Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quick look: Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Totally Toffee! (swatches)

This was my first color sensational lipstick from Maybelline and it's a favorite of mine! Been loving brown toned nudes to tone down the brightness of my naturally very pigmented lips! 

 Continue below for a quick review and before and after pictures!

Maybelline color sensational lipstick in 215 Totally Toffee...
Maybelline color sensational lipstick in 215 Totally Toffee...

Maybelline color sensational lipstick in 215 Totally Toffee...

Maybelline color sensational lipstick in 215 Totally Toffee... it looks pretty dark in the stick but isn't at all!
My bare lips!
 215 Totally Toffee in warm light...
 215 Totally Toffee... in cool light

The feel of this lipstick is just right in my experience. It layers on evenly color wise and isn't slippery or too thick. It's on the dryer side so it stays on for a while before you need to touch up. I really like how my hair doesn't stick if it gets in my face and that the lippie has a sort of a satin/ matte finish. 

Personally brown toned nudes are my thing so if you're interested in a long wearing brown nude lip color this maybe for you! 

 Swatch comparison!

Revlon Soft nude, Maybelline totally toffee, nyx B52, nyx Hades..

It's very similar to NYX round lipstick in Hades but it doesn't have the golden sheen Hades has and isn't as creamy of a finish, for a look of Hades look here! For a look at B52 look here!

I like both very much although I like Totally toffee more because it's easier to maintain throughout the day. Color wise Hades is quite a good dupe.

Paid: $17.90 or 18.90 SGD ($14 USD approx)

Bottom Line: Great wearable shade, on the drier side, good pigmentation and great in combination with heavier eye make up. Available at all Gaurdian, Watsons and other beauty outlets (Beauty Diary, SaSa) locally in Singapore!

I plan to pick up another shade in the future, it seems like the quality is really quite consistent and these last for a while when compared to the Revlon lip butters (check out my review here) that don't last long at all. I'd much rather have a lipstick comparing the prices and how they use!

What's your favorite nude lipstick? Tried this one before? Let me know!

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  1. Lovely shade <3 I love Maybelline lippies!!

    1. Agreed! Love the color and quality! :)

  2. I like how it looks very natural and doesn't look too dark.

  3. Love the shade but I'm totally eyeing the Yummy Plum now :). Nice swatch!


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