Friday, 9 January 2015

Special: Lunch at Jai Siam, a blue lined eye and my mom's birthday cake!

Bold eyes, food and a beautiful cake! Hey ladies, I really hope 2015 got off to a great start for all of you! Here is a simple yet bold blue lined eye look I did when I had a lunch with my old classmate! We met up for a yummy thai lunch and on the same day I made, frosted and decorated a cake for my mom's birthday!

Continue below for my look, the lunch and cake!

Thai lunch at Jai Siam and mom's home made birthday cake! (Using Kiko for a blue lined look)
Metallic lined blue winged eyes! Using Kiko color shock long lasting eyeshadow in 06 Lagoon Blue!
Metallic lined blue winged eyes! Using Kiko color shock long lasting eyeshadow in 06 Lagoon Blue! To do this use scotch tape on the edges of the eyes and then apply the product with a brush! Remove the tape for perfect clean edges!
I find it near impossible to do such a sharp wing with gel/cream eyeshadow products as my eye lid shape is very curved so using scotch tape ensures it's a perfectly straight and clean wing! In my waterline is a blue eyeliner from Peripera!
On my cheeks is my stunning new Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Rebellious! It's such a beautiful translucent jelly looking raspberry pink. So perfect on the cheeks. Love that glow!
Products used: Shiseido Aqua label white liquid foundation, Revlon matte (for brows), Make Up Forever HD primer, Canmake marshmallow powder, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter, Maybelline Fashion Brow mascara, Marc Jacobs Shamless Bold Blush, Kiko colour shock long lasting eyeshadow, Peripera gel liner, Maybelline falsies Big Eyes volum express mascara, Bourjois lip liner, Revlon super lustrous lipgloss (spider man collection)
I absolutely loved how this look turned out. Really simple in most senses but it looks so put together and bold!

The completed look paired with my simple blue dress! I met with an old classmate for lunch that day! It was really nice to do something bold with meet up with a girlfriend! We met and had a yummy thai lunch! Oh how we both love our Thai/Vietnamese food!

We shared a mix appetizer platter! The fish cakes, prawn cakes and spring rolls were lovely but the fried tofu is a bit of a filler!
We both agreed on sharing a Pad Thai! It was really yummy and the sauce wasn't too sweet! I love how much vegetables were in the noodles! Some places have barely any vegetables/toppings in it!
Pandan wrapped fried chicken! This is super super great from them. I love how crispy and tasty the chicken is, so well seasoned and very juicy!
Sweet and sour fried fish! To my surprise this was awesome. Love how crispy the fish was and the chunks of tomato/slices of onion are perfect with that sticky sauce!
Sticky rice and mango dessert! We were slightly bummed that the rice was very over cooked but together with the coconut milk and some what sweet mango it was satisfying enough!
TA-DAH! My mom's birthday cake! The actual white angel food cake was better crocker. Baked in two pans and cut to stack. The butter cream frosting was whipped BY HAND (as I don't own a mixer) of course with my boyfriend's help and then I frosted the cake by turning and turning the plate on the table (as I don't own a cake spinner) and then by slices canned peaches I made this flower design on the top! It really turned out a lot better than I thought!
The finished cake with candles I've kept for birthdays! Isn't that candle in the center just the perfect touch!
My parent's with the cake lighted up!
So there we go! My mother's birthday cake made with love at home!

 When was the last time you baked a cake at home?
Do you celebrate at home or go out?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. The cake looks super yummy! You did a great job :) And I love the blush you use, the shade is so beautiful!

  2. OMG the blue eye liner is so intense!! it looks very very good on you! The Marc Jacobs blush looks very nice as well, can't wait for your in-depth review about it..
    The birthday cake looks so good!! you are a pro, Sharlynn ^^
    I love angel cake, I can imagine the cake must taste very nice! Happy belated birthday to your mom :) Btw, you look very alike your father!

  3. that liner!!!! gorgeous! and beautiful makeup as always :D

  4. You're so creative with the peach slices! It actually looks like a flower. I would've created a mess. Your mom must've been pretty happy to have such a pretty cake on her birthday.

    I can't remember the last time I baked a cake at home. My sister just learned that she's allergic to gluten, so our birthday cakes are now usually bought from a gluten-free bakery, which doesn't taste as good, but it's better than what we can bake with gluten-free flour unfortunately.

  5. Oh my, I'm really missing Singapore now and how you can get great quality food of every cuisine! I also love Vietnamese food, but I'm so predictable and always order pho.

    Also love your bold makeup looks! On me, single color pencil liners make my eyes look really small! Haha I need eye shadow to deepen my crease at least. Looks fab on you xx

  6. ugh...your food photos. and i'm commenting as i'm waiting for my bfast to cook so i'm UBER hungry right now LOL.
    A Beautiful Zen

  7. oh wow this look really is bold! the blue eyeliner here works so well, and awww your mom's birthday cake!! <3

  8. Ohh my, the food looks extremely delicious! Happy Birthday to your mom from my side <3

    You look beautiful with that blue liner on!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom. The food looks amazing, you look radiant, and I absolutely love that pop of blue eyeliner.

  10. Love your makeup and blue eyeliner! All the foods pictures are making me hungry right now! btw i just discovered your blog and enjoy it :)

  11. Wow!!! I wish I could eat that much at a sitting!! All the food looks so delicious!!
    A fantastic job with your baking and decorating!!! I love to bake for people - cakes, slices, cupcakes! Yum!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  12. The blue eyeliner really matched your dress a lot. I have many blue dress and maybe I could get a blue eyeliner too. The hand-made cake for your mum is simple and lovely. Hand whip, hand spin etc... What a lot of effort put into making the cake for your mummy! So sweet!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  13. I love that pop of blue and the Marc Jacobs blush is a stunner! You look beautiful as always! :D

  14. That Marc Jacobs blush though *heart eyes*

    I showed my husband that peach cake and OMG he was drooling, looks so good!

  15. Love that blue liner!! Plus, the pink cheek just makes the whole look so...comic book-y? (Bright electric blue and hot pink....if you catch my drift?)
    That cake is beautiful. I used to whip icing by hand too, and it was terrible because I could never get it completely smooth. TINY CHUNKS OF BUTTER IN THE ICING FOR EVERYONE!!

  16. I'm sorry for stalking your blog so many posts back and I'm really enjoying reading it c:
    You are pretty adventurous with your make up and it always turns out stunning! Love the blue liner on you, still can't get over how nice your skin is!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo (previously à la foliee)




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