank you for odiwedziny dear: *

    1. Thanks, I love strong blush but don't do very creative color make up! haha

  8. Nr 3 and 5 are my favorite ;-)
    You look gorgeous!

    1. I love the colored liner too! I'd be doing more like that, it' so fun and easy!^^




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