Sunday, 25 January 2015

Totally taupe eyes with a mauvey rose cheek!

Totally Taupe! This very popular cool toned brown shade although is super popular and looks great on many ladies is a shade I rarely actually use. I tend to always gravitate towards bronzes, caramels, golden toned browns and other pinky toned neutrals. I do find taupe a very complementary shade on my eyes but personally prefer other tones and shades of browns. 

When I do want an eye look with a taupe shade I gravitate towards a trio from Majolica Majorca which features a gorgeous rich silvery taupe shade! (see my review here)

Continue below for the full look!
Totally taupe eyes with a mauvey rose cheek!
Intensely rich taupe eyes! Using my favorite silver tone taupe shade from my Majolica Majorca trio! (See the review here!)
On my inner lid is a shimmery beige pink from Too Faced, on my lid a metallic taupe from Majolica Majorca, in the outer V a matte dark brown from Too Faced and under my brow a golden highlight shade!
I complimented the cool toned taupe eyes with a rosy cheek, I would also pair this with a more cool toned lighter pink blush too!
I totally like that silver flash in the undertone of this taupe!
Eyeshadows used: Taupe from Majolica Majorca, shimmery beige pink from Too Faced, matte dark brown from Too Faced, golden highlight from Catrice!
Products used: ZA perfect fit two way foundation powder, Clio art blusher, theBalm mary-lou manizer highlighter, Biore UV aqua whitening cream, Rimmel Stay Matte mousse, Maybelline fashion brow, Kiko long lasting stick eyeshadow, Kiss me heroine long & curl mascara
On my cheeks is this beautiful marbled baked blush from Clio! It has the most luminous perfect finish!
Here's a photo of my cat Lis getting cozy on my back pack! Hope it plants a smile on your faces!

Do you enjoy wearing taupe shades on your eyes?
What blush would you wear with it?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I seldom wear eyeshadow as my creases are small and would smudge. I'm very intrigued by the swirls of colours on the Clio blusher. Awww... what a darling cat! They just love to sit on and in anything on the floor. Regarding your comment, they are my department colleagues and friends, not family. Hehehe... But yes we are a departmental family.

  2. For some reason, I totally hated taupes for the longest time. I was so young and dumb.... hahahaha Now taupey shades are one of my favorites!

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  3. I love taupe. If I had to use only one colour on my eyelids for the rest of my life, it'd be a taupe shade. Also, those Clio Art Blushers are FANTASTIC. I want them all. I seriously stood in one of the stores and debated for 15 minutes over which one to take home. I got the peach one in the end, and a highlighter, but I seriously want them ALL.

  4. I love taupe on my eyes for clinic days because it's so wearable and 'professional' looking hehe. I'm not a big blush person- I literally have only... 6 in my collection and I usually wear any blush colour with a neutral eye. Your FOTD is beautiful as always!

    I think there's something about backpacks and pets. My pomeranian always likes to sleep on my backpack!

  5. That blush is gorgeous. and YAY FOR TAUPES. Taupes are my absolute fave eyeshadows ever!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. Awww, such a stunning eye makeup Sharlyn. You look extremely beautiful! Love, love the blush on your cheeks, your face is looking like a pink flower dear! Have a great weekend, kisses <3

  7. Do you have a beautiful eyes dear, your make is fantastic.
    xx Diene

  8. Wonderful <3 And Mayl Lou looks so gorgeous on you <3 <3

  9. Lis is so cute. I love that blush on your cheeks, it is so pretty.

  10. Taupes are just lovely and that marble blush is so beautiful!!!

  11. Yeah, my eyes pretty much went O_O when I saw that depotted eyeshadow palette.....SERIOUSLY, THOUGH *-*
    I can see why you gravitate towards the golden/caramel-y shades though--they flatter your skin tone so well! (Not that taupes don't, but I just LOVEEEEE taupes!)

    Lis is so freaking cute. My dog will lay on just about anything, and I remember she was laying on a pile of shorts on the floor once. Dirty laundry got dirtier, heh.

  12. Taupe is my favorite color to wear on my eyes.... I love taupes :D
    You look amazing in this makeup look (oh who am I kidding, you look amazing in every makeup look you create) :)
    That blush is SO BEAUTIFUL!!
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAW what an adorable cat you have... such a sweetheart :) <3




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