Friday, 14 March 2014

Food post: February eats! (New Vietnamese restaurant and Porridge shop)

Eat, eat, eat! This is my February eats post! I really didn't eat out much this month but I did end up trying a few new places with my mom, family and my boyfriend! I spent a good solid week very sick recently but am all well now. Cooking at home has been next to none by me as I've been busy with work and school but I do hope y'all enjoy the photos of the yummy things I did eat!

Continue below for the yummy post!
February food post: Vietnamese food, porridge shop, frog leg's claypot and home made cold dish!
Super happy and comforted with my fillet o fish burger and taro pie from my boyfriend who met me after was a few minutes before midnight when I sat down on the steps and ate!
Japanese set meal lunch with mom! She ordered this shabu shabu set!
I ordered a pork and egg hot stone rice and it came with a salad and miso soup!
A vietnamese cafe I tried last month, it has amazingly affordable food and it's very authentic!
The menu outside the restaurant!
The interior is extremely well done!
Their menu, they have an offer of a Bahn Mi sandwich with a coffee drip!

Authentic Vietnamese chilli sauce from Vietnam! My coffee drip with condense milk!

My mother ordered a mix beef Pho noodle soup! Beef tendons, beef slices, meatballs! The soup was very done but it needed more fresh herbs to put in!
The sampler appetizer plate, the spring rolls and the prawn cake on sugar cane are sooo good! The rice rolls aren't too special! They were served with the vietnamese sweeten and chilli flavored clear fish sauce!
My chicken Bahn Mi! It's a nice sturdy, sumptuous sandwich, filled with the ingredients!
Filled with chicken liver pate, grilled juicy chicken, raddish and carrot pickle, lettuce, coriander and cucumber! The sandwich was great but lacked a more strongly pickled veggie!
Beautiful interior near the front of the cafe!
Looking into the Cafe from the front!
Home made Yu Sheng at home! Filled with shredded carrot, cucumber, raddish, slices of salmon and abalone!
Our chinese cold dish! Smoked duck, prawns, century eggs, japanese scallop, japanese octopus!
Deep fried scallop rolls, these were so good, I think I ate 10 pieces!
 Porridge with scallops, spam, carrot and century egg for my boyfriend was wasn't feeling too well!
Home made Korean Bibimbap  for lunch at home!
My portion, japanese rice, braised raddish, carrot, lotus root, stir fried beef slices!
My western home made dinner! Orange glaze baked chicken, carrots and celery, baked potatoes and apples and egg mayo cucumber salad!
Chinese cold tofu salad, garnished with dark soy sauce, spring onions and chicken floss!
A hearty breakfast, scrambled eggs, lettuce, slices of ham and half toasted bun!
Visiting a popular porridge stall in Hougang! It serves a variety of ingredients for their porridge from fish, chicken, pork organs to frog or a combination of all!
The seating outside was packed and we waited by a table for the people to finish to get a seat!
What the porridge looks like, all the goodies are under neath this long cooked gruel!
Dad, mom and I shared a claypot frog legs stew! The sauce was so delicious and I put it in my porridge the frog meat was super soft and tender too!
The portion I took, full of pork liver, intestine and fish slices, I poured some frog leg sauce over!

Braised frogs legs, so tender and soft like chicken leg meat!
The sauce just flavored up the porridge so well and I didn't need any more soy sauce!
The shop is located at block 685 in Hougang!

Which meal was your favorite (vietnamese, japanese, chinese porridge)?
What was your last meal out?
Let me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. your foodie post....OMG... :9
    the deep fried scallop roll and the frog leg look so so so yummy!!
    asian food is def the best!!

  2. All your foods look SOOO YUMMYYYYYY!!!

  3. I love your food post! YUMMM♥

  4. I always look forward to drooling over your monthly eats posts.
    All that porridge looks so delicious. I usually order mine with century egg and pork, but there's a lot of different kinds I haven't tried yet.
    Glad you're not sick anymore! :)

  5. OMG <3 <3 soooooo yummy, asian food is so yummy I love it so much <3 <3 <3

  6. I love seeing people have Vietnamese food....I have no idea. Some part of me is kinda proud, like "YAY YOURE EATING VIETNAMESE FOOD AND IM HALF-VIETNAMESE YAY"
    Hooray for homemade bibimbap! I seriously don't know why I used to order that so often...since I could easily make it at home!




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