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Rave review: Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner!

Perfect Eyeliner...? I'm very excited to share with you ladies an eyeliner from a Singapore brand called "Perfect". I was contacted some weeks back by a representative from the company who was asking if I would like to receive their product for review and I was very interested and accepted!

In anticipation of the eyeliner for review, I'd asked a few general questions to the representative such as where this is available and as of now it is only found in stores at John Little Plaza Singapura as it's a new brand! I actually went down to John Little to look for the display and for now they are only selling this eyeliner from Perfect!

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Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner
Eye catching packaging, very colorful and boyfriend think it looks like a butterfly!

The first thing I thought when I saw this was that it was very colorful and eye catching which are both very good for getting attention as John Little in Plaza Singapura (where you can find this) is packed full of all types of Asian brands selling make up and skin care. There are at least 8 other eyeliners that look like this being sold there so you need to stand out in some way.  I actually thought the eyeliner was in the middle of the design in the front which would've been quite a genuis thing but actually it's off to the side!

The back of the packaging, much like a lot of asian brand eyeliners and mascara, these products tend to have descriptions of the products qualities and general instructions at times on the back.
My boyfriend thinks the front looks like a butterfly and I have to agree. On one hand I really don't care much for packaging, it usually doesn't sway me to buy something. I honestly think the packaging is a bit excessive and a waste of plastic but then I realize all other asian brand eyeliners are packaged similarly since you can only get so much onto a slim tube. So overall, I can't really blame any brand to wanting to make their product more visible and this is a very unique looking design compared to all other eyeliners. 

The back is also colorful and informative but I've already read all the same things from the front. I think the round "Grip Zone" info should've been on the front though instead of the back, it looks like a bit strange from the front but it doesn't change the quality of the product!

Ingredients listed on the side. I personally have never had reactions of any sort to all make up I've ever tried so I'm never looking out for any particular thing.
The display at John Little in Plaza Singapura! It's at chest level, at a stand nearer to the entrance so it's easy to spot!
Although I spotted the display on the top row of the stand, I almost over looked the side display! Here it is!
Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner
Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner
I quite like the very simple black and silver design on the eyeliner, the colors contrast very nicely. I have to say something about the so called "Grip Zone" on the eyeliner. That matte looking plastic section of the eyeliner just above the pen nib is supposed to help you grip the eyeliner better. However it doesn't do anything. 

It's a matte finish plastic, it's still plastic and still very very smooth. So in terms of helping you grip the pen, an actually firm hold with your fingers do the job. If the section was rubberized or had a slight texture it would work but otherwise it "grip zone" doesn't make any difference.

Close up of the "Grip zone" and the pen nib! The nib is longer than most asian eyeliner brush tips!
Swatches of Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner- Thin, regular and two swipes for a thicker line!
A wash of water over the fresh swatches! You get slight bleeding but...
Even after wiping the fresh swatches left to set only for a few minutes, look at the staying power of the eyeliner!

Seriously speaking, I always have very high standards when it comes to asian brand eyeliners even though the packaging usually is over the top and super cute. After using this eyeliner more than 5 times now I can honestly say that I am impressed! In terms of it's claims of being water resistant, long lasting and quick drying, this eyeliner really meets all of the claims.

In terms of the product, this is a very black and super matte finish eyeliner. Some other asian brand liquid pen eyeliners tend to have a slight sheen or glossy finish which I've never noticed but this one from Perfect is super matte which I do like very much.

After swatching or applying onto the lash line, this really dries super quickly, hence having a steady or experienced hand when applying is very important. I did a rinse and rub test and these even left a strong stain but no worries, after using an oil based remover this washes off just like any other waterproof product.

Other asian brand eyeliners like K-palette (my review), Kiss me Heroine (my review), Dolly Wink are all the same size and length but Perfect's is a bit longer!

Something that I was unsure and hesitant about was the applicator on this eyeliner pen. Every Asian brand eyeliner pen which I've seen or tried is a super soft flexible nylon fiber brush tip that release product very easily and is super bendy when pressed onto the skin. The applicator tip on Perfect's eyeliner is a slightly longer, firm but spongey applicator nib with a tip that's not as fine looking as the others.

My first ever eyeliner pen had a similar looking applicator and it was a horrible experience so with a big breath my first time, I was extra careful with applying and guess what? It went very well! After using this eyeliner quite a few times now and actually reaching for it, I really honestly am very happy with the product and this applicator is very good at laying down a solid straight line without needing to go over more than twice.

