Thursday, 13 December 2012

Haul: Sasa End of Year Sale~! (food, chiffon tops, FOTD)

Asian make up glory! That's Sasa! There was a big 20% off on most skin care and make up at Sasa a few weeks ago. I was with my mom and I picked up a few things for her and myself to try. Nothing special but its awesome to try new things!

After a bit of shopping we had some Japanese for lunch and we both picked up some lovely tops!

Continue below for the haul, Japanese dinner and some clothes!

Skincare, make up and tools from Sasa! My mom also bought a large SKII Essence and in total, we spent enough to become a member!

Color Combos Ultra Smooth 2 Way Cake foundation powder. I go through pressed powder very quickly and hence wanted to try something cheaper. This was on sale for $13 SGD instead of regular $19.
The sponge has a pop out section, the mirror rotates, there's 14 grams of product which is a lot! I really like the finish and coverage, its a light beige yellow, I bought the second shade which is the darkest.
Cyber Colors Gemstone Compact two way cake powder!
Regular price at $ was on sale for 2 for $42.90!
There are 3 shades, Porcelain, warm beige and tan...
I picked the lightest shade for my grandma and the darker shade for my mom!

It's very nicely packaged in terms of hygiene but some might find it a bit tacky
These powders are high coverage, very smooth and full of fine shimmer, it has a glowy finish!
I picked out two brushes, one large super fluffy synthetic for bronzing/powdering and one that is small, a bit narrow made of natural hair for contouring!
Picked up a pack of make up remover from Sasatine (sasa home brand) and a very good silicone face scrubber!
Picked out the Hada Labo lifting firming milk lotion with Retinol A for more mature skin.
Japanese lunch/ dinner at Sushi Tei!

They have awesome tempura and vegetable tempura...I love the thin crisp batter!

The inside of the Sushi Tei outlet in Serangoon Gardens, first floor with a long sushi counter and seated tables on the left
Salted ice a light cream with a pinch of a sea salt taste. Surprisingly delicious!
Unagi roll with avocado...I love eel...I do! Really need to try their 'Rainbow' roll with different types of sashimi
Beautiful thick chiffon top with studded shoulders, this is a size bigger so my mom can wear it too!
A white one for myself!

Stretch fabric dress with a fishtail skirt!
Simple top for my mom!
So glad she picked these two tops up from 'Kiyo' They are so nice on her!

A very well fitted chiffon top with metal tipped collar, my first such top! I love the versatility of these tops and how comfortable they are. The blue is much darker and richer in person, not so yellow and drab!
Wearing the black chiffon top with studded shoulder, I needed to tuck in quite a bit, with my new favorite affordable cotton on shorts!
My pink/berry FOTD using: Missha Perfect Cover BB in 27 honey beige (My review here!), The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Foundation, Peri Pera liquid eyeliner (My review here!), L'oreal Telescopic explosion mascara, theBalm Mary-lou Manizer highligher (My review here!), Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes quad (My review here!), Canmake Powder Cheek blush (My review here!)

A bit excessive from my regular thing, a pink eye, cheek and lip! I didn't plan anything!
Using all four shades from the Majolica Majorca Jeweling eyes quad I reviewed here!
I used my MUFE aqua eyes in an aubergine shade...I've got a few of these bad boys I should review them!
My lips in the end were a combination of theBalm stain (my review here!) and a dior lipgloss from a set from duty free (my review here)!
I quite fancy the finish...natural flush and bitten with a nice gloss finish...juicy and pretty!

I'll be posting quite a few reviews/hauls in the next few weeks. Very few looks as I won't have the time to do them except on the weekends and I rather spend them out with my boyfriend or getting other things done.

For those who don't know, I've started culinary school this week. It's been great, a bit tiring the first few days but I'm still riding the wave high. After working quite a bit part time with a place so far from home, school is considerably nearer and I'm so glad to get home before the sun sets!

I've also been having makeup/clothing orders arrive the last few days which i put in two weeks ago! Got myself a bit of sleek a few things from ACW ( All cosmetics Wholesale) and!

Have you been indulging yet this year end? Not yet?
Any online buys for you 

I've been very glad with everything I've ordered, everything was just right! 

Thanks for coming to check my post out! Thank you!  


  1. the silicon face scrub is really good! i have used it! just love it! i even forgotten about my excitement getting the clarasonic! hehe...

    1. Oh man, I'd love one to try but I'm afraid maybe my skin might get too used to having such a good scrub down, anything less would not do! Great to know I reminded you!

  2. Love the tops and you look gorgeous hun. xx :)

    1. Thanks, Im looking more for simple cotton tops now though! ^^

  3. OMG, you look soooo cute and pretty, love everything. It seems you enjoyed so much, The sushi looks so yummy. Love honey <3

    1. Haha, I try...we all do! I love love sushi...and just japanese food in general! Thanks for coming by!

  4. Food looks great and i love all the things in your haul.:)
    specially the clothes and lip swatches.

    1. Food will always be a part of my blog! It's my second love! Glad you like it, but my lips are very pink, hence I do lots of swatching on my arms for better accuracy! :)

  5. Hi Sharlynn, can you review the Color Combos Ultra Smooth 2 Way Cake foundation powder? The packaging looks nice, and I'm just wondering if this powder is good. Thanks.

    1. I've already set that ready for a quick review but not so soon! I've got lots but I can say it is a good powder, smells a lot like bar soap though, (which i like) it's great and does the job, just two shades though but I think you'll be fine with the two shades!

  6. What a nice nice haul!!! I cant wait to visit sasa by myself and also watsons!!
    I love the black and white tops with studded on the shoulder parts, so cool!!
    aaaand,as usual the foodie pictures are mouthwatering!! i want them all T.T

    1. I trust you'll go mad like I can way too easily!! I love the design, modern, sorta classic and so easy to dress up! Thank you Pam! ^^

  7. wow, those Japanese foods are so tempting and i like your stripe dress and lace pink top!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. So tempting, theres never anything left! Hehe!

  8. Your skin looks amazing in that FOTD! The Sushi Tei food is making me hungry :p We also have Sushi Tei here - I wonder if it's an international franchise? (Just Googled it - and it seems so!)

    1. Aww, thanks! It's getting and staying clear for longer nowadays, less heavy make up on a daily basis and more attention to skin care has helped! That's awesome! It is I believe, at least in south east asia!

  9. lovely hauls!! the compact powders look pretty nice ^_~

    1. Thanks! I'm just glad to be getting and using more effective skin care! The prettier ones aren't for me though! I just need oil control!

  10. Those Gemstone compacts look so amazing! I want to get myself one now!




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