Tuesday, 1 April 2014

FOTD: Purple bronze sunrise look! (Lunch date at Rabbit Carrot Gun)

Lunch date Sunday and purple bronze eyes! Don't we all need a day off and day out sometimes? After so many months of work and school, the last few months have been the best in terms of me balancing and organizing my free time to go out and try out new places, food or relaxing!

I don't always get the weekend off but since I had a Sunday off I knew I had to go out for a lovely lunch along East Coast in Singapore where the most indie, yummy cafes and restaurants seem to be at! My boyfriend and I have been eyeing this place called "Rabbit Carrot Gun", it seems very lodge like, serving western fare and we finally had the time and the day to try it out!

Continue below for the look and lunch!
Purple Bronze eye look and Sunday lunch at Rabbit Carrot Gun!
Purple Bronze eye look and a rosy cheek!
Purple Bronze sunrise eye look!
Purple Bronze sunrise eye look! The combination of the purple and reddish brown are perfect!
Products used: Lioele BB cream (my review), Biore UV mousse (my review), Urban Decay Deluxe palette, MUA Heaven and Earth palette, ZA powder (my review), revlon matte (for brows), Maybelline color tattoo (my review), YSL rouge voulupte nude beige, P2 lipstick pont neuf, Maybelline ultra comb (my review), Kiss me Heroine mascara (my review), Perfect eyeliner, Catrice blush (my review), Spring heart lash glue
On my cheeks is Catrice blush in Rose Royce! A matte medium rose shade!

I was playing it safe by pairing this with a rosy cheek and baby pink lip. I think this would be great too with a nude cheek and lip or nude cheek and hot pink lip!

The beautiful purple shade on my inner lid is 'fishnet' from the Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box! Thank you Pam from Jade in the Palace blog for gifting me this in our swap!
Lunch at Rabbit Carrot Gun! This is just another one of the indie, pretty restaurant/cafes along the Katong area in singapore known for the many eateries and food shops!
The interior of the cafe! It's open to the outside area, there's no doors! I think the interior is very well done! I love the oil painting on the wall!
A lovely old worn looking mint colored cabinet in the front!
Rabbit Carrot Gun Menu! It makes me think of an old fashioned diner! A lodge out in the english outback!
We sat at a table outside, the lighting was so bright and pretty, I didn't want to take photos inside where it was more crowded and darker!
Weekend menu! Although brunch items are getting popular in singapore, eggs benedicts and breakfast items were the last thing my boyfriend and I were interested in. We know how to make most of those brunch items fresh at home!
The weekend afternoon menu was alluring! I was so close to ordering the quiche since we sat down at about 2:20 and the staff checked and said we could order from the afternoon menu!
The dinner menu had two pages and they also have an assortment of ice teas, fresh juices and yummy coffees!
I really like the napkins, they were very thick and very large when unfolded and the print of their logo is absolutely lovely!
My smiley boyfriend and his very favorite drink, a coke!
He ordered the Sirloin steak sandwich from the Brunch menu! The steak was done as we asked, medium rare, very tend and juicy. the onions should've been caramelized more but over all it was very nice and the home made chips are amazing!
I ordered the Lamb burger, also from the breakfast menu! Oh and I need to say that the home made chips are AMAZING yet again! So crisp on the outside and hot and soft on the inside! So good!
The patty arrived very "raw", I did ask for medium but this was definitely raw, not even rare! You can see the raw mince here! I asked for it to be cooked longer and they very kindly did it for me! Otherwise, it was lovely. The bun was so nicely buttered and toasted and the beetroot slices inside paired so well with the lamb!
And the star of the day was the chicken liver parfait! A very good portion of parfait served cold with a layer of butter on top, paired with the toast and the balsamic onions, this was something both of us thoroughly enjoyed and I made sure we licked up every bit!
Lunch spread on our small two person square table! The food almost didn't fit! I was hoping the parfait would come on a long plate but nope, round!
After lunch! My boyfriend has a mountain of chips because I dumped a lot of mine to him so I wouldn't eat too many! We were both full so we had to leave the chips, the sandwiches and parfait are more important!
Overall the food was of very good quality, aside of the raw burger patty (raw not rare) the chips were freaking amazing, the meat was well seasoned and the chicken liver parfait was a great find! We both enjoyed the food but the sandwich and the burger were quite pricey at $28 and $22! We would go back but for the liver parfait and we want to try their quiche!

We went at the end of lunch time at about 2:30 so the busy period was just coming to an end and the service was good, although the person taking order couldn't remember a minute after we told him the doneness of the meat we wanted (I think because he was trying to write the order instead of listening first!) It's good he doubled checked and the staff very kindly took back the patty to be cooked longer without any issues!

Posing with the vintage looking motorbike! It's a ride that you can put coins into! I wanted to get on it but realized the seat was too small to sit side ways!
After lunch dessert! Apple strudel at Ritz Apple Studel & Pastry shop just a few shops away! The outlet is tiny at Katong but I made sure we nagged the only two seats by the window inside!
This mini apple strudel is either a big treat for one or a great share for two! It's only $4.50 SGD!

My boyfriend would've liked the strudel without the apples as he found them a bit too tarte but they seriously make a great strudel, the puff pastry is soooo crisp and the cream inside so nice, it could be a bit sweeter though!
Beautifully baked loaves at a nice bakery/pastry outlet! I didn't get anything but will next time we walk by!
Delicious muffins and lots of baked chicken, beef, pork pies! I really really will go back to buy some of the pies! They looked really good!
Photo time! Having been a kid and teenager that never went out, took photos with friends or wanted any photos taken of myself, after so many years I'm finally absolutely comfortable with photos of myself and being photographed by others!
It was so fun to try out yet another new place as we've been doing so the last couple months! I have a goal of "eating my way" through the entire east coast because there are just so many yummy shops there I really don't care about going anywhere else to eat!

What have you gotten up to on your Sundays?
Going out or staying home?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. YUMMMM. I love brunch! Looks like a relaxing, fun day. With smoking makeup ;)

  2. beautiful!!! love how you combined purple and bronze , they worked surprisingly well together! glad you enjoy the palette ^^
    and the food looks just mouthwatering like always!! I love the pastry-muffin section! they must taste good xD

  3. ohhh the burger looks delicious! haha your eyeshadow color is so vibrant love it

  4. Lovely pictures <3 Love your makeup so much, especially the lip color!

  5. Loving this makeup look. It's so colourful and playful. I actually need to get more bright bubble gum-pink lip colours.

  6. sounds like a great day with some great food...aside from the raw burger! Love your makeup look! I have that palette and I hardly wear it! Definitely going to pull it out soon now!


  7. Love the makeup look you created- purple looks gorgeous on you! Just discovered your blog and I really like it! Am really enjoying reading your posts! xx





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