K-palette and Kiss me Heroine have a soft flexible nylon bristles that make up a tip, Perfect's is a firm but spongy soft tip that cannot bend or flex anywhere as much as the bristle tip.

On one hand I like how this tip is very sturdy and helps me with having a very perfect winged eyeliner outline but on the other hand I prefer the softer feel of a pen tip fitting my lid shape more with the nylon fibers. Either way, I'm very experienced with winged eyeliner and can do both my eyes in under a minute without any mistakes so the tip really is a preference and not an issue.

Wearing Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner! Check out my full look here!
Wearing Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner! Here I've done a soft flick out wing.
Wearing Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner! Check out my full look here!
Wearing Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner!

Paid: This product was sent to me for consideration! ($15.90 SGD or about $12.60 USD)

Considering similar liquid eyeliner from both drugstore western and asian brands are between $17.90-$25 SGD this has been the most affordable option I've tried)

Recommend: Yes! I really absolutely would, even though this is a new brand with no other products to pick from, the quality of this newbie eyeliner is just outstanding!

Repurchase: Yes! I'm really quite certain I would repurchase this if I were out of all my eyeliners as it truly is a matte black finish which I've never had before. I still however am wanting to try out eyeliners from other asian brands.

Bottom line: A very unexpectedly great product! It's not a perfect product but is damn close! This is a solid matte black liquid eyeliner, very easy to apply and very long wearing and resistant to touching, accidentally rubs or slight sweat. This is perfect for the girls who want a super long wearing, super black liquid eyeliner! 

Do you like your eyeliner matte black or with a slightly sheen?
Think you need a 'Perfect' eyeliner?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you !


  1. 1st I wanna say you are really impeccably flawless with eyeliners: they play up your eyes so well.
    It looks like a good brand though you mentions the grip-section is not that necessary. Sometimes thicker doesn't mean less precise as this one draws a beautiful line (in your hands) and perhaps that sturdiness you talk about helps with it too.

  2. wow you make it sound so good!! I am until now very happy with the kiss me heroine liquid pen eyeliner that you gave me, but this one sounds great!!
    btw, since I am coming home in May, there's a slight chance I'll visit Singapore! but I don't know yet for sure..I'll let you know once everything's settled! :-D

  3. That sounds like a wonderful eyeliner! I too have high standard when it comes to eyeliners because of my hooded eye and slightly oily lids. The applicator tip looks good and the color is very pigmented. The main problem I have with this type of eyeliners is that almost all of the ones that I've tried, dried up pretty quickly.

  4. Wow! It sounds great! Haven't tried any product from that brand. I actually am not aware of it til now. Thanks for the review. I love how black it is and that it's also matte. I wanna try it out! :D

  5. This seriously IS perfect! I'm always on the hunt for a good eyeliner and this sounds like just the thing. Too bad it's all the way in Singapore!

  6. That eyeliner looks promising! I wish we can avail it in the Philippines and have a chance to try it out... thanks for the review!

  7. oooo this looks amazing. So so black and really affordable as well! too bad you can only get it in sg :(((

  8. It definitely is promising but looking at the swatches. I agree Asian brands have super cute packaging which I like.:) Your skin is just flawless. Loved the eye makeup in those pictures!

  9. This sounds like a great product! I've been pretty happy with my Heroine Kiss Me eyeliner so far, but if I happen to see this one day I would definitely give it a try!

  10. It seem really promising honey, It's truly black and matte! Would love to try it out! Love your eye makeup as always <3 Kisses <3

  11. im looking for something hypersharp and this look extremely convincing for me!

  12. Omg!! This looks like the perfect eyeliner! It has such a small tip and looks easy to apply, I need this in my life :)

  13. This sounds like it's awesome! I actually prefer tips to be softer instead of hard, but your wings are always so nice and even.

  14. Lovely review dear. I was wondering we can connect and follow each other (Bloglovin, Twitter)if you like my blog too.

  15. pretty look :)

  16. I like that it has more of a matte finish.

  17. ...YOU CAN DO WINGED LINER IN UNDER A MINUTE?????!?!?! Sorcery! It takes me like, 10 minutes to do one eye ;-;
    I feel like the packaging is kinda bulky, but the product itself sounds amazing, Too bad it's only available in Singapore, because I'm on the hunt for a good liquid liner!




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