Saturday, 8 March 2014

Haul: First order from! (Bodhi wash, Zoeva blush and brushes)

My first Luxola order! For those who don't know, Luxola is a Singapore based shopping site with a mix of drugstore and highend brands that carry make up, skincare, body care and tools that aren't found locally or in store in Singapore! There is quite an impressive range of products for quite a new website and fellow blogger Emily Quak has been invited to work with them!

Although I'm living in Singapore, there are still many brands that haven't entered our market and shops and there are still so many brands lacking from our Sephora's shelves! is a great place to try out lesser known brands on this little Island.

Continue below for my luxola haul!
Online Haul: First order from (Bodhi shower gel, Zoeva brushes and blush palette)
Since I live in Singapore, I could choose what day and time frame I wanted my package to arrive. Everything came in a sturdy bag from them as it was delivered by a delivery man on motorcycle!
It was so exciting peeking in through the top, it's like I went shopping for everything!
Luxola haul: Zoeva make up brushes, Zoeva Sun powder blush palette, Bodhi Shower Gel! (free sample cleanser)
Bodhi Shower gel- I couldn't resist a Citrus wash! It smells sooo amazing!
Zoeva Sun Power Palette! After so much contemplation, I gave in and put this in my cart!
And drum roll please......!
Zoeva Sun Power Palette! So many pretty shades! You get 10 shades at about 3.3 grams each and 30 grams in total! Such beautiful warming, summery shades! Can't wait to use them!
Five make up brushes from Zoeva! I couldn't resist, most eyeshadow brushes only cost $12 SGD, so affordable considering single eco tools brushes are average of $15-20 SGD in the drugstore!
Zoeva eye make up brush #225 , each is packaged in a plastic sleeve and inside a silicone zip bag, super useful for carrying around make up or brushes in the future!
Zoeva make up brushes: 228 crease, 228 eye finish, 142 concealer buffer, 225 eye blender, 110 face shape (not pictured)
Zoeva make up brushes: 228 eye finish, 225 eye blender, 228 crease, 142 concealer buffer, 110 face shape (I'm so impressed, these brushes look so well made and labelled)
The size of the brushes are not too long or short and the handles are a nice thickness!
Zoeva make up brushes: I'm so excited, they feel amazing, both the synthetic and natural hair brushes, dense, shapely and so soft, I know these will be amazing to use!
I've put many many things into my cart on Luxola before but never actual went through with a purchase, I realize now that since I am limited how often I buy things I  should at least try different sites. Luxola has a very good range of lesser known (at least in Singapore) drugstore to mostly mid range to high end products.

 I'm very keen on the Zoeva line of brushes, Sigma, unavailable products from Maybelline and Sleek. They also have some very good skincare brands in exclusive sets that are very worth splurging on to!

I'm dying to get into the blush palette I picked up, as well as eventually using all the brushes from Zoeva too! The bodhi wash I've used twice now and it's just amazing in terms of fragrance!

What have you been buying lately?
What do you like in my haul?
Let me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. The brushes look great! Love the palette too...the shades look perfect for spring/summer!!!

  2. AWESOME haul!!! the brushes look great :)

  3. Zoeva is very famous in Germany, I am quite sure it is a german brand.. But I have never ordered any single thing from the brand even though I have visited their website very often , put some things in my shopping cart but then I always closed the tab and didn't finish the purchase..
    maybe next time I should give it a try!!

  4. That palette looks gorgeous! I've seen good reviews on those brushes! Great haul. (:

  5. That blush palette has some lovely shades. Those brushes look very nice as well.

    I've seen reviews of those brushes floating around, but I've never bothered to read them. I mean, hopefully they're fantastic quality?

  7. Ugh the Zoeva palette and brushes look as though they are to DIE FOR. Can't wait to try them, once I'm done from my makeup buying fast that is, lol.

  8. I'm going to check hun the site!! I love Zoeva brushes, great choice !! Hope they have international shipping too!

  9. Looks like a great website... I wish you didn't tempt me though! ;) I'd have to check out if they ship to Australia. I've been into more brushes lately so this looks good. Make Me Up Mandy


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