Sunday, 16 March 2014

FOTD: Smokey jewel blues eye look with Urban Decay's Smoked Palette!

Jewel blues eye look with Urban Decay! Hey ladies! After receiving my new Urban Decay Smoked Palette from my boyfriend for Christmas I've been sooo excited about doing lots of different smokey looks with it and for a night out some weeks ago I gave it another go and did this blue toned smokey look!

Previously I used the palette and did a green and brown smokey look for our day out to the Gardens by the Bay, you can see the (green smokey make up look here!) I've only used this palette twice now but am so in love with the versatility of the shades and the smooth butter shimmery finish of the shadows!

Continue below for the full look and night out!
 Smokey jewel blues eye look with Urban Decay's Smoked Palette!
Breakfast time! I tried using a kermit frog pan for pancakes but it didn't turn out well!
I made myself super soggy lazy pancakes, fried eggs, sausages and tomatos!
For my boyfriend, garlic butter bread, fried egg and sausages!
My bare face before any make up!
 Smokey jewel blues eye look with Urban Decay's Smoked Palette!
 Smokey jewel blues eye look with Urban Decay's Smoked Palette!
I used the shades Evidence (on the lid over base), Asphalt (outer corner), Mushroom (crease), Backdoor (outer V)
Underbrow highlight is theBalm's Mary-lou manizer highlighter  (my review here) and I used a pair of lashes cut in half!
Products Used: Urban Decay Smoked Palette, theBalm highlighter (my review), Biore UV mousse (my review), L'oreal foundation (my review), Catrice powder, Gosh blush (my review), Maybelline base (my review), Sleek contour kit in light, Revlon matte (for brows), Urban Decay shadow pencil Rehab, Maybelline mascara (my review), K-palette eyeliner (my review), Maybelline lipstick in Mocha Muse

A blend of the dark pink and coral shades from the Gosh blush quad (my review here)!
Maybelline lipstick in the shade Mocha Muse! It's a very rosy nude type shade like my natural lip color!

A dinner date out with my boyfriend! We headed out to Paulaner Brauhaus downtown!

He had his huge pint of beer and I had one free since it was happy hour but didn't finish more than half of it!

Their home baked pretzel, very well done, the outside crisps and the inside dense and very chewy!
Our Goulash soup!
Very yummy, although there was too much tomato in it! We ate up every drop with our breads!
Mixed sausage pan! Chicken, veal, pork fine mince sausages, with a mash and delicious sauerkraut!
 Smokey jewel blues eye look with Urban Decay's Smoked Palette!
I had so much fun using more shades in this Urban Decay Smoked palette, up next I can't wait to do a brown or charcoal smokey eye! I've been sick for the last week quite badly so all feelings of doing fun make up were gone for a week!
Dinner was very straightforward. I ran to the nearest outdoor, quiet high table and we ordered food to share (like the romantics we are). We spent quite a while chatting and I love that we always end up talk for a long time while out eating. My boyfriend was very happy with my look as he loves blue on me and was very glad I was loving the palette!
Do you like my smokey jewel blue make up look?
Would you wear this?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you so much!


  1. your skin barely needs any makeup! Loving the blue smokey eyes :) xx

  2. The eye look is gorgeous! I love vibrant blues! The food looks delicious! I love pretzels :)

  3. Poor kermit the frog! LOL.

    Your eye make up looks gorgeous! I used to love wearing a slight dash of blue on my eyelids before but now it doesn't seem to work much for me!

  4. I adore how you do your eye makeup in all your posts! I also really like the lipstick shade.
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  5. Beautiful makeup ;) ! The Goulash Soup looks so delicious ... hmmmm !

  6. That bright blue looks so jewel-toned, gorgeous! Legs are looking on point as well ;)

  7. You can definitely rock bright blue eye shadows so well !! You just look gorgeous and I love the outfit too!! ;)

  8. You look gorgeous c: Love the eye makeup!
    I think you did a nice job with the homemade
    breakfast! Xx

  9. Wow, your eye makeup looks so pretty! I wish I was that good with eyeshadows! :)

  10. What a pretty look. I love the blue eyeshadow!

  11. Love your eye makeup! The colour gradation is so beautiful!

  12. Wonderful makeup look :)
    and all the food made me really hungry.. the soup looks so delicious :)

  13. Ugh, gorgeous look as usual *-*
    (I don't know what kind of sorcery you're working with, but your eyeshadows are always so bright and vibrant *-*)

  14. Absolutely loving your blue smokey look. I agree with Vanessa N, your eye shadows are always vibrant and gorgeous. (^-^)v

  15. I love the intensity of the blue eyeshadows, it suits you so well! All the food looks so yummy!

  16. You look beautiful! I love bright blue shadow!




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