Sunday, 11 March 2012

Quick look: Lip Ice Menthol lipbalm in 3 flavors!

 Lipbalms! Always on the look out for something new! Always looking for something that will soothe lips and feel great. These are the ones I always fall back on...especially the lemon one! Love Lip Ice menthol lipbalms!

Lip Ice menthol lipbalms with SPF 15  in apple, strawberry and lemon!

Lip Ice menthol lipbalms with SPF 15 in Strawberry. Just look at how cute the packaging is!

Definitely refreshing and moisturizes very well, love the cooling sensation too!

Maybe some people think a lipbalm is a lipbalm but these are of high quality in my opinion...I've tried lipbalms that melted easily, came off in chunks, ended up in thick uneven layers on the lips, left white these go on clear, glistening and make your lips so moist and cooling! The SPF is great for being outdoors!

Paid: $4.95 SGD ($4 USD)

Recommend: Yes!

Repurchase: Always!

Are you a lipbalm addict? What's your go to lipbalm? Menthol or not? Let me know!

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  1. Lip Ice Lemon also happens to be a favorite but a male co-worker got mine. Will have to use my other lip balms then repurchase Lemon. :) One of the best lip balms I have ever tried.

    1. Glad you think it's awesome too! it's my favorite of all time. thanks for visiting! :)


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