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Rave reivew: Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (01 pearly white, 05 rosy brown, 10 emerald green, 15 lilac)

Longlasting Stick Shadows for you? I had only discovered cream stick eyeshadow about two years ago. A good cream stick eyeshadow is creamy, pigmented, blends out easily and is super waterproof so it can be worn on its own or as a base. 

I had seen that Kiko has a beautifully large colorful range of these stick cream shadows and as part of a large beauty swap I asked for these four shades! Check out my swap with Pam from Jade in the Palace here!

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Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (01 pearly white, 05 rosy brown, 10 emerald green, 15 lilac)


All black and matte! I am a big fan of all the packaging of Kiko make up products! The box packaging is black and white and very detailed in the name of the product and the labeling on the bottoms of each box. 

The actual product packaging is a matte black plastic with full labeling of the number of each color. The caps snap shut and the product twist up like a retractable pencil. What I really love was the colored bottoms of each stick, it matches the color of the product inside!

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (01 pearly white, 05 rosy brown, 10 emerald green, 15 lilac)
Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (01 pearly white, 05 rosy brown, 10 emerald green, 15 lilac)


These stick eyeshadows are simply out of this world. They are so pigmented and the textures are creamy and smooth. These apply super evenly and are pigmented with one good swipe. These all have a beautiful fine shimmery/metallic finish and these are perfect as shadows on their own or as a great base. These shadows dry down to a waterproof dry non-smudging finish when left to dry after application.

I had asked Pam to help me pick up these four shades! On there are over 30 shades selling that are listed but in terms of the numbered system the last number is 44 so I think the full line has that many shades! Kiko really has such a big range of colors in this line and all of the swatches that I've seen are beautiful and seem to all be loved.

I personally use these as bases for looks, although they are super waterproof and can be worn on their own! All four shades I have here perform the same and the formula is all consistent and with a blending brush these just blend out to nothingness perfectly. I own 15 Lilac which is a lilac toned light pink, 10 emerald green a very deep beautiful royal green, 05 rosy brown a mid toned golden brown and 01 pearly white a super frosty looking white!

Swatches of Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (15 lilac, 10 emerald green, 05 rosy brown, 01 pearly white)
Paid: Gifted to me in a swap! ( £ 6.90 on

Recommend: Yes! The quality of these stick eyeshadows are so great, creamy, pigmented, great to use alone or as a base! The color selection is also so large and they are so easy to use!

Repurchase: YES! I totally would love more stick eyeshadows! They are so compact and such a great way to bring shadows while traveling! I would love to own more of these!

Bottom line: Super high quality and beautiful colors and my favorite type of finish! I really would pick up more shades if I had access to Kiko! Go out and get some!

Do you own or use any stick cream eyeshadows?
Tried make up from Kiko before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Oh my God, these are such pretty stick shadows, all shades are soooo gorgeous especially loved the emerald green. Can't wait to see them on your lovely eyes my dear! I love Kiko products but not sure they are available here in India. Missed delicious dishes in this post...haha..Kisses <3

  2. the emerald green is sooo gorgeous!!

  3. Oh, these are gorgeous, I wish they were available here! I love twist-up cream shadows - so easy and they are great for adding dimension to a look!

  4. They are amazing, aren't they?? they are great alternatives for the high end crayons like those from ByTerry or Laura Mercier..
    #5 is so pretty! I think I should get that color ^^

  5. I SERIOUSLY REGRET NOT PICKING UP SOME OF THESE WHILE I WAS IN LONDON. I was going to, but just never found the time to, plus the stores I went to never had the shades I wanted in stock. -sigh-
    If I recall correctly, I also wanted #5, but emerald green is also stunning!

  6. They look gorgeous! You certainly wouldn't need to spend more on Caviar Sticks if you have these. ;)

  7. Wow, these colors are just gorgeous. I'd love to get my hands on the emerald color! I've actually never purchased anything from this brand before, but it looks so nice!

  8. I don't know if my comment got eaten up or not, it has been happening a lot today...

    These are so pretty, I've seen other reviews of them and they all seem to swatch so nicely

  9. wow! they look so gorgeous! I like KIKO stuff <3 and Pam is such an amazing girl! i love her :)))))

  10. the pearl white is so pretty! I love wearing white shadows to open up my eyes :D I've never tried this brand but your review makes me want to get one! :)


  11. I love the packaging, color ang pigmentation! I woul def grad a few sticks if i see them somewhere ;)

  12. They look awesome! I haven't tried any product from that brand yet and I dunno where I can buy that besides online I guess. :P

  13. Really lovely pigment colors c:
    They look like color pencils from the outside :P
    So if I buy them I have to make sure not to
    put it in my pencil case haha Xx




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