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Review: Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige!

Skin Evolution foundation! Happy March everyone! Thank you so much to the newest followers of my blog! I've been very busy going between school and work but have taken the time here and there at night and in the morning to write my posts! 

This review is made possible from a swap I did with Pam from Jade in the Palace Blog! Our first swap was done this time last year when she came to visit Singapore. The second took place late last year, unfortunately until now due to serious postal delivery problems Pam has yet to receive my second package! I will be resending it to her soon and I really hope she loves everything as much as I've loved the things she got me!

Note: This shade is currently a bit too dark and beigey for me!

Continue below for the review!
Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige
 Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige

 Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige

Extremely simple, in a plastic bottle with a pump, it's a matte finish plastic much like quite a bit of the items in their regular make up line. I don't have any complaints because there are no major downsides of the packaging except that it's no wow!

It's quite a benefit that there's a pump (I will not buy foundations without a pump or squeeze tube unless it's that amazing) and that this packaging will be very unlikely to crack or break during travel!

My bare face, I suffer from slight darkness and puffiness and slight pigmentation on my cheeks.

One layer of Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige! It's so perfect for me!

A fantastic surprise for a shade that I picked off color blocks on their online site! I always usually go for the second or third lightest shade that's neutral or yellow! I picked this shade out for Pam to purchase for me and I was luckily very spot on. It's a light beige toned yellow but it more beige on swatch than yellow, however when blended on my face and left to dry it stays a very neutral shade instead of oxidizing or looking beige at all!

The consistency is so light and yet creamy, it's almost like a mousey texture but when applied it feels very light although the pigmentation is great and medium-full. I left the foundation on my face for a while to dry as I usually do and I was so pleased that although it's not marketed as a matte foundation, it had a semi-matte finish that looked so radiant on my face!

Wearing one layer of Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige!
Not only does it look good straight onto my face, even after a whole evening of at least 6-9 hours out with powder on it, the foundation didn't get patchy and the coverage didn't get less in any particular area.

It's a super lightweight foundation and with the semi-matte finish it feels amazing for the days where I'm not sure if I want a light or heavy foundation so I settle for something in the middle. This is definitely worth a try if you get the chance especially since on the UK site for kiko there are 18 shades! 

Wearing one layer of Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige!
See how natural and matte it looks around the mouth and nose area?
Kiko Skin Evolution foundation in shade 107 Creamy Beige
Foundation Comparison!

As seen below Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 and L'oreal Magique Lucent are more yellow toned and quite light yellow tones which blend out beautifully into skin that's neutral or more yellow toned. The kiko evolution foundation looks more beige and slightly orangey on swatch but blended on the face it matches my light yellow skintone perfectly! It does not oxidize at all! The Catrice is most neutral on swatch and even slightly pink but it tends of darken a bit with powder on top it unlike the Kiko and L'oreal.

The Catrice Photo Finish and Kiko have the high coverage, however the Catrice is much thicker in consistency and isn't as comfortable after a long day as the Kiko.
Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (my review), Kiko Skin Evolution 107, Catrice Photo Finish 010 (my review), L'oreal Lucent Magique N2 (my review)
Paid: Gifted to me in a gift swap! (Retails online for 12.90 in Euro and GBP)

Recommend: Yes! For those who want at least medium to high coverage but want a light consistency and nothing heavy feeling or thick this is perfect! There's an amazing shade range too online which I'm very glad to see from a departmental store brand!

Repurchase: No, because I have lots of foundations/bb creams right now! I often use up powder foundations and setting powders but I've not yet finished an entire foundation up yet!

Bottom line: A completely jem of a foundation, I love the color and how well it matches with my fair face and tanned neck! The texture is so lightweight and yet it has medium to full coverage! The finish is semi matte and with a powder would be perfect for those with slightly oilier skin!

NOTE: This shade is too dark and a bit too beige for my natural and current skin tone!

Do you like your foundations semi-matte?
Tried Kiko foundation before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. This foundation sounds just about awesome for people looking for something semi-matte! Matte foundations never work for me because it's never quite creamy enough! I actually prefer more liquid and moisturising foundations with medium coverage. Still on the lookout for the best!

  2. OMG this looks so good on you!! I have never tried any foundation from Kiko because they were never appealed to me, but now!! I will def give it a try ^^

  3. the packaging looks nice!! i always enjoy reading your foundation reviews as it is really concise yet informative!! i got the za powder foundation because of your rave review!! this foundation looks nice on you but you have a great skin to begin with ;)

  4. This looks pretty good! And I love that the colors are so yellow based, I need that. Not sure about the semi-matte finish though. Even matte foundation ends up looking dewy on me because of my oily skin, so I wonder if a semi-matte finish would work for me...

  5. Happy Friday Shar,
    thank you for the helpful swatches and it's really gorgeous on you. I love Kiko: Bourjois foundations/CC look good but are overfraganced (IMO) and KIKO has a good balance. I understand you really liking the foundation but not repurchasing it because you already have so many good ones...

  6. I do like my semi matte foundations ^_^ I've never heard of thsi brand before but the it looks gorgeous on your skin!!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  7. your skin just looks absolutely flawless! I've been so interested in Kiko lately because of reading so many beauty blogs, but I can't get their products in my country! I keep reading reviews though...just because I'm so interested haha!




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