Monday, 3 June 2013

Review: Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner! (shades 23L, 15L, 0L, 4L, 12L, 5L)

Aqua Eyes for Summer days! Here's my small collection of Make Up Forever (MUFE) aqua eyes waterproof eyeliners. I've collected these over the last 3 years. I'm still very glad that these pencils have lasted in terms of quality after these years and are still creamy and still perform. 

I haven't often used these eyeliners although they are pretty flipping damn good in quality. I've just been such an eyeshadow and liquid black liner girl! These are great for an accent of color and water lining!

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Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner! (shades 23L, 15L, 0L, 4L, 12L, 5L)
Swatches of Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner! (shades 23L, 15L, 0L, 4L, 12L, 5L)
 Packaging & product!

The packaging is very simple, black and glossy finished. There's all the regular information and labeling on the pencil and because of the glossy finish on the pencil, all the writing will not rub off. They have matching bottoms on the pencils that match the color of the eyeliners. These are the plastic type of eyeliner pencil that needs manual sharpening.

The five shades I bought were all purchased in Paris on holiday! I went to a Sephora there that had two storeys of nothing but make up! They were about 30% cheaper there and I decided to go all out and get five shades. I had just started buying make up to use instead of playing with and these colors appealed to me then!

Until today, I still have use for these very waterproof pencils and all but the purple shade I love. Blue has always been my favorite shades for eye make up since the beginning until now!

Keep in mind these pencils are now about 3 years plus and they still are quite smooth, very pigmented and are super waterproof! I don't reach for these very often, so to test the waterproof quality I swatched these on the back of my hand, took a shower and then rubbed hard. Below is the out come of the test!

The shades I picked up were 23L, 15L, 0L, 4L, 12L, and 5L. A burnt burgundy, champagne, olive green, cobalt blue, and black! All have a shimmery finish except the black which was matte.

After having a shower and a good hard rub!
These work best as all over lid shades and regular eyeliner. I have used these on the lower lash and waterline but unfortunately they don't work very well on the lower lash line. For what ever reason, even when I first used them brand new, these have a very gritty texture on the lower lash line but they are like smooth permanent markers on the lid.

I still keep these and plan to use them until they really dry out or if I give them away because despite MUFE being a great company with great products these are not that amazing that I'll be willing to pay the price in Singapore. I'd much rather buy eyeliners from NYX!

Paid: $33 SGD or about $26 USD (paid 30% less in Paris)

Recommend: If you intend on using these on your lids, upper lash line and want something super waterproof then yes! Otherwise if you want to use this on your lower lash line or are just looking for some colorful eyeliners, get something more affordable!

Repurchase: Nope. No more eyeliners from this line from MUFE ever! I am now eyeing more colors from NYX! I've been loving their Slide On Glide On eyeliners! (My review here!)

Bottom line: Although I am impressed by how these still perform after keeping them for the last few years I would never recommend or purchase these because I'd think of other products instead. These have amazing coloring and waterproof qualities but they just don't perform that well.

Have you tried any of Make Up Forever's Aqua eyeliner?
Want to? let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Shade 23 L is the prettiest! In fact all of them look lovely! It's sad that they weren't upto the price tag. NYX pencils are really good!

    1. Yep, the atrocious price is the thing that puts me off sooo much!

  2. Nice shades hun! :)

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  3. Awwww...they are so pretty! 12L & 15L are so wonderful <3

  4. Wow 3 years is a loong time and these still look immaculate! I hate when the writing rubs off of products haha. I love the look of the blue & the champagne one & it's good that they are really waterproof because I need a nice black one that will last in my waterline! xx

  5. They look lovely! I love the 2 on the left! x

  6. Gorgeous colours but holy moly they are expensive! I don't know if I could bring myself to pay that much for an eyeliner. I remember being at MAC in the US last September and even then I couldn't fork out $17 for Teddy or Powersurge Eye Kohl despite both being on my wishlist for yonks!

  7. Nice review. I really like that Olive shade.

  8. Love the colors you have. I also have the black and the violet one. :) I would buy more but they are still quite pricey for me. :P

  9. Thanks for your review! I was actually thinking of purchasing some liners from Make Up For Ever since they're one of my go-to brands for long-lasting products. Guess I'll look to other brands, and possibly check out those NYX pencils! Also, I am now following you :)





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