Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review:Make Up Academy Undressed Palette!

Get me 'Undressed' please! This lovely palette of neutrals full of shimmers was gifted to me during a blogger meet up (see here!) with the most awesome Pam from "Jade in the Palace' blog!

Having been one of those girls who hasn't gotten her hands on the Naked palette from Urban Decay I've been crazing a neutral palette! The Naked sold out its first 300 pieces in two days when it came to Singapore a few years after it released but now it's available in Sephora all the time!

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Make Up Academy Undressed Palette!

Aren't the shades so similar to the range in the Naked palette? Pam who has both Naked palettes says this is exactly like the Naked!

 Packaging & Product!

Nothing spectacular in terms of packaging, I'd say for the price it retails for the UK the very simple plastic packaging is completely appropriate. I quite like being able to see the shades through the clear front panel and its sort of impressive that for such a cheap product the labelling and small set of how to instructions in the back was a nice surprise.

The top row of shades are full of light shimmers and almost skin tone shades that are good for light highlighting or blending out shades on the lid. I love the first two shades and the other two shimmers, the two light brown tones are just good for blending out shadows but I rarely touch them because they aren't much use to me!

Make Up Academy Undressed Palette Swatches- Shades 1 to 6 (pale, highlighter, inner lid shades, blending out shades)
Shade 1- Soft natural under brow highlight or blending out shade.
Shade 2- light pinky brown, great for the inner corner.
Shade 3- Nude skin tone shade, good for blending out shadow at the crease.
Shade 4- Light brown champagne shimmery shade, good for the lid
Shade 5- A matte light brown, quite patchy and not even but would work for blending out edges.
Shade 6- Golden metallic shade, very opaque and great for the center of the lid!

The lower row of shades are just amazing! These definitely look exactly like swatches from the Naked palette and each shade is so pigmented and smooth and great to use. For the sake of the bottom row and a few shimmery shades from the top this palette is worth a buy for sure if you want an affordable neutral palette!

Make Up Academy Undressed Palette Swatches - Shades 7-12 (Much more pigmented, smooth and consistent)
Shade 7- Midtone golden brown (all over the lid shade)
Shade 8- Dark cool toned brown (all over lid, liner or crease shade)
Shade 9- Mauve rose shade (great for all over the lid, center)
Shade 10- Dark (much deeper in person) silver toned brown (amazing for crease, outer V)
Shade 11- Matte black (crease, outer V, liner)
Shade 12- Super metallic gunmental shade (lid)

Paid: £4.00 or about $6 USD

Recommend: Yes! For all the ladies who can get their hands on this or alternatively the Sleek 'Oh so Special' palette, this has a great range of neutrals to go from natural to Glam neutral!

Repurchase: Yes, but not this palette of course! I'd love to get the Dawn to Dusk palette which has an amazing teal shade!

Bottom line: Given this is only 4 pounds this shade has a lovely 12 very usable and flexible shade range great for beginners and those who want a neutral palette that can be good for something easy or something more bold. I have been getting lots of use from this and I love the shimmer!

Do you have any MUA palettes in your collection?
Naked palette or Undressed?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. The blatant copying of the set out & colours of the Naked palette compared to all the cheaper dupes kind of annoys me to be honest, although it's good that there are lots of alternatives out there! For the price the quality looks so good & I'm sure all these colours would look so lovely on you! xx

    1. I do agree that seeing some brands completely copy is quite sad but in terms of an affordable alternative it cuts it! I don't own either Naked palettes but I really would like the second one!

  2. yey!!! I'm glad you like it!! my undressed palette is very well used lol
    It gets a bit dusty but still a great palette for its price :D
    my fave shade is def shade 9! I almost hit the pan on it :D

    1. That's great to hear, considering we all have so much make up! Hah! I love that shade too! My favorite as well! :)

  3. Oh wow! This is really similar to Naked, I bought Naked a couple of months ago for my kit and I don't regret it at all even though it was mad expensive. I use it almost every time on clients and the pigmentation is so amazing! These colours are almost spot on! If I wanted Naked for myself I probably would have bought this palette instead. ;) I do want to pick up Oh So Special though, it has such pretty colours! :)

    1. Yep, in Singapore its 40% more than the original price! I really want to get the Naked 2! The Oh So Special is sooo worth it, I just got it recently!

  4. the shades were really pretty and I believe I'll be able to use all the shades!︿_~

    1. Yes! The shades are so wearable! An even more wearable palette from them that has light to medium shades is the Heaven and Earth palette!

  5. I'm really fascinated with lots of palettes dear Sharlynn! :) Love 'em!

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  6. I LOVE this palette :) x

  7. lovely blog!

  8. I have a Naked palette that kind of looks like this and has the same colors with the 'shimmer'... is this a good alternative, because I don't like spending money on makeup? LOL


    1. Most of us ladies would prefer not to spend 'sooo' much money on make up but I would! I can't help myself!

  9. I have tried the dupes but to be honest I think the naked palette is by far the best :)




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