Thursday, 8 January 2015

Empties for November/Decemeber 2014!

MEGA Empties Time!! Yes, YES! It's time again to throw out all the old! For those who have seen any of my empties posts, I keep empties for 2-3 months and then do a collective empties post. I tend to go through more skincare/body care than make up like everyone else although I go through pressed powder like water!

I love seeing other ladies' empties post as it's really neat to see what things they finished and which items they'd repurchase. Hope you find something in my post that interest you to try it!

Continue below for the empties post!

IN2IT pressed powder, Glamourflage lip balm, Diaso sponge detergent, L'oreal eye and lip remover, The Face Shop pore pack, Air Mawar tonic water, Sunsilk Conditioner, Herbal Essences Shampoo, Yves Rocher Olive Oil body wash, Sephora Mango body wash!
Out of these products above the Glamouflage lip balm is a holy grail now, I've repurchased two more since. Same goes for The Face Shop pore pack! However I am no longer purchasing my long time holy grail make up remover as Biore's is much more effective. The Mango body wash was amazing...I totally would love to try more from them!

Opti-Free Pure moist contact saline solution, french brand micellar water, L'oreal lip and eye remover, Shokubutsu body wash, Institut Arnaud exfoliating cream, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, Biore pork pack citrus scented!
I loved the Institut Arnaud exfoliating cream, it's such a great creamy and yet coarse enough product to help keep the skin nice and smooth. Totally might consider buying this again. The Kiehl's cleanser was part of a set I got in a swap and it's really good, my boyfriend loves it actually and I'm thinking of getting one for him!

Stila eyeliner, Kiss me heroine smooth liquid liner, The Body Shop lip balm, NYX round lipsticks in Hero and Snow White, NYX mega shine gloss in clear, Maybelline tinted lip balm!
The Stila liner was a waste of my money, I had it for less than a year and although I rarely touched it, the product has seperated soooo badly! The liquid liner is a holy grail of mine and it wasn't giving me enough product anymore! The round lipsticks were melted and the gloss was really old, time to chuck them! If you're ever in asia do check out these tinted lip balms from Maybelline, they've got great color and are so nice and moist!

Olay regenerist brightening serum,  Nivea extra whitening roller ball deoderant, Coconut lemongrass scrub, Scentio Milk Plus whitening facial scrub, Colgate Optic white toothpaste, Hada Labo AHA+BHA wash, Pantene conditioner, Herbal Essences conditioner, Isle of Dog deep cleansing shampoo, Jasmine body wash, Johnson's baby bath!
The nivea liquid deo is a holy grail of mine, it's the only one I've used for years now, it really is whitening, keeps your pits dry and florally smelling. That milk scrub from scentio also has the best texture and vanilla ice creams scent. Originally purchased in Thailand you can now get this in Singapore! The Hada labo wash is great to maintain smooth skin, I love mixing it with my scrubs sometimes too!

Banna Pinapple Scrub, NuFresh facial cleansing wipes, Queen Helene Apricot natural facial scrub, The Face Shop herb day cleasning foam mung bean, The Body Shop Tea tree toner, Scentio Mixed berry BHA+AHA emulsion, Khiel's  facial cream, Maybelline the magnum volum express mascara!
The fruit scrub was amazing but unfortunately was purchased in Krabi, Thailand! I always always repurchase the nufresh wipes for facial make up remover. The scrub from queen helene was great and I prefer it over St Ives for having a finer grain but I will not be repurchasing the same one. Lastly for those who need a toner that's super astringent check out body shop's tea tree!

Cristallin face mask (from the OMG 2 Memebox), Dewy Tree face mask, Biore pore packs, The Face Shop Real nature masks in Mango Seed, Kelp, Bioderma micellar water sample!
The mask from the memebox is INSANELY GOOD. It's like a jelly mask and it sticks to your face the whole night and makes your skin feel amazing! Dewy Tree has become my favorite brand of mask the last year, I love how thick and slightly gel like they feel. The Face Shop masks are pretty good too but I won't be repurchasing any more because I want to try other brands! I'm so glad to go to try a sample of the Bioderma because it definitely isn't for me. Way too weak as a make up remover.

More face mask and nose strips! From the Saem, The Face Shop, Dewy Tree, Innisfree and lots of Biore and The Face Shop nose strips!
Overall I've been really working my way through lots of skincare/body care and it's been awesome. In the past I really didn't care much for face masks or body washes but now I'm all into them! I still don't use masks that regularly, maybe once a week at most but I want to change that!

What types of products have you been using up?
Are you a lover of face masks?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. so many masks!! i'm trying to use up my stash and winter is a great time to do so esp since its so cold and dry. at first i thought you finished all those makeup products which would have been amazing! i've never finished a lip product lol

    A Beautiful Zen

  2. Love the Maybelline balms! Yeah the NYX round lipsticks are so soft and so easily meltable. Shame about the stila eyeliner! I recently bought the Hada Labo AHA /BHA scrub and so far so good. Hopefully I love it as much as you do!

  3. Great empties! I'm trying to get through my skincare products too! I'm not really into face masks, I always forget to use them. And I just did a makeup cull, getting ride of old and unflattering makeup. It feels so good!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  4. So many masks you finished here! I don't save my paper masks for empties, but now I'm thinking I should! I need to mask more often... I end up only masking maybe twice a month (if that). I feel my skin would like me a lot more if I masked more often! Great empties post dear!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. I quite like the tea tree collection from The Body Shop, their clay mask is awesome!

  6. You've used a lot of great products. I wish that I could be that diligent to use up that many products as well! But I always lose interest and end up using the same old products, haha.

  7. I always forget to keep my trash for this kind of post.. I always make my own mask its the Turmeric face mask quite a hassle to make but very effective and I might have used up a liter of makeup remover. HAHA

  8. Wow! You finished so many things. I'm really attempting to wear more makeup in terms of variety so that I can clear out my old stuff, but it's harder than I thought.

  9. Happy new year ♥ Great post! I use the same contact lens solution :) I really admire that you keep all the empty sheet mask packagings for youe empties. I even do not mention the masks in my posts because I through them away right away. The dewy tree masks are really noce and I'm happy that Memebox introduced these to uss. :) I still didn't try any biore products. Do you have any reconmendations?

  10. I love your empties posts! I have been wanting to try the Tea Tree toner, the body shop's Tea Tree line's products are soo good! I have been loving the facial cleaner and the primer!

  11. you seriously smash through the empties, well done!




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