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Review: Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells mascara in 01 Precious Black!

Precious cells mascara! Have you ever wanted a mascara that helped to improve your lashes while your wore it? Like many asian girls with super fine, tiny lashes that are basically all invisible without any mascara or false lashes on, I've always dreamt of a super mascara! One that would maybe grow or make my lashes stronger and better as I wore it. 

Some years back when Lancome came out with the "precious cells" mascaras I knew I wanted to try one as I had tried two of their mascaras in duty free make up sets and really enjoyed using them. During my holiday to Thailand I picked this up at Duty Free! (My holiday beauty haul here!)

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Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells mascara in 01 Precious Black
From duty free in Bangkok airport, I paid 880 Baht or only $34.50 SGD! This mascara retails for at least $45-50 SGD in store in Singapore!
I chose the shade 01 Precious Black, there was no waterproof formula on sale so I had to buy the regular smudge proof!
Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells mascara in 01 Precious Black

Packaging & Product!

Silvery, embossed and gently luxurious, I am a fan of the box packaging of this mascara. I love the Lancome rose flower logo raised on the box, it's a nice unique touch compared to just having a shiny box like many other high end brands like Dior and YSL. The tube of the mascara is also a pleasure to see and hold. 

Much like their other types of mascaras, every tube is designed differently. I'd like to say that the tubes mostly tend to look like the shape of the brush, the straight brush with a straight tube, the tear drop shaped brush with a tear drop shaped tube! 

For the sake of being a high end brand and expecting the customer to pay so much more, I'm very glad that they've put in the effort to make even the different mascara types look unique instead of just a straight tube for each with a different brush. 

There are so many mascaras from Lancome and most of them have been raved about by most ladies who've tried them. I have personally tried the Virtuose and Definicils mascaras (curved and straight) in travel kits from Lancome. I absolutely loved both mascaras and they worked great even on my tiny lashes which was a surprise!

The curved brush with dense bristles! I'm a huge fan of brushes in this shape!
The brush from below! The bristles are like a traditional mascara wand and are very dense and medium in length!
My bare lashes, naturally curled but very fine and barely noticeable!
The mascara formula is on the wetter side like most brand new mascaras, however combined with the brush which is very good at applying mascara evenly and giving lots of definition I get a very good result. Considering that there is no fiber in this mascara like others which gives you instant length, I get a slight boost in length but more importantly, get volume and still have very defined lashes!

I believe the brush is the reason for the success half the time and this curved brush is my favorite type of shape. I had to buy the regular formula which is smudge proof, not waterproof as they didn't have it in waterproof. However in the past the lancome mascaras I tried were all regular formulas and they worked great so I took the risk and am loving it.

Despite this formula being not waterproof, I didn't experience any flaking or smudging throughout the day. As long as you don't get any liquids in your eyes or excessive sweating, this wore just as well on me as a waterproof formula.

All in all, this is a great mascara for me and gives me exactly what I want for more dramatic lashes since my natural lashes are pretty much invisible! This mascara washes off very easily with water but I still use cleansing oil/remover to remove the make up in my eye area all the time.

Wearing Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells mascara in 01 Precious Black

Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells mascara in 01 Precious Black
Paid: 880 Baht or only $34.50 SGD ($27 USD) This retails for $45-55 SGD normally here!

Recommend: Yes! For those ladies who are looking for plush thickened curled lashes, this formula will do that for you with lots of definition. It's not the most dramatic mascara from them but it's a 'natural dramatic' type of look!

Repurchase: Yes! I totally would buy another mascara from Lancome, I'd love to try the hynose mascara for much thicker bigger dramatic lashes! If possible, I'd like to try a waterproof one from them in the future.

Bottom line: A dramatic yet natural looking mascara, it has a wet formula and makes lashes look plush while still defined. It's a high end mascara that isn't going to kill your wallet compared to others. I would especially recommend this brush shape to ladies with small eyes as it helps so much with even application!

Do you own any mascaras from Lancome?
Curved or straight brush?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you!


  1. oh your lashes look very different with this mascara!! I have tried Lancome hypnose mascara some time ago but it caused allergy reaction to my eyes.. My eyes kept watering so I had to stop using the mascara even though I really liked the effect T.T
    34,50 SGD for a lancome mascara is a good price, that's why I love duty free!! lol

  2. I have tried it at the store and liked it. I like Avon mascaras a lot!!

  3. Your lashes look great! I've heard good things about Lancome mascaras but haven't tried one out yet.

  4. I made it a rule for myself not to spend more than $10 on mascara, but it's good to know that a high-end mascara actually delivers great results! I'm jealous of your naturally curled lashes; mine point straight to the floor and they always have a rough time keeping a curl, haha.

  5. lancome products are always super pretty and nice! Still haven't tried any of their mascaras...definitely going to check this out now! :)

  6. I always love Lancome products..Your lashes look great! I've heard good things about Lancome mascaras but haven't tried one out yet. But after reading your review I'm definitely going to buy one. Kisses <3

  7. I haven't had much luck with Lancome Mascaras, but this sound very promising. It does add a lot of volume!

  8. Oh I love the packaging, it is so pretty! I love shopping in duty free, they display all their products so nicely there :P You the mascara for such a good price too, they retail in Australia for... $52!! Unbelievable I know. I've tried the Definicils before but it didn't really wow me, maybe because it wasn't a waterproof version that I used. I can definitely see how this has lengthened and volumised your lashes, what a good buy!

  9. I suck at using a curved brush for some reason! I have Lancome Hypnose Star mascara and it is pretty good. I have never tried this one.




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